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The Rich Captains of Greed Behind Environmental Extremism

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Wherever you go, you find the same handful of wealthy families—captains of greed—funding environmental extremism at the expense of working families.

My last two posts here, one on the trial lawyer’s kid raising a ruckus in Coudersport and the other on the duplicitous Bill McKibben, both dealt with the very real special interests behind fractivism. Far too few people appreciate, let alone address, the role these special interests play in environmental extremism by funding it behind the scenes.

Instead, we tend to get trapped in arguing with the extremists or demonstrating how ridiculous their positions are, when the real villains are those who enable them for what are very selfish reasons. Yes, the real villains are a handful of families, captains of greed; super-wealthy families determined to control everything to advance their own interests.

Let’s go back to Coudersport for a moment to illustrate by looking a little deeper at boy wonder Josh Pribanic’s funding sources. We know his dad, the fractivist trial lawyer, is a major funder, but it’s more than that. He lists “Tarbell Members” who provided a minimum of $10,000 to his Public Herald operation here. Among these are something called the INNovation Fund, a joint project of the Investigative News Network and the James L. Knight Foundation.

The foundation apparently provides the money and the network passes it out. The Knight foundation is a frequent fractivist funder, last seen funding enviro-terrorist video games. The INNovation Fund “supports projects proposed by nonprofit news organizations to advance the economic sustainability of their newsroom.” It funds environmental extremism, in other words.

We did some research and it turns out the Public Herald got $35,000 from the INNovation fund for a screening tour of their Triple Divide film, but neither the Investigative News Network, nor the Knight foundation, show any such grants to the Public Herald, which means the money must have been funneled through a third-party fiscal sponsor. We can only speculate as to who that might be, but Josh says he “can’t be bought off,” and his dad is a lawyer, so there’s nothing to worry about.

What we do learn from perusing various parts of the Public Herald website is the following (emphasis and links added):

“His work at Public Herald has been awarded grants from the James L. Knight Foundation, Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds and Investigative News Network. Its been used by the most reputable nonprofit organizations nationwide, as well as receiving support from Tesla Motors.”

“This story was made possible by generous donations from people like you, and is partly funded by grants from The 11th Hour Project and The Heinz Endowments.”

“The “Smoking Gun” series has been funded in part by 11th Hour Project and Colcom Foundation.”

Every one of these funding sources is a special interest group focused on employing environmental extremism as leverage to secure other things.

Tesla Motors, of course, owns SolarCity and run by Mr. Subsidy, Elon Musk who has been hustling everyone for the last decade or duo, but especially Andrew Cuomo. He’s got to lose from a successful natural gas industry.

The Investigative News Network is funded by an agglomeration of fractivist special interests including the Open Society Foundations (George Soros) and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, both families having major investments in foreign oil and gas, not to mention everything else we know about both. It was formed via the Pocantico Declaration and all you need to know about that is this; Pocantico and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund go together like the famous horse and carriage.

The others likewise seek power, influence, prestige, financial opportunities in “clean energy,” playgrounds for their spare time, lockholds on natural resources for future exploitation and the ability to protect foreign investments. Oil and gas development by anyone but them is a threat to all of this.

A window into this world is provided by The 11th Hour Project, which is the Schmidt Family Foundation endowed by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, he being a wannabe king of the world and the Google captain of greed who ripped off the taxpayers for huge subsidies to finance his Ivanpah boondoggle.

Environmental extremism

A glance at The 11th Hour Project 990 return for 2016 shows it funds every conceivable fractivist cause, including Earthworks, NY-PIRG (trial lawyer rainmakers), PSEHE (Ingraffea’s creation) and the Sustainable Markets Foundation. The last of these is a Rockefeller group run by Fractivist Rasputin Jay Halfon, who got $165,000 for himself from the Schmidts in 2015 and another $855,000 for the Sustainable Markets Foundation the next year. He’s also intimately involved with the others.

The 11th Hour Project gave out $27.6 million in 2016, a substantial portion of it being spent on these and similar groups (Food & Water Watch, Mountain Watershed Association, Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, NRDC, etc.) also funded by other wealthy special interests such as the Heinz, Haas and Rockefeller families. It’s always the same funders, in fact, and the same special interests. The money sounds like a lot until you realize the size of the Chris Heinz deal with China and the subsidies provided by taxpayers for Schmidt’s Ivanpah project, which run into the billions, plus they get the virtue signaling opportunities, of course.

So, Josh Pribanic’s suggestion he can’t be bought is exactly the opposite of the truth; he’s already been bought by the biggest special interests on the planet. And, we’re not talking about their charity, though they get tax-exemption for all this lobbying in one of the biggest scandal of all time that gets absolutely no media or political attention.

Need more evidence of what’s going on? Check out the great Vivian Krause’s most research on the Tar Sands Campaign. It’s the same people yet again:

…it is clear that The Northern Gateway pipeline and other proposed pipelines for the overseas export of oil from western Canada have been deliberately sabotaged as part of a multi-million dollar, U.S.-funded effort referred to as “The Tar Sands Campaign.” This effort aims to stop the export of oil from western Canada by pipeline, tanker and by rail…

In the words of the original director of The Tar Sands Campaign, from the very beginning the strategy was to “land-lock” oil from western Canada within North America so that it could not reach overseas markets where it could attain a higher price per barrel.

Launched in 2008 by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Tides Foundation (“Tides”), The Tar Sands Campaign aims to embarrass Canada, weaken the Alberta government and “reduce the attractiveness of the Alberta oil industry for the companies themselves, investors and financiers,” the campaign’s original strategy paper says…

The success of The Tar Sands Campaign hinges on its ability to get “earned media,”publicity gained by getting into the news cycle. Earned media depends on the creativity and credibility of the activists and the invisibility of the money and the paid organizers behind them.

Using staff seconded from participating organizations, the paid organizers of this campaign keep a low profile, working behind the scenes. “The Coordination Center shall remain invisible to the outside and to the extent possible, staff will be‘purchased’ from engaged organizations,” the original strategy paper states…

The Tar Sands Campaign is a small part of a very large, global effort to foster a major shift in investment capital away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.

All that’s left unsaid is the fact these special interests to whom Josh Pribanic, like most fractivist tools and other proponents of environmental extremism, is naively captive, is the fact they are heavily invested in those renewable schemes. They hope to make piles of additional money on the backs of taxpayers forking over the subsidies, as these captains of greed get plaudits from their social peers for their “virtues.”

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