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This Natural Gas Now blog (with up to 75,600+ page views per month) is intended to promote responsible natural gas development as a vehicle to achieve American energy independence, promote rural economic development  and, thereby, give farmers and other landowners the basis for keeping their land in its farm, forest or other open space uses.

No other land use has the capability of producing so much economic return with so little disturbance to the land.  The picture below of a fresh water storage pond in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania that allows the development of several well pads nearby without trucking of the water to individual sites, serves to illustrate.


Natural Gas Now grew out of an on-going effort to secure the adoption of regulations by the Delaware River Basin Commission governing natural gas development and has since expanded its focus to additional areas of the U.S. where such development is needed or is already producing benefits. It is supported by landowners, advertisers and the gas industry as well as other citizens who simply want to contribute to economic development, energy security and the other gains natural gas has achieved for our nation, our economy and our environment.

Natural Gas Now will cover this continuing effort to move natural gas development forward in rural America as a solution to what has been a long-term loss of vitality as these areas have witnessed population outflow, loss of wealth and declining opportunity. Traditional remedies such as niche agriculture and tourism have their place but offer few reasons for younger generations to stay and be part of their communities.

Likewise, gentrification and second-home development only substitute one set of landowners for another and, therefore, are not solutions to the problems plaguing rural America, but natural gas development presents real opportunity without taking anything away from the others.  Natural Gas Now will articulate this perspective.

Natural Gas Now is owned and managed by Shepstone Management Company, Inc. a planning and research firm that has represented both public and private clients, throughout New York and Pennsylvania, including members of the natural gas, housing and transportation industries.  The firm has also consulted on projects in California, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

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