Josh Fox’s Mysterious Appearance

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Josh Fox came to SUNY Oneonta, but not through the front door. He apparently wanted to avoid landowners who called him out for lying about shale gas.

Josh Fox made his mysterious “appearance” in Oneonta, New York last week. Dick Downey and Vic Furman have already provided their insights but I’ve got some of my own (and some video). Fox visited SUNY Oneonta, a college in the heart of a land of Planet Ithaca “wanna-be’s.”  He knew college kids would be an easy audience to target with his mindless message. Where better to do it, then, than Otsego County, home of the Cooperstown set and one of two hotbeds of fractivism upstate, albeit the younger sister version?

Josh Fox didn’t come in through the front entrance, though.  He knew supporters of the natural gas industry would be there to face him.  Instead, Fox snuck in through the back as all of his followers walked in the front like zombies.   He bravely had his so called production crew go outside to size up the crowd, though.   The group of supporters who showed up to see him were the same typical protestors we have seen for the last three years.  No new faces, no new claims, and certainly no new facts.


Josh Fox Supporter Shouting Back at Protestors While Entering Venue

If I were Fox, I would have went in through the back door, too.  It’s easier to avoid the confrontation than to try and explain the compound lies of his Gasland series (e.g., a phony story about a $100,000 offer, a phony claim about a flaming faucet).

My fellow NaturalGasNOW contributor and friend, Vic Furman, spoke to the 50 or so supporters who came to protest.  He told the audience he knows they are tired and this is a tireless battle.  He talked about the lies Josh Fox has spread.

Members of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance (NWPOA) were there to show their support of the natural gas industry and back up Vic regarding the non-existent $100,000 offer. (The “gas lease” he filmed in Gasland was a draft NWPOA lease, wasn’t even written by a natural gas company, was never offered to anyone and didn’t provide for a $100,000 payment.)

Furman also told the audience the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) intends to appeal the recent decision of a lower court dismissing their lawsuit.

Some of the Josh Fox groupies who were there tried arguing against the facts offered by the natural gas supporters who were there to protest.  The most vocal included a couple  from Belgium.  Watch the video below to hear the misinformation they were fed from the antis.  They, of course, repeat the same things we have heard over and over again.

The misinformation was, between Sandra Davis, Ken Williams (be sure to catch his calmly impassioned remarks at the end) and our own Tom Shepstone, corrected, but, of course, the Belgians had little interest in the facts.   Let’s look at what other countries are doing and what’s working versus what isn’t.  Consider what’s happening in our own country and our neighboring state of Pennsylvania, for instance.

It’s been my experience that when arguing doesn’t work, fractivists resort to the only option they have left, shouting obscenities and labeling those who disagree with them as “not educated” (in an accent giving away the fact they’re not from the area no less).  This isn’t the first time we have seen something like this and it certainly won’t be the last.

We didn’t get a great count of how many people were inside, but it was safe to say it wasn’t that large a crowd, considering the hype beforehand. The 50+ people standing outside took time out of their busy work week to stand up for their rights and turned the tables on the fractivists by becoming protestors for a change. It was long overdue. We’re still wondering where Josh Fox was, though, and why he lacked the courage to speak to them. So strange and mysterious.

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14 thoughts on “Josh Fox’s Mysterious Appearance

  1. A) Speakers, entertainers, etc, traditionally go in through the stage entrance, not the main entrance, unless it is somehow part of the performance. Would it have been nice, or at least interesting for Josh to go in through the main entrance (could be thought of as part of a “performance” of Josh interacting with his opponents)? Yes, but that would also be outside of the normal procedure, so reading into this as you are doing strikes me as a reach.

    B) Re “We didn’t get a great count of how many people were inside”: If you wanted an accurate count of the attendees inside, there is a simple way to do this: have one of your people standing near the door, counting the people as they enter. I have organized many events and have always had someone by the door to do this, often for the sole purposes of doing this.

    • A count should have been done, I agree. I was there, however, and can vouch for the fact the number was probably in the 100-150 range. Also, I agree performers typical go through the stage entrance but two things make me think he wanted to avoid any confrontation, which is not necessarily a fault, but mysterious given the way he attacks pro-gas folks when no one is there to challenge him. I personally witnessed one of his assistants at the Yoko Ono visit to Dimock ask him if he wanted to challenge Phelim McAleer with some questions so it could be filmed and his response was “No, I don’t want to be near him.” He was obviously fearful of getting asked questions himself. Secondly, his production assistants did come in through the front entrance, suggesting he deliberately avoided it.

