Josh Fox Unveiled, Exposed and Revealed

This page offers a compilation of some of the best information out there on Josh Fox, the charlatan who fractivists hold up as their inspiration, the chameleon who operates by these rules:


Everything in the film was planned, every scene was either scripted or outlined beforehand – but everything really happened, because it was real, in a sense, we were immersed in that reality. – Josh Fox talking about his movie, Memorial Day

Google “Gasland” and you’ll get almost 1.5 million results. Until recently, many of them related to positive stories about the movie.  Google “Josh Fox” and you’ll get nearly half a million similar hits. Nonetheless, the veneer started to crack with Gasland II. It was a poor imitation of the original that garnered mostly ho-hum reviews.

Josh FoxTime also has a way of correcting the record. The evidence revealing Fox never got a $100,000 lease offer the way he claimed in the movie has finally gotten some media attention.  This suggests Gasland III (already being financed by the Park Foundation) may never get out of the gate. If it does, it is likely to fall even flatter. Fox is slowly being unveiled.

We’d like to hasten that process. Fox is a demagogue in the service of the Park Foundation and other wealthy special interests. His 15 minutes of fame should have ended long ago.  Therefore, we’ve gathered together some of the best material telling you exactly who he is. He’s anything but the country boy turned rebel environmentalist he’d like you to believe. Here are the best sources for what you need to know about Fox:

Josh Fox and His Phony $100,000 Offer (How It Came Unravelled)


Josh Fox’s History, Hypocrisy and Lies


Gasland Exposed


The Angry, Bitter and Deceptive Fox


The Fox in the Henhouse


The Fox at the Movies and on the Road


Perhaps you have your revealing stories about the deceptions used by the cunning one. If so, please send them along!

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47 thoughts on “Josh Fox Unveiled, Exposed and Revealed

    • This is very old and has itself been debunked plus it addresses none of the points regarding his blatant lease lie or the fact he tried attributing a methane problem to fracking, which had zero to do with it or any methane issue for that matter.

      • Wow…lot of fear here. He must of grabbed you guys right in the cumyons for such weak rebbutal of any major pts in his film. You clearly are scum and we’re coming for your throat.

  1. Any industry that is “self” regulating, is ripe for criticism, you should welcome outside critics and regulation to give yourself credibility.

    • The industry is subject to one heck of a lot more than self-regulation and it welcomes constructive criticism but that’s not what’s being funded by these groups.

      • There is plenty of issues related to NG drilling that go unregulated and trying to change this seems to be taking years.If NG companies were responsible in actions rather than just their words it would be more beneficial for all ….Plenty of constructive criticism has been suggested for years and we still get the same old line !!

        • Josh Fox is a liar, Fracking is perfectly fine and allows jobs, lower energy, and help for those who need it – Children have energy to keep the schools warm, energy to run their computers and food cooked by energy.
          This does not happen with Wind or Solar – sorry to have to tell you such an obvious fact!

          • Oh, great. Our kids will stay warm at school while they develop health problems and eventually die an early death. But they’ll be warm…

          • I have friends who used to live next to a fracking spot. They’d disagree with you. At one point their water all went bad, they had to sue to get the company to set them up with a water system of some kind.

  2. Just more fear of the truth that comes out about HVHF process .All the rest is just dog and pony and PR !!……when you live with it you get the real story beyond all the Hype !

  3. I can’t believe this website exist. Perhaps the author wouldn’t mind having their health severely impacted by an uncaring and profit driven multinational invading his back yard.

    Facts and truth? I think somebody has heavy pockets or they haven’t bothered to look…

  4. Tom…you are officially invited to come here to Dimock and have a nice big glass of our water ! But as we all know….you won’t come near the place. You want facts? They are here…in our homes….our air….our land….and saddest of all…our water. So until you at the very least come for a short visit, you are only speaking through the opinions of others. You have ZERO firsthand experience, which is the only way to be able to give an opinion on most anything.

      • Tom this site is great and I truly like how you respond. There is so many people who our just bully negative name callers with groundless accusations as you have said. I love how for example Mountain Man didn’t respond back then he as from Dimock plus the many others who seem to forget the laws of the land our based on facts, evidence and that word of mouth with credibility to back it up it worthless and waste all of our time.

        It is better not to speak a remain fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. ;).

      • Sure you where…. have you ever been to the finger lakes Tom? That was all at risk. You and your stupid theorys about fracking and Quomo are stupid go look at the facts!!!!!!!! I am 13 and smarter than you.

    • Go Dimock!! I support you and your town – clean water without some money making wierdo (JOSH??) who started ruining your lives.

  5. Please talk about where us in Wayne County PA stand? I was in the NWPOA and since the moratorium we are in limbo. I know it’s connected to NY but do we have any chance of picking up the ball again?

  6. Well Tom, there’s plenty of negative evidence out there, brought to us all by the likes of Anthony Ingraffea who isn’t being bought by anyone. You’re the only one in favour of fracking. I guess you’re paid by the company!

