Severance Tax Insanity

There is a lot of talk these days about imposing a severance tax on Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry – the one thing that’s made a huge difference in the Commonwealth’s economy over the last several years under both Democratic and Republican party leadership. It’s as if Publishers Clearinghouse showed up to say you’ve won and you called 9-1-1 to report an intruder. That’s the nature of politics – no good deed goes unpunished.

Still, it’s remarkable, knowing you always get less of anything you tax, that anyone would want to tax all the jobs, the business opportunities and the success the natural gas industry has brought to Pennsylvania. Notwithstanding all this, some are determined to kill the golden goose. That’s why we have been following the issue closely here at NaturalGasNOW and have created a special Tumblr page called JobNotTaxes where you’ll find links to our various severance tax posts, videos and other information on the subject.


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20 thoughts on “Severance Tax Insanity

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  2. politicians always tax and spend money thats not theirs. Its the nature of the beast.
    Fiscal responsibility must not be part of political economics classes any longer.

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  12. PA is just behind Alaska as far as producing total BTUs of energy extraction per year – Gee, in Alaska every man woman and child receives a direct royalty check from the state’s energy fund AND the oil companies are taxed on top of paying royalties. I grew up in PA and frankly it is embarrassing that the citizens of PA are stupid enough to even have this discussion…it is a no- brainer..TAX the energy companies! Hello…breath, get some oxygen going to the brain…its not like Shell Oil can just up and move someplace else to get abundant and cheaply extracted gas. Tax em, and then fix your darn roads ( worst in the Nation).

  13. gas and oil companies won’t be paying a severance tax- the people will. The landowners will get less income, the people who use gas for heat, etc. will have their costs go up. Once a tax is implemented it will forever increase every time gov’t wants to spend more. It is my opinion that schools don’t need more money, they need to use it more wisely. School children use computers now and books, chalk, home rooms, etc., are outdated. For those who feel very strongly about increasing taxes for education need to remember that people who don’t have children are also paying and would they still feel the same way if the “school taxes” were only paid by people who have children in school. IMHO.

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