Son of Fractivist Trial Lawyer Harasses Coudersport Area Municipal Authority

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Fractivist abuse of local officials reached an apex this past week as a trial lawyer’s kid harassed members of the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority.

Energy In Depth Appalachian Basin representative Nicole Jacobs did a great report Friday on a fractivist episode that took place at a meeting of the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority in Potter County. You can read the whole thing here, where she lays out the facts demonstrating exactly how little fractivists really care about the environment and how much they do care about other things.

The story is all about a wastewater treatment plant that’s good enough for the regional Trout Unlimited chapter but not for fractivists who simply oppose all oil and gas development. That’s not the part of the story that’s most important, though. The facts are clear and speak for themselves. Nicole has laid them all out. She also lays out the fiasco generated by a young fellow named Josh Pribanic, who has a hissy-fit over the fact he wasn’t allowed to speak last during a public meeting and do his grandstanding routine.

Coudersport Area Municipal Authority

Josh Pribanic

The last I knew, any public entity, including the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority, has the right to conduct public input sessions any way it wishes. There’s no obligation to call on people in any particular order, although, in my experience with hundreds of public hearings, demagogues do always seek such opportunities and will frequently sign up at the bottom of a sign-up sheet for that purpose, wait to the end to sign up, etc. A savvy meeting chair will not allow a meeting to be stage-managed from the audience in such fashion, though.

Apparently, the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority didn’t call upon Josh Pribanic last, as he had hoped. So, he and his contingent of foul-mouthed fractivists went into meltdown mode. Here’s the video (warning – very bad language) and you can hear more from the petulant Josh by visiting the EID post:

Here’s what you need to know about Josh Pribanic; his father is a fractivist trial lawyer who heavily promotes fracking lawsuits as a source of business for his practice. You can visit his fracking web page here, where Josh’s daddy says this:

Natural gas exploration and extraction can be dangerous work. If you or a loved one has been injured while working in the oil and gas fracking industry, the Pennsylvania fracking attorneys at Pribanic & Pribanic can help you explore your right to compensation.

Oil and gas companies and their insurance providers are aggressive in defending against injury claims. It’s important to have an attorney on your side who can stand up to the insurance companies on your behalf.

Our attorneys handle personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from oil- and gas-related incidents such as: Shale field truck accidents, semi truck accidents, Land and water contamination, Chemical leaks and spills, Fires and gas explosions, Drilling accidents, and Well site accidents.

We also represent Pennsylvania landowners engaged in lease and contract disputes with oil and gas companies.

There is, in other words, a good reason for Josh Pribanic to promote fractivist causes and harass the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority. This is what we mean by fractivist special interests. Josh’s father was, in fact, financially behind his Public Herald enterprise when it started, as we noted here three years ago.

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7 thoughts on “Son of Fractivist Trial Lawyer Harasses Coudersport Area Municipal Authority

  1. As a former teacher I cringe to see and hear such ignorance expressed by so many who are really pathetic in their ‘brain-washed’ rhetoric.

    • If you think I’m a flatlander hippy you way off base I was a roughneck 8 yrs and have worked as a consultant.
      I support oil and gas fully.
      Shell is in process of drilling Utica under our farm right now. We supporters do not need ppl like this guy to try and alienate supporters with a dumb ass comment. Flattys own more ground up here than hillers bc hillers have chosen to stop farming and be worthless welfare recipients.

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  3. This is excellent! Pribanic and his loud mouth friend have done us a huge favor. They have done more to alienate the Coudersport Area Municipal Authority and damage the anti’s cause than we could ever done in one meeting. How much do you want to bet there will be a sheriff or state trooper at the next meeting?

  4. When you lie in public like this Mr Shepstone, you expose yourself to slander and libel lawsuits. There was no harassment by Joshua Pribanic. Only a disagreement and when it was made clear that CAMA would be setting the speaking schedule and not permitting Josh to speak according to sign up, he conceded. Don’t ever forget that others are recording these meetings as well. We know exactly what transpired and will correct every fabrication your try to present.

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