Natural Gas Fact Sheets

One of the biggest challenges in promoting natural gas is the communication of essential facts in a manner that’s both readily accessible and easily grasped. We have collected some of the best natural gas fact sheets and “infographics” from various sources, including several from our good friends at Energy In Depth, that help make the case for natural gas development. All are in the form of printable pdf files for reproduction by anyone from their color printer. Several are offered below and more will be continually added. Just click on each image to get the printable pdf version. Make these part of your library and use them for handouts and mailings.

Methane Leaks and Fracking

Natural Gas Fact Sheets - Methane

 Consumer Savings

Natural Gas Fact Sheets - Shale Provides savings for American Consumers

Horizontal Drilling Reduces Land Impacts

natural gas fact sheets fracking-drilling-land-impact-infographic

Manufacturing Investment Related to Shale Gas

Natural Gas Fact Sheet - ACC

Well Casing Failures


Safety of Hydraulic Fracturing


Natural Gas Supply and Prices

natural gas fact sheets - supply & prices

 CO2 Emissions Reductions

natural gas fact sheets - Shale-Gas-Reduces-CO2-Emissions

Benefits of LNG Exports

natural gas fact sheets - Benefits_of_LNG_Exports

Community Benefits of Shale

Facts Sheets - Consumer

Consumer Benefits of Shale

fact sheets

Jobs from Shale

fact sheets jobs

Jobs and Wages from Shale

fact sheets jobs and wages

Reducing the Water Footprint of Shale

fact sheets water

Products of American Shale Development

fact sheets products

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