    • Pam
      Back in 2009 in Elmira NY Tony gave a lecture on fracking and failure. I thought it strange that a man who taught the mechanics of rock fracturing for 30 years would now be against it’s use and wondered why he did so. I had the distinct impression he was doing financially better giving lectures and enjoyed the attention.

  7. If Josh Fox is such as charlatan and you seem to have so much proof of it… well, it’s seems ridiculous to put so much about him on this site. Why not just acknowledge that some of the issues he is concerned about are issues all of us (who have contracts) should be aware of ? If my well water suddenly has any sort of fracking fluid in it, I’m pretty sure I’d know where it came from. We’re all playing Russian Roulette with this.

    • Your water cannot have any frack fluid in it – the wells are too deep to be of concern – check out the DEPTH of the frac, and the DEPTH of your water – it will be several thousand feet below any potable water. Potable means drinking water…

      • Great work Tom. These poor, easily-led lay people are so stupid; they don’t know the first thing about hydraulic fracturing and drilling in general. Would it kill them to look online or (gasp!) actually crack open a book and read about casing, tubing, cementing, perforating, porosity, permeability etc…? I know reading about where your energy comes from is sooo infinitely boring and not nearly as fun as a rap concert but….HF is brilliant, it not only bypasses near wellbore damage but it also creates a high permeability conductive pathway. Anti Frac’ers are not only remarkably uninformed but also one detects a tinge of jealousy in the monetary success of others.

  8. This is great. Really, if the world didn’t use 80 MMbbl of oil every single day, you might have something to change. However, this world will continue to expend natural resources (oil & gas, for the uneducated) until all reserves are depleted. The fact that people are here to criticize hydraulic fracturing, who are probably sitting on their asses drinking out of plastic cups (made from petroleum) watching their buddy Josh ramble on about causes of cancer really makes me giggle at their lack of knowledge and ability to comprehend someone’s desire to become “famous.” Last time I checked, being alive as a human causes cancer, and if you feed a sewer rat enough peanuts for its entire existence, it will probably die from cancer. So here’s to the extremely ignorant, uneducated people that really don’t know anything about the oil and gas industry. Find a good book, read it, and stay away from controversial issues regarding any technical process.

  9. I was just wondering how many people who support Josh Fox drive cars, use plastic, take pharmaceuticals, wear clothes, etc…

    If you do, then I’d suggest you buy a solar home, ride a bike and grow your own food because you are part of the demand, and really just complaining. Im from Ohio, so Im aware the East is the first place to say YAY! Cheap gas! How do you think that is possible? You cant really be dependant on oil and natural gas and then condemn the means of providing it. If you don’t want drilling, then stop depending on O&G. Or perhaps, it’s ok for you to use the resources, but it’s not ok to drill where you are, and ok to drill in other states where others might get sick. I am understanding this correctly?

    I’m just wondering what suggestions you have. You’re dependant on a non renewable resource that is more complicated and dangerous, especially in offshore, to extract and offer no solution, and continue needing the resource. I’m also shocked at the size of some of the folks in the documentaries… it might not be fracking, but obesity causing the health isdues. How about a salad?

    • You will notice that none of them really support the major re-use of methane as a green energy source… which is from their own organic and sanitary wastes. Of course they will promote other so called green energy producers like wind and solar which are heavily dependent on the use of fossil fuels for their manufacturing, transport, construction and maintenance. They sound like posers to me.

  10. Josh Fox is yet another liberal bully that tries to dominate a discussion to mute any other opinion that contradicts his own. Typical ugly liberal that ruins all credibility with their point.

  11. On Feb 13, 2018: The judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Dr Tim Ball by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
    “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

  12. I don’t have to watch Josh’s films to learn the truth about fracking….my sister in law lives in Pa. and what he depicted in his films is TRUE!!!!! Her well was poisoned…because of fracking…she had an independent lab test it and it contained the chemicals Josh’s water samples contained….and yes, her water could be set on fire!!!! So you are WRONG……and you are LIARS!!!!

  13. They like to play with words. They say that fracking didn’t cause something because the drilling process did or the other way around. Fracking is radioactive in 3 major ways. Sealed, unsealed and NORM. The sealed tools, unsealed chemicals put down a well and the tremendous amount of NORM that originates from the rock formations. Many water wells have NORM radioactivity in them. Dimock contamination happened around 9 years ago or so. Now 9 years later Southwestern is contaminating water wells in Forkston PA. There are fracking chemicals in the water wells in Forkston just like there were in Dimock. Oil drilling and fracking are the main sources of radioactive waterways. Everyone knows the DEP has withheld negative water tests from landowners to protect the industry. The air pollution related to active gas pads and compressor stations is HUGE. Most the people commenting here are more worried about propping up the industry than telling the truth. Which allows the industry to poison people including children living in these active areas.
    If you live in PA, there’s a good chance you are being poisoned by the industry in some way. Although people living closest to active wells and stations are the most affected, you may be affected by down stream or down wind contamination. DEP results- Radioactive 10 Mile Creek-
    I use to work as a landman for Redsky. I know what I’m talking about.

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