The Unfortunate Reality of the Dreamy Green New Deal

Climate ChangeGregory Wrightstone
Geologist and author of
“Inconvenient Facts”



Utopian statists and dreamy true believers have latched onto the ludicrous notion of green new deal without a moment’s thought to the costs and implications.

My wife and I are proud of our daughter, who is a full-time stay-at-home mom taking care of our nearly two-year-old granddaughter.  She is able to devote herself 100% to the little darling because her husband Todd has a high-paying job as lead engineer on a crew working in the oil fields of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  It is hard work, with him away from the family for extended periods, but it has allowed them to focus on their daughter and purchase a home.

Todd will be losing his job in the not too distant future if the proposed Green New Deal (GND) is enacted into law.  This proposal has been embraced as a serious alternative to the energy status quo by many left-leaning Democrats on Capitol Hill.  It requires a transition away from non-renewable energy sources (no nuclear) to technologies such as wind turbines, solar cells, tidal power, and geothermal energy.  This transition is mandated to occur by 2030.

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New York State Begins to Pay the Price for Green Virtue Signaling

delaware riverkeeper - Jim Willis reportsJim Willis
Editor & Publisher, Marcellus Drilling News (MDN)


New York State is tumbling downhill, putting green virtue signaling ahead of economic, electricity and heating needs. All are being put under moratorium.

Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) and National Grid–both large utilities that operate in New York City and its suburbs–are warning that unless new natural gas pipelines are built to the NYC region, they will slap a moratorium on hooking up any new natgas customers. Andrew Cuomo’s chickens are now coming home to roost.

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Mariner East 2 Pipeline Will Deliver Economic Jolt to Pennsylvania

Mariner East 2Martin Williams, Jr. 
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer
Boilermakers 13, Philadelphia

The Mariner East 2 pipeline has already been a big boon to the Pennsylvania economy but the rewards have only just begun to arrive for the Commonwealth.

The long-awaited Mariner East 2 pipeline began transporting energy across Pennsylvania just before the new year. The 300-mile pipe transports natural gas liquids such as ethane, butane, and propane from western Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale Region to the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex just southwest of Philadelphia. The resources are stored, processed, and distributed from the facility to consumers in Pennsylvania, regionally, and beyond.

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New York State DEC Slammed for Trying to Bury Propane Fracking

DRBC fracking ban - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


An Albany County, New York judge just told Andrew Corruptocrat Cuomo his DEC’s excuse for sitting on a propane fracking application was palpably absurd.

A rather blunt and amazing fracking decision just came down from an Albany County, New York Associate Supreme Court Justice Catherine Cholakis on January 3rd. She called one DEC’s defense’s for sitting on a propane fracking application four years “palpably absurd” and ordered the agency to proceed with a review of the submission. It doesn’t mean a permit will ultimately be issued for the propane fracking discussed in Jim Leonard’s guest post here on Tuesday, but it does force DEC’s hand. It’s a big win for the rights of upstate landowners to develop their natural resources.

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New York Organizations Advocate for Northeast Supply Enhancement

Natural Gas NOWConnie Mellin
Natural Gas NOW


Several organizations in New York, realizing the growing demand for natural gas, have shown their support of the Northeastern Supply Enhancement project.

New York’s appetite for natural gas is growing and Con Edison has already sent out warning signals to the New York State Public Service Commission saying they may not be able to keep up with demand on extremely cold days.

The Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project will improve the New York City’s energy infrastructure and allow the transport of an additional 400 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to its consumers

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Lackawanna Energy Center Goes Live, Cabot Supplies Fuel

Kelsey Mulac
Cabot Oil & Gas
External Affairs, Pittsburgh

The state-of-the-art Lackawanna Energy Center is now fully operational, providing reliable and efficient power with natural gas supplied by Cabot Oil & Gas.

Back in 2016, Cabot entered into a long-term sales agreement to supply natural gas to the Lackawanna Energy Center. Now, the Lackawanna Energy Center is officially up-and-running!

The following press release is reposted from Invenergy via PR Newswire:

The innovative, highly-efficient power plant is the largest project Invenergy has developed, constructed and operated; It was completed ahead of schedule with a LEED Gold-certified control building.

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Why So Much of the Energy Debate Is Just So Much Straw

DRBC fracking ban - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


The data from a recent post at Today In Energy has been picked up by numerous media outlets and distorted the energy debate as to the role of renewables.

I love Today In Energy, the daily blog of the Energy Information Administration. It’s always fact-driven, unbiased and accompanied by great graphics. I check it every day, in fact, and am seldom disappointed with what I find. A recent post entitled “New electric generating capacity in 2019 will come from renewables and natural gas,” is no exception. It lays out the facts in the same crisp fashion as usual. But, there is a problem, nonetheless. It is that too many are referring to it as evidence renewables are now somehow taking over. It isn’t true.

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Tioga Energy Partners Sues New York State DEC Over Propane Frack

James Leonard
President, National Association of Royalty Owners – New York Chapter


Tioga Energy Partners is suing New York State DEC over unconscionable delays in processing its application to do propane fracturing to recover natural gas.

The Snyder Farm Group consisting of five Tioga County landowners along with Tioga Energy Partners, LLC, (TEP) a New York based operator, announced in July, 2015, they had filed an application for a permit to drill a horizontal gas well into the Marcellus Shale and, instead of water, proposed to use liquefied propane to complete the well. Back in May, 2017, I wrote “Evidently, the Department of Environmental Conservation [DEC] has been reviewing the application very, very closely.” As it turns out, “very, very closely” was a gross understatement.

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The Green New Deal: Green Trappings for Garden Variety Socialism


The green new deal is such incredible nonsense; advanced by naive folks buying, yet again, into the false promises of collectivism, socialism and statism.

One by one we have seen the 2020 candidates for the Democratic nomination, both presumed and declared, voice support for a “Green New Deal.” While some of these candidates may simply be mouthing the words to assuage the more rabid elements of the environmental far left, the mere fact that this idea is being taken seriously should be of concern to every freedom loving American. The Green New Deal is truly a Greenist Manifesto, a call for reviving old socialist ideas but this time with green characteristics.

While there is not yet any actual legislative proposal to evaluate, we do have a list of proposed policies that a coalition of interests, fronted by newly elected Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, developed in the hopes of providing guidance to the newly created House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

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Heinz Invests $352,000 in Fake Damascus Citizens Group

DRBC fracking ban - Tom Shepstone ReportsTom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.


Damascus Citizens for Sustainability is a group of mostly New Yorkers pretending to be members of a Pennsylvania community. Heinz has given them $352,000.

Damascus, Pennsylvania is where I grew up and where my family and I still own property. My ancestors in the area go back more than 200 years. They include some of the original loggers who represented the first major natural resource industry in the region. That industry survives to this day. Sadly, it and the economic livelihood of the area is threatened today, though, by groups such as the Damascus Citizens for Sustainability.

Damascus Citizens or “DCS,” as it likes to refer to itself, is a group of mostly New York City folks who prefer to think of Damascus as their home and nobody else’s. Call them the Undocumented Damascus Citizens. They oppose natural gas development needed by real Damascus citizens to pay the bills. And, the Heinz family is financing their opposition.

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