Is It Now Time for a Rockefeller RICO Lawsuit?

Tom Shepstone
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Revelations of a real-life RICO type conspiracy by the Rockefeller family and friends to attack Exxon only begin to illustrate the much bigger story.

Other than the Lincoln assassination, which was but a small one, I’m not much of a believer in conspiracies. They typically aren’t necessary when you have groups of people committed to political groupthink anyway; everyone involved follows the playbook without being told because it’s part of their culture. There is such a thing as organized crime, though, and even a statute designed to combat it. It’s called the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) for short. Criminal prosecutions, as well as civil lawsuits are permitted under RICO. It may well be time for businesses and individuals impacted by what appears to be a clear case of racketeering by the Rockefeller gang to file a civil lawsuit against them.


The “La Jolla Junta,” including their RICO expert, Sharon Eubanks

What I’m talking about, of course, is the recent story in the Wall Street Journal regarding the appalling efforts of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to implement the NRDC agenda through a trumped-up criminal prosecution of Exxon for supposedly hiding knowledge of climate change. I wrote about it here, explaining the NRDC agenda to criminal speech and use RICO to go after the oil and gas industry. As I explained then, the strategy “arose from an expensive confab held in 2012 in LaJolla, California, which was organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists. The conference was financed by, among others, the V. Kahn Rasmussen Foundation, which is one of Bill McKibben’s (of major funders. Both it and are closely associated with the Rockefeller family which. of course, is the force and the money behind the NRDC gang.”

Here’s some of what the Wall Street Journal has now brought to the surface (emphasis added):

A key meeting in the new push unfolded in January behind the closed doors of a Manhattan office building. The session brought together about a dozen people, including Kenny Bruno, a veteran of environmental campaigns, and Bill McKibben, founder of, two activists who helped lead the successful fight to block the Keystone XL pipeline.

The new campaign’s goals include “to establish in public’s mind that Exxon is a corrupt institution that has pushed humanity (and all creation) toward climate chaos and grave harm,” according to an agenda of the meeting viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

This new legal strategy stems in part from environmentalists’ frustration at what they see as the inadequacy of recent climate deals. Their hope is to encourage state attorneys general and the U.S. Justice Department to launch investigations and lawsuits that ultimately will change Exxon’s behavior, force it to pay big damages and drive public attention to climate change.

“It’s about helping the larger public understand the urgencies of finding climate solutions,” said Lee Wasserman, director of the Rockefeller Family Fund, which hosted the January meeting. “It’s not really about Exxon.”

A key part of the activists’ strategy is to seek documents that show otherwise: that Exxon, despite knowing the dangers of climate change, has sought to challenge the scientific consensus. Such revelations would help “delegitimize [Exxon] as a political actor,” the January agenda said…

The activists are focusing on internal Exxon documents that have surfaced in news outlets—including in publications or investigative projects that were funded partly by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Rockefeller Family Fund, which favor strong climate action. The media outlets involved—the Los Angeles Times and InsideClimate News—have said the reporting was done without influence by the funding sources.

If you believe that last line – that the reporting was done without influence by the funding sources – you might want to read this story about Inside Climate News, which is nothing more than a Rockefeller outlet. What’s even more interesting is the followup reporting by Energy In Depth and the Washington Free Beacon, which went deeper and provided access to the e-mail invitation that was the focus of the story. Here it is:


There are two aspects to this e-mail that strongly suggest Exxon should be filing a RICO lawsuit against the Rockefeller gang. First, is the overwhelming evidence of intent to damage Exxon’s business or property by what appears to be a racketeering enterprise. The e-mail shows, beyond any doubt, the purpose of this group getting together at Rockefeller headquarters was to destroy Exxon’s reputation, delegitimize the company, force disassociation of others from it and to drive divestment from the business, not to mention making it a political target. Tell me this isn’t racketeering of the highest order – the Mafia style shakedown of a company; for speech no less. The Rockefeller/NRDC gang is engaged in precisely the same kind of activity it strategized alleging against Exxon as part of its 2012 game plan.

