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Lucy Rockefeller Tells Hillary to Get with the Program

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WikiLeaks releases have now touched upon one of our favorite subjects, the role of the Rockefeller family in fighting fracking and killing Upstate New York.

WikiLeaks has been in the news a great deal lately. The releases have now touched upon fracking at least twice in major ways. The first, which has gotten a lot of attention, was when Hillary Clinton, in a private speech, apparently said this:

“We were up against Russia pushing oligarchs and others to buy media. We were even up against phony environmental groups, and I’m a big environmentalist, but these were funded by the Russians to stand against any effort, ‘Oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem for you,’ and a lot of the money supporting that message was coming from Russia.”

That was interesting enough, but another significant fracking mention, which has gotten no press, was in the new John Podesta email releases. It was a letter from Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky, sister of Larry Rockefeller and one of several family members trying to make a wilderness of Upstate New York. The letter reached Podesta, Clinton campaign chairman, through the efforts of the NRDC gang’s henchman, John Adams (NRDC founder, OSI founder, Riverkeeper board member, father of the Catskill Mountainkeeper and Joe Martens’ boss). Ann Roach, an NRDC staffer involved in the forwarding of the letter also said to give Podesta “our love,” which suggests the sort of cronyism with which the NRDC gang operates.

Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky with Governor Corruptocrat

The full WikiLeaks release may be found here, but the letter itself follows (emphasis added);

Dear Mr. Podesta:

I am writing to you as a current donor to Secretary Clinton’s campaign, a member of the Rockefeller family with a long and deep commitment to public health, and as a physician concerned about the health effects of fracking.

I spent the last seven years studying the health, environmental & climate side effects of fracking. Just before the fracking ban I presented a summary of health impact studies (attached) to then Acting Commissioner of Health Howard Zucker and Governor Cuomo. I felt very happy to have played an active part, as both a physician and donor, in the ban of fracking in NYS. The New York ban has inspired health-impacted people all over the United States and the world.

I am also writing you because I’m sensing among a number of donors (current and potential) a growing concern about what we see as a lack of clarity and firmness in Secretary Clinton’s position on the air and water pollution from fracking in particular – and fossil fuel extraction in general.

To her credit, she has made an off-hand statement to the effect of the need to “cut back” on drilling, but nothing beyond it that I can find. We have looked at her statements in comparison to those of Senator Sanders. There is quite a contrast in the strength of his positions versus hers. In short, she has not offered a single specific proposal to crack down on even the worst excesses of the oil and gas industry’s highly polluting practices.

I read your interview in “The New Republic” with great interest, and that is what inspired me to write to you. I know first hand that there is a growing hunger among the donor circles I am familiar with to hear more details of the commitments she is willing to make on things such as:

·   Methane (always accompanied by volatile organic compounds and other toxins in flow back and produced fluids) pollution leaks from existing infrastructure

·   Removing fat federal subsidies to drillers.

In addition my highest priority is to see Secretary Clinton acknowledge the health side effects of fracking, just as physicians do with all our drugs and procedures.

I believe the message of cutting the use of polluting fossil fuels for health and climate reasons will be very attractive to the voters the Secretary badly needs right now. Governor Cuomo’s ratings skyrocketed after he banned fracking based on health concerns.

Speaking to you I’m sure would give me the insight I could take to fellow funders who share these concerns. I want to reassure them that Secretary Clinton understands these issues and that more commitments are forthcoming.

Please let me know if we could speak briefly and how best I can reach you.

Best regards,


The message, of course, is “we’re Rockefellers, we funded Cuomo, we fund you and we expect more from you.” It couldn’t be more clear. Health is but the cloth that masks the real objective; making a wilderness of Upstate New York and turning it into an ever bigger family preserve while they feather their nests with land deals at taxpayer expense and high-paying jobs running fake outfits such as the Open Space Institute.



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4 thoughts on “Lucy Rockefeller Tells Hillary to Get with the Program

  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/lucywal

    Ms. Waletsky’s Twitter feed is highly revealing and I find it very very odd that she was not identified as having a position in ny state govt when this letter of hers was published about fracking in the nytimes. It is impossible if you asked me for the nytimes editorial department or whomever is in charge of selecting and publishing letters to be unaware of who Lucy waletsky is. She is clearly an antifracking activist among other things.


  2. I think you should have dated this letter to podesta from walesky as it appears to have been during the primary in 2016 and also not so removed in time from the letter from Lucy which appeared in the nytimes without ms walesky being identified as having a position in ny state govt.

    This was also not far removed from when the nytimes published the article below titled “fractivists increase pressure on Sanders and clinton” or something similar. The title of the article only demonstrates that the reporters did not seem to be up to date on the fracking issue at all. Bernie Sanders had antifracking organizers as in plural working for his campaign. There was no pressure on Sanders in the spring or early 2016 from the antifracking movement as Sanders is part of the antifracking movement or rather in support of it. The pressure was only on clinton when it came to the fracking issue and the primary.


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