Fractivists Losing It As Fractivism Recedes

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Fractivism is nearing the end of its half-life as one of those trendy causes that capture the imagination of serial protesters and fractivists are losing it.

The Washington Times carried an interesting article the other day noting fractivism isn’t selling so well these days. If, like me, you’re from one of those areas of the country where fractivists have succeeded in intimidating officials into no action (or worse) on the subject you’ll find the report uplifting. It lists all the hits fractivism has taken recently and they are legion. This sudden burst of common sense is sending the wild and wacky fractivists who spend their trust fund allowances on these sorts of causes over the edge.

bad news for fractivism

Here’s some of the bad news the Washington Times reports from the world of fractivism:

  • The Texas state legislature just enacted a law overturning the highly publicized Denton fracking ban (enacted with the aid of New Yorkers and college students) and extending protection against such bans to all of the state.
  • Oklahoma did the same thing as Texas.
  • The EPA study came out noting no widespread issues with fracking contaminating waters and that was after using an all-inclusive fractivist definition of the term to include everything before and after the actual fracking.
  • Colorado’s Democrat Governor Hickenlooper fought back and essentially derailed a proposed fracking ban in that state that was pushed by another mega-rich fractivist determined to deny others the economic opportunities he had.
  • Other Colorado bans enacted in some localities have been overturned by the courts.
  • Voters in Santa Barbara, California defeated a fracking ban in November by 61 percent to 38 percent.
  • Youngstown, Ohio, fractivists tried and failed yet again (they’re on their 3rd or 4th attempt now) to pass a ludicrous fracking ban prepared by the all-but-communist Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. The CELDF also saw another of its bans in Mora County, New Mexico trashed by the courts as the garbage it was, although the Times doesn’t mention that one.
  • The Obama Administration continues to support fracking as a necessary weapon in their crusade against global warming.

We could go on and talk about how California Governor Jerry Brown has stood up to the bullies of fractivism, the approval of the Cove Point export facility and several other positive developments, but what’s even more interesting is how all this has affected the fractivists. It’s resulted in increasingly bizarre behavior that exposes who they really are. We see Josh Fox accusing a FOX News interviewer of lying about what is an easily verifiable fact – flaming faucets in areas with no drilling or fracking. We see trust funders from Oregon leading protests against Finger Lakes propane storage. We see rabid fractivists like Sandra Steingraber engaging in “peer reviews” of New York State health studies and hoping to be taken seriously. It’s crazier every day in the world of fractivism.

Let me also provide another more recent example that involves this blog.

Many of you have no doubt noticed we accept rotating advertisements on our site, advertisements that appear in the right-hand side and are provided by an advertising service that sells the space. Most of you probably also know those ads come up based upon the reader’s own internet history. We talk a lot here about trial lawyers and the environment, for instance, so it’s not unusual that ads for trial lawyers or the Nature Conservancy will appear when I visit the site myself. Some fractivist visitors to our site apparently don’t realize that, though, as one of them has Tweeted out what he thinks is a reflection on our blog, but actually reflects on his own internet history.

I’m talking about this Tweet from a fellow named Tim Ruggiero:

fractivism Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 5.58.29 AMTim Ruggiero, for those who don’t know, is Ex-Mayor Calvin Tillman’s pal from Dish, Texas. He’s connected with Earthworks which, of course, was heavily involved in the short-lived Denton ban. Earthworks, in turn, is part of the network of Fractivist Rasputin Jay Halfon, who is instrumental in funneling Park Foundation and Rockefeller dollars to fractivists everywhere. Tim and Calvin used to do a road show together and he was on our blog with this classless comment just yesterday:

Yep, fracking IS cool-especially when you can frack up someone else’s property, piss all over it AND you get paid to do it! Extra benefit is having the state fascists enact laws that let you frack anywhere you want! Pick a school, park, playground or some poor bastard’s backyard! ‘Merica.

Now, he’s decided he doesn’t like our ads either. Well, sorry, Tim, but that ad, which was tailored to your interests based on your own internet use, tells the reader a lot more about you then us. We don’t select the ads, but you effectively do so by what you’ve chosen to search for yourself and the cookies you’ve left on your computer doing so. You have revealed more about you and the world of fractivism with your comment and your Tweet than we could ever do by ourselves. You’ve let a string of defeats get to you, but lashing out in anger won’t get it done for you, Tim. You’re only showing the world fractivism has pretty much run its course, just as the Washington Times has observed.

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7 thoughts on “Fractivists Losing It As Fractivism Recedes

  1. The DRBC needs to be de-funded and re-organized. It’s real purpose is to preserve the water supply of those who use water from the Delaware River. This should include fighting chem-trails which pollute the waters with ash waste from coal power plants; which should be purified into it’s constituents, and reused as metallic commodities; which have value in the marketplace.

  2. What most people don’t know about Tim Ruggiero, DISH’s ex town supervisor and Calvin Tillman, is that when they worked in DISH Texas as politicians they leased land they were partnered in to a pipeline outfit, decided they wanted to build on the property and were denied after going to court and they couldn’t build because they leased. And these two smart politicians failed to get a lawyer who handled leases became angry and became anti’s because they negotiated a bad lease.

  3. Yep, fracking IS cool-especially when you can frack up someone else’s property, piss all over it AND you get paid to do it! Extra benefit is having the state fascists enact laws that let you frack anywhere you want! Pick a school, park, playground or some poor bastard’s backyard! ‘Merica.

    A pitiful rant by now dethroned natural gas user and fracktivist, Tim Ruggiero, expressing the agony of defeat.

  4. it will have been a decade before the truth finally upends the rich elitists, their man Cuomo, their media, celebrity posers and nut job fractivists here in NY- which is ground zero for the worldwide ban-everything movement.

    NY is the headquarters of hypocrite energy parasites: the NYC large scale conversion to natural gas heat, the sanctimonious Park Foundation’s big new NG heated digs, celebrities jetting around the globe with film crews, Finger Lakes vineyard owners with fancy heated tasting rooms and fleets of gas/diesel equipment who spray pesticides and herbicides with runoff straight into the lakes- while screaming about gas storage, the NG conversion of the Dunkirk powerplant that “saved the city” after Dunkirk banned gas drilling… it’s a long list.

    this glaring disconnect, injustice, and complete absence of common sense heaps insult on injury here in the Southern Tier. the ONLY place in the nation to be so abused.

  5. ” Fractivism is nearing the end of its half-life “……Don’t bet on it !! …….you might want to instead bet on NG co’s going bankrupt by years end !!!! ……

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