The second aspect of this e-mail that bears great attention is the array of players, which exhibits the very sort of conspiracy the Rockefeller/NRDC gang wants to project upon Exxon. It is, moreover, the same set of people involved in fueling fractivism. Here’s a little rundown on each:

The patterns here couldn’t be more apparent. The recent explosion of news about the effort to target Exxon tell only a small part of what is a huge story; a tight conspiracy of extraordinarily wealthy special interests, among whom the Rockefeller clan is the big gorilla in the room, engaging in a deliberate campaign to impact specific businesses and individuals and shake them down or shut them down. It’s more about fracking than it is about Exxon and the goal is to make a wilderness of the rural Northeast while allowing the Rockefeller family and its friends to develop oil and gas overseas without US competition, while also sucking off the “green energy” teat here at home at the expense of taxpayers and ratepayers.

Look at the list of who’s was involved in this planned meeting at the Rockefeller Family Fund, read the report from the La Jolla Junta war council and tell me this isn’t racketeering; racketeering that ought to stopped by enforcing RICO. It’s time to RICO the Rockefellers.

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15 thoughts on “Is It Now Time for a Rockefeller RICO Lawsuit?

  1. Well ding ding ding on the concerted effort to call into question the climate benefits of natural gas because of fracking over coal. Clearly that has been one aspect of the antifracking natural gas pipeline resistance movement for some time. And the working families party was part of that as is bill mckibben.

    And for good measure today in the nytimes there is an OP Ed about the Fracked gas pipeline Constitution pipe that is a major focus right now of the movement written by karenna Gore. If you weren’t paying attention to the hype about this pipe you might have missed the news coverage of the recent save NY from ferc rally which recently occurred and which featured some leaders of the resistance. That followed the pancakes not pipelines rebellion which also featured some of the same folks. Did some of those same people miseducation for years on ferc, multiple pipelines and create a conspiracy theory on the port Ambrose LNG import project which the press didn’t just miss but either broadcast themselves or buried? Yes. Something super rotten in Denmark is occurring and has been for some time.


    What does exxon mobile currently say about climate change? Well it isn’t that it is a hoax or a myth but a real issue. There are of course other people who do say that. Know what else exxon doesn’t say? Natural gas is worse than coal for the environment and climate. The antifracking natural gas pipeline resistance movement says that.

  3. Excellent reporting Tom. Please send this piece to ExxonMobil’s folks to give them another perspective. I know ExxonMobil is starting to fight back, hopefully with the same intensity that these evil sob’s are attacking them with. Your work is invaluable, so please keep it up.

  4. Two problems with this.

    First, the Exxon/Mobile situation is most analogous to the tobacco industry knowingly marketing cigarettes as safe when their own decade long internal research showed that it was not. If nothing else, you nail them under interstate commerce laws and fraud.

    Second, accepting for the moment that your argument about Schneiderman is true – which I am not necessarily doing, just now for the sake of argument – you commit the same sin that you accuse Schneiderman of when you propose to shut down the Rockefeller’s speech through their various conduits by suing them under RICO.

  5. Fun that you show the photo of the participants of Oreskes’ 2012 workshop, while also taking the time to identify more of the names on that leaked enviro-activist email. But there’s WAY more to three of the names in the email, along with 3 other names in that participant picture — and they all have one key connection: global warming alarmist book author Ross Gelbspan. I detailed part of the connection between Gelbspan, Oreskes and Al Gore in my 4/15 article,

    Regarding the photo, there’s Jim Hoggan in the sunglasses ( ), Stanton Glantz with the orange sweater ( ), and Oreskes, a person I have tagged in several posts at my blog ( ). In that leaked memo, I cover Passacantando here ( ). Kert Davies is the trasher of Dr Willie Soon ( ), and Matt Pawa’s connection to Gelbspan is something I first wrote about in 2010 and updated here ( ).

    The nutshell of it all is that there has been only one accusation about industry conspiring with skeptic climate scientists to lie about global warming, it dates back 20+ years, and its core pushers are just a small clique of enviro-activists.

  6. Great investigative reporting Tom. As a former Exxon scientist working in the fracking area, I know the science and I am a supporter of Exxon and its integrity. It is one of the best managed corporations in the country. I assume you have sent your report to their legal people.

    Seems like you have irritated some of the Commie letter writers. It is obvious we continue to generate data that exposes the climate hoax, and that this is an economic rather than an environmental movement. The objective is to slow our economy, drive up energy costs to favor alternatives, and weaken our global influence. Fracking will provide us energy independence which is counter to the objectives of our leftist enemies.

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