      • I was in the area during the Yoko Magical Mystery Tour, but not a participant: I was asked by one of Dimock lawsuit litigants’ lawyers to keep the paparazzi away from one of them, which was not difficult, as the Tour unfortunately and misguidedly ran out of time before it ever became an issue.

        I am not aware that Josh was on the YMMT himself, though I know he had a hand in organizing it. McAleer is alleged to be as selective with his information as Josh is alleged to be, so in imo would be like watching FOX and MSNBC have a go at it. Not the best way to spend an evening.

        Neither side distinguished themselves particularly well on that trip IMO.

        Tom, why don’t you let Rachael respond? She’s a big girl …

        • She’s planning on it, I understand! Thanks!

          Also, let me assure you she’s fully capable of defending herself, as anyone who knows her realizes!

  2. This heads full of misinformastion are incredible just searchimng Frac Focus for the contents in different frack jobs
    Finds you with a dozen chemicals down a well at the most . Sometimes as low as three chemicals . Then the guy saying they just banned fracking in Germany was too funny. Barbara Henricks , the minister of the Environment, are crafting regulations on Fracking that are basically a smoke screen for the Greenpeacers . Germany increased their CO2 output last year by 4 percent because they have to burn the dirtiest coal on earth Lignite Brown Coal .Nautral
    Gas has been fracked in tight snadstone since 1961 in the lower saxony. German industry is suffering paying 60 cents a kwh hour for Renewable energy that is a failure . These industures look to America and think Penn State has plenty of Ethene and Natural Gas for Cheap that is indeed stranded . BASF is talking of some major developements asspciated with America Shale Revolution

  3. You would expect someone who is as outspoken about natural gas and who thinks they have all their “facts” straight as Fox is he would have taken this as an opportunity to spread his message. Unfortunately, for his fans, he would rather preach to the choir. I think it would have been appropriate for him to address the people in favor of natural gas. Supporters of natural gas continually speak to opponents of natural gas and share studies, facts, and figures. Phelim has debated many times with opponents. I sincerely don’t feel that is a reach.

    As far as the head count it was difficult to get because there are several entrances to the building and throughout the hour we were there we spent a lot of time talking to some opponents sharing the truth. Getting a headcount wasn’t the most important thing. If you ask anyone in support of natural gas they will tell you it’s not about the number of people who show up at meetings as much as the amount of information they are able to pass on.

    • racheal I consider everyone posting articles for this forum to be very well informed . My knowledge of Combined Heat and Power systems has me push for Natural Gas in all its sources . Here is a great news article inwhich the North Penn State counties are going to benefit so much from the glut of gas.
      The GE Jenbacher Engines have the ability to separate CO2 NO2 and SO2 and in other 1000 industrial greenhouses in Western Europe they have these Engines enhancing plant growth by as much as 40 percent. This could very well happen in Penn State and I am going to inform a big greenhouse group of the opportunity a couple of hundred miles away from NYC, Phili and other East Coast markets . I have known of Greenhouse groups buying the Heat and CO2 from a Jenbacher plant while the vast majority of the CO2 free Natural gas generated Electricity was used for the local community.
      Other possible uses with this developement is a District heat scheme in these townships downtowns .
      The environmentalists indeed either are completely in the dark about these technology strides or they are in denial wishing for Solar Panels to have a break through of getting power from Moonlight. Thanks for the post Racheal PT

    • I believe Phelim has challenged Fox to debate him and gotten no response. Fox’s tail is neither red nor gray but yellow.

      • Problem for fox is he has been caught in a series of lies by Phelim . Hence Fox is a coward trying to ride the gaslands believers. Notice how some frackivist groups are now saying there are over 1000 chemicals connected with fracking. Frackivsts are like Pinocchio over time the nose grows for the larger list of lies .

  4. Josh is neither a performer or an entertainer: he self-identifies as a producer-director. That’s a “main door” service occupation. Elevating himself to the privileged class, deserving of a private entrance, is just another example of his hypocrisy.

  5. My only goal was to ask Josh Fox to give financial stats as to how much he has made on the backs of New York farmers and to question him on his recent investment on Marcellus shale rich property in PA?

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