Cuomo’s “Just Stand There” Policy on Fracking Explained?

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Fracking isn’t moving forward yet in New York because one man, Andrew Cuomo, insists on just standing there.  Could the reason be the ideological and wildly hypocritical wife of his Director of State Operations?

You can’t be a government leader in a republican democracy without first being a politician, as John Kennedy famously observed.  It’s the high price we pay for the freedoms we have; we end up being governed by manipulators of facts making the case for their own ascensions to power and privilege.

Yet, before getting too cynical, we must also recognize some politicians do become decent leaders for the same reasons, their power to persuade.  Such individuals have, upon being elected, used their campaigning abilities on behalf of the governments they serve, a shift of emphasis allowing them to steer nations and states through difficult times.  Others continue to campaign for themselves and the next seat of power, steering around issues that won’t serve the cause and establishing themselves as above and apart from the government they’re suppose to lead.

Andrew Cuomo has the capacity to be the former, but has chosen to be the latter when it comes to the fracking issue. There may be an explanation.

Cuomo isn’t leading New York State on the fracking issue, doing something to move things forward. Rather, he has opted to just stand there. Worse, he has instructed his department heads to stand in the closet where no can see or talk to them.  Anyone seen Joe Martens lately? Shah, the Health Commissioner, was last seen leaving on a jet plane to parts yonder to collect information already available from his own department’s work.

The real Cuomo government is an inner circle of advisors who decide everything of importance depending upon its value in electing him again.  They see no short-term value in demonstrating leadership on fracking, so it isn’t happening. Still worse, Cuomo’s closest advisors are deeply influenced by ideologues of the far left who are happy to frustrate any progress on fracking.

One of those advisors, indeed the closest outside of family, is State Operations Director Howard Glaser and, as Fred Dicker reported back in May of this year, Glaser is married to Karen Hinton, whose public relations and lobbying firm has been representing a group of South Americans suing Chevron.  That case has its own sordid history, which you can read about here and here, and Cuomo doesn’t look so hot in that either. Hinton used to work for Cuomo herself and, as the linked stories indicate, has bragged about Cuomo doing prosecutorial favors for her when he was Attorney General.  She also says this about herself, on Twitter:

“Taking on big oil, big banks & other big bullies one tweet at a time in Washington DC & New York.”

This isn’t all Hinton says on Twitter, though.  I did a little searching of her Tweets and found these:

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

Fracking - Karen Hinton Tweet

It’s not hard to see which way the wind is blowing here. Cuomo’s right hand man is apparently getting this kind of pillow talk from his left hand woman every night.  We already know from her own words that Cuomo does favors for her.  Here’s what she said in an e-mail about the way she got Cuomo involved in the Chevron case:

“Andrew has no interest in doing this,” Karen Hinton, a spokeswoman for the Ecuadorians, wrote in an e-mail in 2009. “He is doing this for me. Because I asked.”

Hinton and her husband are as close to Cuomo as two people can get and this is how they operate and what they believe. Is it any wonder Cuomo has adopted his just stand there stance and sent Martens and Shah to parts unknown? Does this help explain why New York, unlike Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, to name just a few of the states who have moved forward, is paralyzed; it’s department heads banished, its bureaucracy afraid to move and its people stymied? I’m afraid it does.

The Fracking Hypocrisy

What’s even worse than all this, though, is what I learned about Karen Hinton’s hypocrisy.  Here is a shot of the Glaser-Hinton home featured in the Washingtonian back in 2009:

Fracking - Glaser Hinton Home

Notice the red gas range on the far side of the kitchen? Here’s the photo caption:

This kitchen’s focal point is a dark-red cast-iron Aga range, which is always on—no preheating necessary. Photograph courtesy of Anthony Wilder Design/Build.

And, here’s some more from the article (emphasis added):

Glaser says the focal point of the room is the cast-iron Aga range, which has both gas and electric components. The radiant-heat appliance—which means it’s always on, no preheating necessary—weighs 1,300 pounds. The floors had to be reinforced to support it.

Hinton loves the gas fireplace in the living room, which reminds her of her grandparents’ farmhouse in Mississippi.

Well, isn’t that just grand? Hinton tweets out how much she hates fracking and her husband ensures there’s no fracking in New York, while the two of them brag about their gas appliances in their trendy Washington area home, appliances fueled with fracked gas, and the Southern Tier of New York goes hungry.  So goes Andrew Cuomo’s New York, where politics isn’t the way into office but, rather, the only thing there is.

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10 thoughts on “Cuomo’s “Just Stand There” Policy on Fracking Explained?

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  2. You make some good points, but like so many others you guys stink at politics.

    You are trying to win based upon facts and figures, right and wrong, when Cuomo and the legislature cares only about giving and getting, winning and losing. You aren’t helping them get either money or votes at election time so your opinion doesn’t matter.

      • If you understand that your problem is a political one, then why aren’t you trying to figure out a political solution? You said Cuomo isn’t acting on your issue because he doesn’t see it impacting his election. If you know that then why aren’t you spending your time on making it affect his re-election? You’ve got lots of intelligent posts from seemingly intelligent people, but I don’t see one of them with a political brain.

        • Fair point. I am not a political organization and we have pro-Cuomo folks who are pro-gas so it gets hairy but perhaps your comments will light a fire!

  3. Ms. Hinton is right up there with the rest of the hypocrites on the issue. Jacob makes a valid point in one of his posts. We do nothing to make Cuomo believe that we can add to his political ambitions and I’m not sure we can as all the huge money seems to be on the side of the anti’s just like Tom mentioned in his now famous op-ed on the bluebloods in the NY POST. What we as landowners are totally absent on is showing up in force at anti rallies. Our communications network is all but non-existent and the best showing we can get at an anti rally or meeting is usually one or two people. We are doomed unless we muster an aggressive email network sending out alerts to all the JLCNY members when the anti’s have one of their love-ins. Example: this coming Jan 8 there will be a major anti rally in Albany. What is our response – NOTHING. Is it that difficult to get some buses together and go to Albany for 1 day to show the rest of the state that the anti’s are not the power house everyone has been fooled into believing they are? It worked at the massive anti SAFE Act rally I attended this past Feb 28 where we had the largest showing ever seen in Albany. We pro gas people should be able to do the same. Without an effective communication email network where all JLCNY members are made aware of an event by sending them email alerts, we will never become a potent political force to counter those who wish to steal our mineral rights. Hopefully Dryden/Middlefield will even things out if the high court overturns what seems to be unconstitutional bans.

  4. Lets face it, there’s nothing new going on here that hasn’t been done in the past. The people with the MONEY and POLITICAL POWER are waiting out those who have little to no resources to fight. Once the little guy has been defeated emotionally and monetarily these robber barons will step in an buy up all the land they can get their hands on. Then you will see fracking come to NYS. Why else would families like the Kennedy’s be involved when they are not even residents of the state of NY. With no jobs or infrastructure to support the residents of the Southern Tier people have been walking away from their lands because they can’t afford the high taxes. I wonder who gets their land? All BS IMO!

  5. Right on Jimmy, until landowners get off their asses and stand up for their rights this whole gas in New York is a no go! Lets face it our rally in Albany was a joke! One in a hundred of us land owners, or less could be bothered to show up! Another thing that is really ruining our chances is we let Quomo divide us right from the beginning. By letting him eliminate half of the state,s land owners we were already beat! I say PASS GAS FOR ALL NEW YORK!

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