The Proponents of the DRBC Fracking Ban Are Anti-Science

DRBCChristian Boris
Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania

Proponents of the DRBC fracking ban are, plainly and simply, anti-science; unwilling to accept the results on continuous ongoing water studies in the SRBC.

As someone who lives in the area covered by the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), I read with dismay recent letters to the editor encouraging the DRBC to usurp private property rights to appease a loud, anti-science minority who oppose the goal of energy independence for the United States and the pivotal position Pennsylvania can play in achieving that goal.

At least seven government agencies have studied the issue of hydraulic fracturing and found that it is not a major threat to drinking water. For additional evidence we need look only to our neighbors in the Susquehanna River Basin. The Susquehanna River Basin Commission performs extensive, real-time water quality monitoring that has consistently shown that the exploration and development in this region has produced no negative impacts on water quality in their basin.


SRBC water quality station on Meshoppen Creek

Farmers have been able to preserve their land because of the freedom natural gas development has afforded them. Both business and residential consumers pay less to meet their energy needs. Local businesses benefit from increased economic activity from oil and gas workers. But beyond economic benefits, natural gas development has greatly assisted the United States in leading the world in reducing carbon emissions—an issue that should be important to all of us.

So, I, encouraged individuals to register comments with the DRBC related to their proposed rule-making [comment period now over]. The difference is, I encouraged comments based on science, based on reducing carbon emissions, and in support of our God-given rights to private property.

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3 thoughts on “The Proponents of the DRBC Fracking Ban Are Anti-Science

  1. Agree 100 % – they could have built on the SRBC model and implemented a model program that took into consideration the many users and vested interests in the watershed. Epic failure – great opportunity to use science and the scientific method to make fact based decisions – it is very sad.

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  3. Let’s admit that there are many, many people in the world who haven’t accepted the fact that the planet will always face an uncertain future, with imperfect measurements, and with imperfect knowledge, humans, and politics.
    That said, emission reductions and economic development are Siamese twins, with the engine being the Shale Revolution.

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