An Unsurprising Wind Energy Fail: It Can’t Handle the Weather!


Just when they needed it most; the Mid-West experienced a big-time wind energy fail last month. It could handle changes in the weather, of all things!

Weather has a major effect on the productivity of wind turbines. Both the Polar Vortex and El Niño have reduced the output of wind turbines in the Midwest. During the polar vortex, wind turbines automatically shut off in the extreme cold because the low temperatures take a toll on various parts of a turbine, from electrical cabinets to the gearbox, the generator, lubricants and steel components, which can become brittle if the temperature drops low enough.

Natural gas and other power plants had to ramp up production to meet the shortfall and keep the lights on. Also affecting the productivity of wind turbines is El Niñ which brought calm winds to the Midwest, reducing wind output by 14 percent despite having added new turbines to the region. American electricity consumers, who expect their electricity to be available at the touch of a switch, should be very cautious about policies to mandate 100-percent renewable energy sources that are dependent on natural weather events.

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Nuclear Raid on Ratepayers Underway in Pennsylvania?

cost of renewables - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Is Pennsylvania preparing to do a nuclear raid on electric ratepayers? This is madness. We have natural gas and it’s less expensive. What’s the problem?

I got a disturbing e-mail from my electric service provider, yesterday. It indicates the nuclear energy industry, following the lead of renewables scammers, is looking for ratepayers and taxpayers to protect them from natural gas competition. They want me to pay for their inability to compete.

Worse, rather than address the problem with nuclear energy costs (way too much expensive government delay and regulation), they’ve decided to join the forces that have held their industry down and go for the subsidies. That means we, as ratepayers and taxpayers, are slammed twice with the costs of bureaucracy. This is madness.

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The Complete Surrender of Reason to Demagoguery in New York

cost of renewables - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


Demagoguery may have reached a new low with opposition to the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline project in New York and in the press. Journalism is dead.

A recent article in the Guardian, a favorite read of fractivists here in the U.S. because it trumpets their views, demonstrates the death of journalism. It is an example of extreme demagoguery, matched only by that of a New York City politicization who tweeted it out. You can’t read the Guardian, of course, without getting a pop-up appeal for financial support, so it caters to trolls willing to pay for this sort of material to throw out as links that substitute for thought as they comment on sites like this one. This one, though, is over-the-top.

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The Dangerous Politicization of Pipeline Development

Mariner East OpponentsKurt Knaus

Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance

Pipeline development shouldn’t be political. Critical infrastructure is being used, though, by politicians of both parties as leverage to grow their power.

Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland has jumped on the political bandwagon with Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan in seeking an investigation of the Mariner East pipeline network — and all the media attention that comes with such an announcement.

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Natural Gas Dominates Everything Energy in America

cost of renewables - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


No matter how you analyze it, natural gas is dominating—absolutely dominating—energy production in America and yielding economic and environmental gains.

Three successive Today In Energy posts from the Energy Information Administration
(EIA) build a powerful case for natural gas, for the shale revolution and for fracking. They also demonstrate, if you know what to look for, the inability of renewables to compete.

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Why Upstate New York Feels Unwelcome in its Own State

SecessionChris Denton
Attorney, Elmira, New York


The New York City Daily News treated Upstate New York to one of the most condescending editorials imaginable the other day. Chris Denton offers a reply.

In the New York Daily News on March 4th, 2019 the following editorial appeared:


“Something must be off with the water upstate. Several Republicans in Albany are offering dopey plans to split the big city and its environs, which pay the bills and provide the entertainment, from the rural stretches. One senator wants an economic impact study of a rupture (easy: we get richer, you get poorer). One assemblyman is pushing a separation referendum. Another clueless duo seeks one senator per county (dozen for upstate, five for the boroughs), even though it violates the US Constitution. This much we know: Our water, which comes from upstate, is great. In any divorce, we get it. They are all wet.”

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Inconvenient Fact: Apple Burns App That Embarrasses Board Member

Climate ChangeGregory Wrightstone
Geologist and author of
“Inconvenient Facts”



Shutting down debate is no way to convince anyone, but Apple has killed Greg Wrightstone’s very successful Inconvenient Facts App. Was it to please Al Gore?.

Why would Apple drop from its App Store a smartphone application that had drawn high praise from users and reviewers, generated thousands of downloads and provided rigorously documented facts on an important topic?

Hint: It has nothing to do with praise or downloads.

The answer surely lies in the app’s subject matter, which is drawn from the book “Inconvenient Facts – the science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know”. (Another hint: Al Gore is on Apple’s board of directors.)

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A Solar Future for NY? Is the Sun Really Shining on the Empire State?

NIMBYismRoger Caiazza
Independent Researcher and Publisher,
Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York

Are Governor Andrew Cuomo’s solar ambitions realistic? Does the sun shine enough on the Empire State to support a solar future? It’s questionable at best.

Led by Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York’s solar ambitions are a key component in his agenda for to ensure “vital progress on the climate” is continued. This is a post on one aspect of the NY-Sun program. I am a retired meteorologist who worked in the electric generation sector for over 35 years and I know that New York is not a particularly sunny place in the winter so I wanted to check out potential issues with solar variability during the peak summer and winter loads. The opinions expressed in this post reflect my personal opinion.

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Will Fracking Help Address the Renewables Energy Storage Problem?

cost of renewables - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


New technology to employed in conjunction with Marcellus Shale development in Pennsylvania is going to produce Lithium, a key to renewables energy storage.

Lithium (Li) is a rare earth mineral and one necessary to produce lithium ion batteries used in renewables energy storage. Remember the fanfare about the giant lithium ion battery Elon Musk delivered to South Australia? It made no economic sense but was, predictably, given huge press as a breakthrough. One thing is certain, though; whatever Musk does with renewables and whatever success he has with Tesla depends upon the availability of lithium. We know this because he bought into a Nevada lithium mine, but it turns out there’s a better way to harvest the mineral through fracking!

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Shale Gas News – March 9, 2019

Bill desRosiers
External Affairs Coordinator, Cabot Oil & Gas

The Shale Gas News, heard every Saturday at 10 AM on 94.3 FM, 1510 AM and Sundays on YesFM, talked about U.S. exports, energy jobs, Montage Resources and much more last week.

The Shale Gas News has grown again; welcome Gem 104 as our FOURTH station! Gem 104 helps to solidify the Shale Gas News coverage in an important Marcellus region, PA’s northern tier. The Shale Gas News is now broadcasting in Bradford, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Luzerne, Lycoming, Pike, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga and Wayne Counties, as well as in greater central PA. The Shale Gas News is aired on Saturday or Sunday depending on the station.

Every Saturday Rusty Fender and I host a morning radio show to discuss all things natural gas. This week we played an interview Rusty had with Frank Scavo, which was taped last week for this show.

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