Shouldn’t Josh Fox Be on Our Side? What Gives?

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Josh Fox is telling us the planet is all but gone and making other fantastical claims that suggest he should be on our side if he really believed them.

For a while, I thought it might just be me, reading too much into things, but it’s become perfectly clear now; Josh Fox is now out there somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn living a Star Wars fantasy life in which he imagines the universe is threatened with utter destruction and he alone is able to save it, only he’s not quite sure what to save, holding so much of it in contempt. If he really believed what he’s been saying, ironically, he’d be on our side.

The first clue all things Josh Fox were entering into the paranormal, of course, was that Solutions Grassroots Tour thing where he used the back door at SUNY-Oneonta for a mysterious appearance, otherwise identified as the Lieapalozza by our good friend Dick Downey. Fox, who loves to portray himself as the fearless spokesperson for the truth, willing to march into the den of the dark side and unmask the lies, ran like a bunny away from a crowd of local protestors much better behaved than the likes of the “Occupy” folks with whom he loves to associate. This wasn’t the first time he hid but it displayed a sudden timidity uncharacteristic of the image he’s cultivated of himself.

Josh Fox

Then, he went onto the other FOX and went into full meltdown by going after a fairly mild-mannered Stuart Varney with completely unfair allegations of lying about his own water. Fox apparently intended to distract viewers and avoid answering some relatively difficult questions; questions a real organizer for his cause should have been able to dance around. His defensive strike-out at Varney showed a guy who just couldn’t handle the pressure of life in realville; someone ill-equipped for the prime-time to which he had elevated himself.

Next came the “HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THE THINGS CLIMATE CAN’T CHANGE” movie. This is what the Park Foundation is getting this year for their investment in Fox and it’s way over the edge into fantasyland. The title is weird enough, but attempting to make any sense of the rest of it is pretty much assured to send all of us over the edge. Don’t, for that reason, spend a lot of time on it, but do remember Fox operates as a charity, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization know as “Sweet Jane Productions, Inc.” On second thought, that thought is just about guaranteed to drive you batty, so never mind.

This has recently been accompanied by one outrageous claim after another, beginning with a remarkably hysterical article in EcoWatch entitled “The Fracked Gas Power Plant That Could Put New York City Underwater” about a new natural gas power plant going up near Goshen, New York right next to the I-84 and Route 17M interchange. (I drive by it a couple of times a week and it’s coming along nicely). Once again, the title says it all. Talk about a Fox crying wolf. Such harebrained and preposterous claims have done little for Fox’s credibility except to harm it, leading to even more slaphappy outbursts as he tries to claw his way back to being the Gasland folk hero.

Take, for example, this review of his new Park Foundation funded movie, entitled “Inconvenient Truths: Gasland Director Josh Fox Says It May Be Too Late for Planet Earth.” It’s too late already? Well, that’s strange because that new gas plant near Goshen, which will help replace the coal plants nearer New York City and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. Most of our reduction in CO2 emissions has come from replacing coal with gas, in fact, and the US has done far better than other nations in doing so for that reason.

Sadly, this has only driven Josh Fox and friends to now claiming its really the methane emissions that are the problem so they can continue to paint natural gas as evil, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand (NIWAR) just released a study showing the following (emphasis added):

“The finding of a predominantly biogenic post-2006 in-crease is robust. Further, it seems likely that fossil-fuel emissions stagnated or diminished in the 1990s. Importantly, they are a minor contributor to the renewed [CH4]-rise. This contradicts emission inventories reporting increases of all source types between 2005 and 2010 with a major (~60%) thermogenic contribution (21, 22). The predicted δ13C(So) ~ –48‰ (or more 13C-enriched) produces a slight δ13C(Atm)-increase that cannot be reconciled with the measured marked decline (Fig. 4B). The finding is unexpected, given the recent boom in unconventional gas production and reported resurgence in coal mining and the Asian economy (21, 22). Our isotope-based analysis suggests that the [CH4]-plateau marks not a temporary suppression of a particular source but a reconfiguration of the CH4-budget. Either food production or climate-sensitive natural emissions are the most probable causes of the current [CH4]-increase. These scenarios may require different mitigation measures in the future.”

How will Josh Fox be able to reconcile these facts with his increasingly shrill and hysterical message? Will he now search for another toxic aspect of natural gas to berate? Will he turn the rhetoric dial even further? Or, will he settle down, come back to Earth and reality and realize he ought to be on our side? If he’s just a tool of the Park Foundation, Rockefellers and other elitist special interests who want to make a wilderness of much rural America, he’ll keep doing what he’s been doing. If he’s truly concerned about the planet, he’ll be changing his tune to acknowledge natural gas is the best bet for doing so. In the spirit of the season, I raise that possibility, but …

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11 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Josh Fox Be on Our Side? What Gives?

