The Constitution Pipeline and Its Wealthy Radical Opponents

Constitution Pipeline - Tom ShepstoneTom Shepstone
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Wealthy opponents of the Constitution Pipeline approved by FERC to deliver natural gas to Northeast urban areas are turning to radical measures to fight it.

If there is any bigger public fraud in America than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., I don’t know who it is. This man-child has never held a job not handed to him, never had to work for anything, never had to abide by any of his previous vows (environmental, marriage or otherwise) and never had to live by the standards he would impose on the rest of us. He’s the ultimate spoiled child and appeared on MSNBC with his fellow loudmouth Ed Schultz recently to oppose the Constitution Pipeline, saying it was about “enriching a few billionaires by impoverishing the people of New York State,” and complaining of “bullying that we’ve seen go along with this.” He’s the picture in the dictionary for the wealthy radical opponents of the Constitution Pipeline and others like it.

The chutzpah required for a political bully with an estimated net worth of $50 million, who comes from a billionaire family, to complain about someone else making money providing an actual service needed by others, as opposed to the faux “public service” the Kennedys have made themselves rich doing, is nothing short of sacreligious. It’s akin to Kim Kardashian complaining about being in the public eye.

Constitution Pipeline

And, what’s that “bullying” remark about? Is he talking of the building trades union folks who came out to speak for the project at multiple hearings? Hey, I thought those were the common people who needed jobs and for whom Kennedy presumes to speak. It appears they’re not so important to him after all, when their interests come up against those of the rich upper class “environmentalists” Kennedy speaks for routinely. He has his priorities.

The “impoverished” for whom he speaks are, likewise, strictly second and third tier concerns when they come up against those of the NRDC gang he serves as Senior Attorney. Nonetheless, he threw them under the bus, too, when it came to wind power off the coast from the family compound at Hyannis Port. Once again, he has his priorities.

The real impoverished are to be found in the rural areas of upstate New York this man helped deny economic opportunity by exercising influence with his former brother-in-law and crime-boss governor to halt fracking; places like Chenango County, with a per capita money income 32% below the New York State average. Meanwhile, in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, where fracking has taken off over the lat seven years, it is 11% higher and rising rapidly, with weekly wages advancing to the point they now top both Binghamton and Scranton areas on either side (both of which largely lack gas). And, that’s before considering the jobs that will result from gas coming off the Constitution Pipeline and others to fund new industry in towns that didn’t have service before.

Kennedy obviously has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s simply part a new campaign directed once again at his ex-brother-in-law to stop the Constitution Pipeline and gin up a phony campaign against pipeline infrastructure in general. He has no credibility, but it doesn’t matter because he has celebrity status and is willing to do and say outrageous things—make noise—which is all that counts in the PR war of the wealthy radicals behind the opposition.

Who are we talking about? Well, go to this story by a fellow named Ted Glick, who, we are told serves as the “national campaign coordinator of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network” or CCAN. It is closely affiliated with, the Rockefeller organization run by charlatan Bill McKibben. Glick is another serial protestor and CCAN is funded by, among others, the Civil Society Institute, which also funds the Slottje duo, the Clean Air Council, Catskill Citizens and others to engage in some of the trashiest fractivist activities imaginable, using dark money from wealthy benefactors to enrich Pam Solo, the $464,000 per year Sister of Loretto.

Glick loves Kennedy, of course, and suggests the latter’s help will turn the pipeline opposition into a “popular movement.”

“A popular movement is building against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), for its outrageous rubber-stamping of permits for expansion of the gas industry. Kennedy’s powerful indictment of FERC on national television last week was the latest manifestation of this hopeful, much-needed development.”

A handful of protestors and a former heroin-addict with a big mouth appearing on a program almost nobody watches don’t make a popular movement, of course. Still, antics such as these are the seeds of destruction from the fractivist perspective and Glick goes on to praise a radical group called Beyond Extreme Energy, which is supposedly going to do a major protest in May. We learn, from their donation page, the group is associated with the Environmental Action Research Center, which is “a project of the Center for Public Interest Research, Inc..”

The Center for Public Interest Research, Inc., according to this fund-raising site:

…works with various state public interest research groups (PIRG’s) to support development of the consumer protection movement through coordinated research, report writing, coalition building, citizen outreach and public education. In addition, we work with state PIRG’s on a range of environmental and other public interest programs…

PIRGs, of course, are rain-makers for trial lawyers and, in New York State, they are closely associated with both the Park Foundation and the Sustainable Markets Foundation. They also got a $10 million kitty courtesy of Andrew Cuomo before he left office as Attorney General to become Governor of New York. All the sordid details can be found here.

Constitution Pipeline - WEndyThe President of the Center for Public Interest Research, Inc. is an individual named Wendy Wendlandt, whose is the Political Director for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the Public Interest Network which is a PIRG organized group that includes not only the national PIRG organization, but also state affiliates; together with other PIRG entities, including Environment America and its state affiliates, the Center for Public Interest Research, the National Environmental Law Center and Frontier Group. She serves, too, as President of the Environment California Research and Policy Center.

The equally sordid story on the creation and early funding of PIRG and these related organizations can be followed here, here and here. It involves, of course, all the usual suspects from the Park Foundation, Energy Foundation, Sea Change Foundation and the Rockefellers; not to mention the trial lawyers at the heart of the entire PIRG enterprise. Environment America and it’s affiliates, who receive funding from the Energy Foundation, the Heinz Endowments and the like are part of the same web of people, always at the vortex of fractivist causes. These latest efforts directed at the Constitution Pipeline, FERC and the like by radicals such as Beyond Extreme Energy are just the latest of tricks. RFK, Jr.’s nonsense is just more of the same from the same tiny group of wealthy radicals and special interests.

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8 thoughts on “The Constitution Pipeline and Its Wealthy Radical Opponents

    • The process will never be “Safe” it however will be a heavy industrial one done next to the homes of people and bring all the issues related to industrial operations !!!!

  1. Th article fails to mention (1) the skewed process FERC used to prepare the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the constituion pipeline: CP gave FERC the data and analysis; FERC copied the data into the EIS format; FERC then approved its own EIS; FERC refused to provide the public with a sufficiently complete version of the EIS in spite of protest from many government agencies and the public. (2) the objections of many landowners along the route to being forced to cede their land to CP although its value will go down drastically; (3) the rough shod process of intimidation CP has been using to scare landowners to give them easement agreements. Look at Vol. 3 of the EIS and you will find plenty of evidence for my statements.

  2. Tom, you couldn’t describe Robert Kennedy, Jr. aka, “Little Lord Fauntleroy”, any better. This clown never had a job, and uses more natural gas heating his mansions, than most of us put together. The same goes to his marionette mouth piece, Ed Schultz. Readers should ask these two phonies, where’s the beef? In their particular case, where’s the solar panels?

  3. make no mistake- the Southern Tier is being viciously oppressed- crushed by rich elitist hypocrites from NYC and Ithaca. they happen to have a tool in place in the form of one Andrew Cuomo, the corrupt sadistic thug who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what happens north of the Rockland/Westchester line.

    in NY, the just compensation clause in the US Constitution and legal due process are meaningless to these tyrants. they are the chief practitioners of urban vs rural political warfare in the nation.

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