Landowners Seek to Foil New York State Corruption

Cuomo TeamInge Grafe-Kieklak
Sullivan County, New York, Landowner

New York State corruption runs both deep and wide, like a mighty muddy river, and some landowners who’ve won before are determined to do something about it.

There is something deeply wrong with our state. New York State corruption has become endemic and I’ve learned the only way to properly deal with it is to fight back. I did that in the Town of Sidney, with the help of several others, and we won because we had both the facts and the law on our side. I am determined, also, to fight back against the corrupt decision of Andrew Cuomo and his two lackeys, Martens and Zucker, to abscond with our Upstate mineral rights and economic opportunities. I have, for this purpose, joined with other landowners to create Landowner Advocates of New York, Inc. and we are going to dig deep and find out exactly how the New York fracking decision was made and who was behind it.

Landowner Advocates of New York, Inc. is, today, filing Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests with the New York State Department of Health, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Executive Chambers (the Governor’s office) for records relating to the signing of Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order No. 41 effectively banning fracking. We’ve asked for all intra-office and interagency communications connected with these agencies, with Andrew Cuomo 2014 and various special interest advocacy groups.

New York State corruption hinton09.jpg

Fractivist Karen Hinton and her husband Howard Glaser, key advisor to Andrew Cuomo – one on numerous people whose communications with Cuomo are being FOILed by Landowner Advocates of New York.

Those special interests include (but aren’t limited to):

Abigail Weinberg
Adelaide Park Gomer
Adirondack Mountain Club
Allison Lee
Artists Against Fracking
Catskill Mountainkeeper
Christopher Elliman
Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
Delaware Riverkeeper
Environmental Advocates of New York
Environmental Working Group
Fenton Communications
Food & Water Watch
Hinton Communications
Jay Halfon
Jennifer Cunningham
Josh Fox
Laurance Rockefeller, Jr.,
League of Conservation Voters
Mark Ruffalo
Natural Resources Defense Council
New Yorkers Against Fracking
NY Residents Against Drilling
Open Space Institute
Otsego 2000
Park Foundation
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Sierra Club
Sustainable Markets Foundation
Sustainable Otsego
Water Defense
William Penn Foundation
Yoko Ono

Importantly, our FOIL requests also address another matter: the apparently deliberate coverup of New York State corruption by the destruction of e-mails. This is an unbelievable affront by the Cuomo administration as Preet Brahara moves in on them. It takes gall to another level in the Dante’s Inferno that is New York. Accordingly, in our FOIL requests we included the following:

It has come to our attention that New York implemented a policy last week wherein emails older than ninety (90) days are being purged from the email systems. Pursuant to N.Y. Pub. Off. Law § 89 (McKinney) and VOOM HD Holdings LLC v. EchoStar Satellite L.L.C., 93 A.D.3d 33, 939 N.Y.S.2d 321 (N.Y. App. Div. 2012), you are instructed to immediately cease all deletion of any records that relate to the requests identified below. Employees should ensure that any potentially responsive documents are protected so that they will not be destroyed.

It is incredibly sad to think we have to do this, but the state of New York State corruption is so bad today, we have to do it. Fight we must and fight we will.

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9 thoughts on “Landowners Seek to Foil New York State Corruption

  1. Great work Inga! Given that our sleazy control freak of a governor wants all this go to away in the next 90 days, this is exactly what’s needed now. If you are looking at supposed grass roots groups, you might also add Concerned Citizens of the Town of Chenango; they worked hard to spread fractivist disinformation within that town. I’m sure Tom can chime in with others.

  2. Maybe Inge should secede to PA then she would get what she wants .That’s if she has any idea of what it really is …Good luck on your FOI.

    • This will likely be a waste of my time, but I will take a stab at an answer

      Obviously one thing that Inga, along with the rest of us landowners want, is something Cuomo promised, but thusfar has not delivered – transparency. He promised – or lied – that he was going to have an open, transparent government. Not only has he not been forthcoming with anything about the process to decide the ban on hydraulic fracturing or the sudden disbandment of the Moreland Commission, his recent announcement that the 90 day expiration of emails will be enforced. This not only flies in the face of openness, it also seems to show he’s got things to hide that might be FOILed by citizens or subpoenaed by Preet Bharara as part of his ongoing investigation into the unfinished business of the Moreland commission. His sudden decision to ban hydraulic fracturing seems more based on emotion (leftist politics?) than real science – for a control freak given to secrecy his sudden televised cabinet meeting where Zucker said that he would not be comfortable with his (non-existant) children playing near a drilling site was ‘good enough’ for him (Cuomo), which seems to indicate that the decision had already been made. The ‘science’ exhibited by Zucker was a paper paid for by Park Foundation money and written by anti-frackers, and ‘peer reviewed’ by more anti-frackers who lied about their biases. Nevermind that more than 30 other states have approved the process and are safely drilling. Even the national and international press has called his decision wrong. So why would any rational person not want to see the communications that went into the decision? Sadly though, I have doubts as to whether anything other than a small handful of heavily redacted documents will ever see the light of day. The good news is that Cuomo will never ever become POTUS – his secrecy, arrogant and unpleasant personality, and wrong-headed decisions on fracking, gun control, minimum wages and more have doomed any hopes he still clings to, and he and his sycophantic staff can’t see it.

      • Landowners do not have the right to allow operations on their land that cause nuisances to those surrounding them.This nuisance creates a legal issue and will be pursued as such ! Always !!

  3. this is a noble cause, but any FOIL requests will be ignored or stalled for years. and we can be assured that Cuomo’s staff has been busy deleting email and shredding documents. and to top it all off, the NY high courts are owned by newly indicted Sheldon Silver- they will never find against the incredibly corrupt Democrat machine. the only way Cuomo is going down is via Federal indictment, or possibly finally tripping over his own immense arrogance. but as Bill Owens observes above, at least he will never be POTUS…

    sadly, Albany corruption is so deep that even the GOP state senate leadership (we all know who they are) backed Cuomo- flagrantly violating the wishes of 46 out of 62 NY counties that voted for Rob Astorino.

  4. All information on the advisory panel should be foiled. Particularly the cancelation of the last scheduled meeting. I know what happened and could fact check whatever documents you find. Also, don’t let Julie Tighe at the DEC out of this. She controlled the give and take and scheduling of the meetings. The DEC and the Governor were crooked to the core.

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