The Lobbying Lie That Just Won’t Go Away

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There’s a big lie that just won’t go away. It’s the lobbying lie perpetrated by fractivists funded by elitist special interest groups with political agendas.

There’s no bigger lie than the lobbying lie repeatedly told by fractivist outfits who spend vastly more themselves under the cover of being non-profit charities. I wrote about this a while back, noting how the Park Foundation, in particular, regularly funded Common Cause to issue reports that spread the lobbying lie and, now, they’re at it again with a report from the “Public Accountability Initiative” funded by Park. The lobbying lie just won’t go away.

lobbying lie

Adelaide Park Gomer – trust-funder behind Josh Fox and his campaign to stop Constitution Pipeline (among other things)

The report is the same old crap, an attempt to forge a narrative that Andrew Cuomo, in the pocket with the NRDC gang, is really in the pocket with oil and gas. It’s utter nonsense, of course, and relies upon a laundry list of relationships and lobbying expenditures that prove little beyond the fact Andrew Cuomo is the ultimate blackmailer politician who knows how to make everyone pay to play in some fashion – it’s the Cuomo game. He’s corrupt.

The playing field isn’t level either. Companies and they’re representatives have to disclose any expenditure relating to government relations as a lobbying expenditure, while the NRDC gang, the Park Foundation and other fractivist funders of the lobbying lie get to do so without calling it lobbying by pretending to be charities.

That takes us to one particular example in the laundry list that is worth focusing upon; the Williams expenditures on the Constitution Pipeline which were, according to the report, some $206,000 in 2015, a very modest sum considering the project will cost an estimated $683 million to build. Frankly, I think Williams should be spending a lot more, but let’s leave that aside and focus on this statement at the very end of the report:

PAI’s research on the oil and gas industry and fracking is funded by the 11th Hour Project of the Schmidt Family Foundation and the Park Foundation.

The Schmidt Family Foundation, of course, is the foundation created by Eric and Wendy Schmidt of Google, a competitor with natural gas (think Ivanpah) and a big-time friend and funder of the NRDC, that epitome of the cronies with the real undue influence over Andrew Cuomo.

lobbying lie

Eric and Wendy Schmidt of Google, the company behind the Ivanpah fiasco and taxpayer rip-off

Now, take a look at the grants made by the Park Foundation for 2015, among which is this grant to Josh Fox:

International WOW Company
Brooklyn, NY
Grassroots engagement campaign for the third film of the Gasland trilogy

What is Josh Fox doing with that money? Well, writing pieces like this attacking the Constitution Pipeline – once again under the cover of pretending to be a charity. We also find the Park Foundation funding these grants:

One Ocean Media Foundation
Stone Ridge, NY
The film, “Dear President Obama, Americans Against Fracking In One Voice”

Citizens Campaign Fund for the Environment
Farmingdale , NY
Educational and outreach campaigns to protect New York from gas development and its ancillary impacts and to advance renewable energy

Washington , DC
Work to slow the expansion of gas infrastructure in New York and the surrounding Marcellus and Utica Shale regions

Sustainable Markets Foundation
New York, NY
Continued Marcellus Shale-related activities in New York, including research, advocacy, media outreach, internet mapping, and grassroots organizing

Sustainable Markets Foundation
New York, NY
Elected Officials to Protect New York

Waterkeeper Alliance, Inc.
New York, NY
Clean and Safe Energy Campaign

Environmental Integrity Project
Washington, DC
Efforts to address the oil and gas industry’s releases of toxic
chemicals and strengthen the key federal environmental
laws that are meant to inform and protect the public from
these releases

Food & Water Watch
Washington, DC
New Yorkers Against Fracking

Fractracker Alliance
Johnstown, PA
Its work to reveal the risks of oil and gas activities and
infrastructure in New York through mapping, analysis, and
community engagement

Grassroots Environmental Education, Inc.
Port Washington, NY
Public awareness initiatives related to shale gas
infrastructure and waste in New York State

Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.
New York, NY
Its work to protect drinking water from poorly regulated
oil and gas drilling and other threats

As You Sow
Oakland, CA
Continued use of shareholder action to pressure extraction companies to reduce and eliminate the negative
environmental, health, and social impacts of hydraulic
fracturing operations

That’s $680,000 and it’s just the beginning. The Park Foundation spends millions opposing fracking, infrastructure and oil and gas development in general. The Schmidt Family Foundation funds many of the same fractivist entities to engage in the same forms of direct action.

Check it out for yourself and see the kind of radical groups the uber-wealthy Schmidt and Park families fund with their own special type of lobbying; the type that keeps perpetuating the lobbying lie.

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9 thoughts on “The Lobbying Lie That Just Won’t Go Away

  1. this is, and has been, a perfect and perfectly infuriating storm in NY of political and judicial filth perpetrated by a handful of dumb-ass plutocrats- people who have power only because they have money.

    it worked because the governor’s entire existence is a lie that he makes up as he goes along, designed, he thinks to forge some tortured path to the white house.

    these criminals callously kicked Southern Tier landowners to the curb to build their bogus NIMBY utopia. they destroyed our minerals value without compensation.

    • Just look across the river to the entire counties that lost their potable water and property values for the few that believed the gas company LIES about never ending mailbox money that only lasted 1 year. Cuomo did you and more importantly your neighbors a FAVOR

      • How ironic that in an article about anti lies and misinformation that the very first anti comment perpetuates another one of the biggest anti lies. As Tom stated Bruce, provide some fact to back up your assertion or admit it is a lie and retract it.

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  3. And which politicians and judges have been bought by the people that want to save OUR environment and property values? You have it backwards. Its the gas and pipeline companies buying the thieves in suits with law degrees. Keep sniffing the methane, its good for you.

  4. above we have a perfect example of the flagrant lying and alternate reality the antis have constructed. some are simply deluded zealots, some do it intentionally- like the ones being paid huge sums by leftist foundations.

    anyone who has actually been to northern PA knows what an overall success story NG has been. i’m not going to waste my time laying it out.

    Sheldon Silver’s point man former Chief Appeals judge Lippman saw to it that “home rule” trumped state oil and gas supercession- clearly ignoring existing DEC law. a major travesty orchestrated by the now disgraced Speaker who is awaiting sentencing for corruption.

    a JLCNY lawsuit against the state was summarily dismissed. the judge said landowners didn’t even have standing to sue. egregious and intentional denial of due process.

    for 4 years, Cuomo utterly shafted landowners with bogus delay after delay at the behest of the NRDC, culminating in a fraudulent “health study” and drilling ban to appease the radicals. he continues to block ALL gas related development, in violation of legally mandated timetables.

    NY Democrats and their rich patrons destroyed a very valuable asset. robber barons are alive and well as it turns out. you want your gas-free utopia? pay for it.

  5. Bruce must be a nuclear advocate…how else is any baseload for the world’s biggest economy and a population expected to add 100 million people (U.S. Census Bureau) to be met if no coal or natural gas (which is eclipsing coal)? What else will back his 30-story high windmills and acreage devouring solar panels on the cold, cloudy, still days of winter? The ultimate renewable (wood) still provides more energy than wind and solar combined.

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