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Yesterday, Josh Fox demonstrated what an insolent man-child he is in a pathetic interview with Stuart Varney of FOX News about the EPA fracking study.

There’s no clearer indication of the gradual erosion of the fractivist position than Josh Fox’s implosion on Stuart Varney’s FOX News program yesterday. It was a pathetic crumbling of an insolent man-child confronted by a simple fact he could not accept, a fact which reduced him to calling Varney a liar and being shoved off the stage. It was Josh Fox, who lied, of course, and he took it still further with a ridiculous post-interview statement drafted, no doubt, with the help or inspiration of David Fenton or one of his other fixers on the NRDC payroll. That the EPA fracking study could produce such a self-immolation tells us what a shallow thing fractivism really is.

Here’s the interview, which we gleefully share with our readers (click to play and then use back button to return to here):

What a pitiful performance but Josh Fox doubled down with this message to his fractivist groupies (emphasis added):

Friend — Josh was kicked off of Fox’s Varney and Co. this morning after he called out host Stuart Varney on his hypocritical stance on fracking

Varney said he wouldn’t frack his own land in upstate New York because it’s in a ‘watershed’ but promoted, on air, last week (while not letting Sandra Steingraber finish a sentence) that we should frack the rest of New York.

When Josh called him out on the hypocrisy and questioned Varney’s claim that he lit his tap water on fire, Varney became irate and told Josh “The interview is over. You are outta here young man.”

“If you said to me earlier that you would not want fracking in your own neighborhood, it’s irresponsible for you to say on air that the rest of America should frack,“ Josh can be heard saying to Varney as he’s being faded out.

Josh was on the program to address untrue headlines most of the mainstream media ran with claiming fracking was safe, following the release of a long-awaited EPA report on the practice.

In the report the EPA publicly confirmed for the first time that fracking contaminates groundwater. However their press release led with the misleading headline saying that EPA has found no ‘widespread’ evidence of water contamination.

As Josh explains on the show this is not the first time we’ve seen the EPA release a report where the science says one thing and then their PR department slaps on a press release that says something else. “EPA went into Dimock and said to people ‘do not drink your water’, in private letters and then in the press they came out and said well actually this water is safe,” Josh said on the show.

Please watch and share: Josh Fox takes on misleading EPA report, Obama administration’s support of fracking, and FOX host NIMBY.


Lee Ziesche, Grassroots Coordinator

This Josh Fox performance speaks for itself in so many ways; arrogant, condescending, trying to talk over the interviewer, wild accusations and, then, feigned hurt that anyone would dare challenge him. But, there’s more. Stuart Varney owns about 1,000 acres of land in Broome and Delaware Counties, New York. He’s only Josh Fox’s “neighbor” (as the latter suggested) to the extent someone an hour away is a neighbor, but their land is in the same Delaware River basin, if that counts.

Josh Fox asserted Varney is hypocritical because he wouldn’t allow fracking on his land, but wanted it elsewhere. This sort of mis-representation is the sort of sleight of hand on which the Garland movies are wholly based. Varney never says he wouldn’t allow fracking if permitted, but, rather, correctly states (at 3:34) his property is “in the watershed” not “a watershed.”

Anyone familiar with the area in question (as well as Josh Fox) knows exactly what Varney meant – the New York City water supply watershed, in which fracking wasn’t going to be permitted regardless of what New York State did. Moreover, his property is within both New York State and the Delaware River Basin Commission jurisdictions that don’t currently allow fracking.

Josh Fox knew this, of course, which means the basic premise of his accusation was a lie, carefully constructed to get the attention he wanted by accusing FOX News of hypocrisy, when he knew full well Varney couldn’t frack if he wanted to do so. Then, Varney points out a very simple incontrovertible fact; that people in the area of his Broome and Delaware County property were able to light their water on fire long before fracking was even a thought in the minds of any New Yorker, including Josh Fox.