  1. Josh Fox is towing the line that knows pushing the wealth of America to other countries either directly or by attempting to make our country less competitive is the best thing for the planet.

    The guy in the UN in charge of “fixing” the climate problem, Ottmar Edenhoffer, had these statements for the world:
    1) “One must remove himself from the illusion that international climate policy is doing anything for the environment.”
    2) “But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

    • I’ve read the same garbage from Christina Figures (also from the UN IPCC) from earlier this year, and quoted it wherever possible. Alas, once again it only shows that :”There are none so blind as those who will not see” – I’m told that I misunderstand, I need to read more, blah blah.. No, I do not – the words are clear enough. But it shows that the fractivists are like the Star Trek Borg collective – one mind bent on assimilation or destruction of dissenting opinion.

  2. Doubt very much Mr. Fox gives any thought to reconciling facts at all. Facts don’t build movements. Appeals to fracktivists based on facts and data have always fallen on deaf ears and my guess is that will continue to be the case. Unfortunately Mr. Fox is promoted as authentic and knowledgeable by his many movement friends. Those friends include the sierra club, and too many other enviro leaders to count. It seems to me the antifrackers are too busy backing each other up to have time to advocate for the environment anymore and that is sad as these are people who call themselves environmentalists, environmental leaders and climate activists. I still think that outside of the traditional enviro leadership there are plenty of people who can and do see the benefits of natural gas.

    • It’s laughable that all of these self declared environmentalists are heating their homes with the very same hydro fracked natural gas that they are all railing against. Yes, it’s very apparent that they’re inhaling something other than our good clean fresh air too. Whatever it is, it’s obviously apparent that their total lack of transparency is to keep us from knowing just how much hydro fracked natural gas they actually do use.

      • Get your eminent-domaining-scum buddy “Constitution” to live up to its name and find a bunch of 100-year-old maples that are for sale somewhere and transplant them into the ROW that it recently illegally cut on the Holleran/Zeffer PROPERTY. It must do this in time for the Hollerans/Zeffers to tap them in the 2017 sugaring season. I will check, over a period of time, to see that they’re taking root on the Holleran/Zeffer PROPERTY and aren’t going to die from the transplanting. And then we can talk.

        When my dad told me many years ago that cutting a tree on somebody’s PROPERTY is a good way to get in hot water, he didn’t say anything about it mattering how much money that tree was producing, or not producing, for the PROPERTY owner.

        • The trees were no longer the Hollerans and they were not cut illegally. A US court awarded them to Constitution and approved the cutting.

          The Hollerans had a chance to negotiate a fair ROW with Consititution but chose to heed the misinformed advice (to not sign a ROW and force Consitution to resort to eminent domain) of an anti lawyer (Joe Heath) who was intent on making martyrs of landowners. If the Hollerans had been smart they, along with other landowners along the proposed route, would have formed a coalition and negotiated in good faith for fair terms and conditions. In such a scenario the Hollerans could have likely had the route changed or horizontally drilled under the stand of trees. It worked for landowners in NY and could have worked for landowners in PA.

          Plus it has been shown that Hollerans really weren’t producing a significant amount of syrup, but rather enjoying a “hobby”.

          So stop making them out to be the victims here. They bit their own ideologicalnose to spite their financial/quality of life face. If they are victims in any sense, it is to the anti activists whos’ agenda driven advice they heeded to their own detriment.

  3. witness above: in the skewed world of the anti, cost/benefit analysis is non-existent. let’s trot out and magnify the supposed “sacrifice” (i’m sure they were well paid) of one family vs affordable clean NG for millions in New England… sappy (pun intended) human interest PR propaganda designed to unfairly villify Big Gas/Oil.

    I’ve got news for you Frost- the only “eminent-domaining-scum” around here is Cuomo, NY Democrats and NIMBY leftist foundations who destroyed billions in “PROPERTY” value for tens of thousands of Southern Tier landowners, without one dime in compensation.

    all antis- including the insufferable Josh Fox- are fossil fuel consuming polluters. they just think they’re better than everyone else.


    Yowser. Lots of stuff just flying in the air over that scum buddy eminant domain pipeline issue. I guess the long delay by the DEC on that project’s permit hasn’t exactly inspired civility when discussing it. Nor has the delay led to any clarity about that pipe either. Not from what I read in news or letters to editors about it.

    Apparently there will be a save ny from ferc rally soon over Constitution pipe and also the antifracking movements claims in general that ferc is a rogue corrupt agency practicing communicide. The article above links to it. Perhaps people should show up to listen to the fascinating list of speakers that I’m guessing Anne Marie gart put together for this really interestingly named event. Robert Kennedy Jr is on the list as is food and water watch’s Wenonah hauter. Sounds epic. Maybe William Huston or someone from shaleshock media team can film for posterity.

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