Fox’s response wasn’t merely to “question Varney’s claim that he lit his tap water on fire,” as he suggests in his clean-up memo, but, rather, to say “I do believe you’re lying now,” preceded by several other bombastic statements suggesting there was no possibility of flaming faucets absent fracking.

This was the moment where Fox lit the match and self-immolated, not because it caused Varney to throw him off the program (Fox probably hoped for that, after all) but due to the sheer implausibility of his position. There isn’t anyone in that area, or in the scientific community for that matter, who doesn’t know Josh Fox’s statements are 100% pure bunk. Varney is precisely correct – folks have always been able to light their water on fire in that area, a point made very effectively not only in Truthland by a real Varney neighbor, but also in Cornell University research.

What caused this implosion was Fox’s frantic desire to undo the damage from the EPA fracking study, which was considerable. He blamed it, of course, on the “headlines” which he claimed were false. But, what Varney quoted wasn’t a headline – it was the precise statement issued by the EPA and, not only as part of a news release, but also within the main report.

Moreover, it was backed by specific case studies we reported on yesterday and, as we noted earlier, it most definitely didn’t say the hydraulic fracturing had polluted groundwater supplies unless you count the maybe statements, the possibilities, hydraulic fracturing at the same level as the groundwater (with no evidence of problems) or expand the definition to methane migration, which has nothing to do with the hydraulic fracturing process.

Yes, Josh Fox has imploded over this and, ironically, he did it on FOX News of all places. It tells you just how powerful the facts are in dispelling fractivists once the emotionalism has run its course and it has.

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14 thoughts on “Josh Fox Implodes on FOX

  1. Some how if every source of energy production except fracked natural gas disappeared Josh Fox would still be against it. Bet he was wearing a synthetic material on Varneys set

  2. Just more PR ….Josh just tried to make a point .Barney got mad cause he was faced with real facts .Methane does exist in some areas ( shallow deposits ) and is dormant ,but can be disturbed when NG drilling is done nearby .I have seen this happen and have actual reports that show low levels and spikes when drilling started ( done by drilling Co’s and PA DEP ) ….

    • Yes anything that goes beyond aquifers can disturb the subsurface .Even drilling water wells .However HVHF is done on an industrial bases .Continuous trucks,noise,chemicals (spills) pipelines ,NG facilities .Impact is much greater .Drilling every square mile and having as many as 18 wells in this area ….

      • Point taken, however we should include the negative impacts of solar arrays and wind turbines as well. These facilities also have detrimental effects including but not limited to deforestation, spread of invasives along clearings for transmission rights of way, soil disturbance/rock blasting for access roads, stream and other water body protection, use of herbicides to keep down vegetation, endangered species habitat removal, endangered migratory birds and resident bat populations…etc..etc..

        • HVHF is a heavy industrial operation being done only a few hundred feet from people’s homes.Solar and wind have their faults too ,but i would rather in an area that has solar or wind facilities than remain in an area that gets changed into an industrial park.from what I have seen …NG extraction also has deforestation,pipeline clearings,soil disturbance ,herbicides,and all the rest you mentioned .Plus spills ,venting,flaring ,truck noise ,fumes,and continuous pollution ( VOC ‘s ) from compression facilities ( and more )

          • I have seldom seen a commenter use so many words to say so little, Bill.

          • Well…… Tom many words comes from much contact and experience ….I don’t choose a few words out of report etc. I post about actual data I have gotten and what I have seen .Sitting in an office and writing stories to try to get what I want is not my style ….Reality is !!

          • Bill, while I am glad to see you concede that solar and wind have their faults, you are in the minority within your own camp. If you were to mention the points that you just mentioned to the folks in ithaca or the “team of experts ” Andy propped up, you might be shunned if not treated worse by them.

          • what wrong with just stating what I have documented and experienced .Plenty is on record with the DEP ….not that they do anything to help people ,but they do kiss the butt of industry !

  3. I do think Josh Fox was doing an excellent job of imitating Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc, that is, of not allowing your adversary to speak hardly at all, until he blew it with the “lie” remark, lol.

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