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The Working Families Party is a complete fraud or it wouldn’t be signing onto radical special interest causes opposed to the interests of working people.

Two recent blurbs in the New York Post reveal the rot, the cronyism and the insider-trading that is at the heart of so much of civil society today. One was this story about the Working Families Party telling New York pols to “fight big oil,” the provider of millions of great jobs for working people. The other was a story about the infamous Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who just landed a job at a trial lawyer firm. His new e-mail (prepare to gag) is

Taken together, the stories tell us how nothing is what it seems when it comes to advocacy on the part of working people. These frauds, who deign to speak for working people—for working families—are no more than greedy leeches attaching themselves to causes that serve their own interests, interests having no connection to working people.

Working Families Party

Typical Working Families Party propaganda – which masks their true goals — political revolution on behalf of elites — not jobs for working people.

The first story is all about an attempt by the Working Families Party to browbeat New York politicians into fighting Exxon Mobil, a company employing 73,500 working people:

In a questionnaire to candidates, the WFP prods legislators to fight Exxon Mobil in exchange for its endorsement, pointing to a probe underway by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office…

“Do you support Attorney General Schneiderman’s investigation to determine whether Exxon Mobil deliberately misled investors, elected officials and the public about Climate Change?”

And, “Will you promise to neither solicit nor accept campaign contributions from Exxon Mobil?”

The party also asks, “Will you support legislative hearings to further investigate Exxon?”

Why would the Working Families Party, an organization that says it “fights for an economy that works for all of us,” be so against an industry that employs so many and, in the case of natural gas, is providing inexpensive energy that is cleaning the air and raising the quality of life for so many families? Why, especially in New York State where the bulk of money going into the coffers of the party has come from private employee unions, would it do such a strange thing, going after an industry with the potential to supply thousands more great jobs to New York working people?

Working Families Party

One of the jobs the Working Families Party opposes.

Party propaganda says they “believe the promise of our democracy has been broken when the views of a single wealthy donor can carry more weight that the needs of millions of hard working families” and that “when a moneyed few can pull the strings in our democracy, they rewrite the rules of our economy to benefit them.” That’s the first clue, because radical groups always, always accuse others of what they’re doing. A little research indicates that’s exactly what’s happening here.

The Working Families Party has, from the beginning, been a scam. It has always used its name and union money to promote a radical special interest agenda. It has walked a tightrope telling working people it was advancing their interests by helping to elect pro-union politicians, while it’s real objective was to get those same politicians on board with a radical de-growth agenda very much against the interests of working people. This balancing act and the truth about the organization’s goals was acknowledged in a June Village Voice article as the party opted to support Bernie over Hillary (emphasis added):

From the WFP’s genesis, there was an uneasy alliance between organized labor and the grassroots activists undergirding the party. Its founder, Dan Cantor, is a true believer, a cerebral operative who once worked for Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign. Working under Cantor is Bill Lipton, the sharp-elbowed New York State director, another progressive who was ready for a Bernie Sanders insurgency years before it happened.

For Cantor, Lipton, and other progressives in the organization, the dream is a political revolution

Given this background, it was hardly a surprise that, when it mattered, Dan Cantor opted for Bernie and a radical anti-Exxon campaign. He was there, after all, at that treacherous gathering of the LaJolla Junta, when the whole idea for the rackateer-like attack on Exxon was hatched. See, also, this much earlier story. We pointed out, long before everyone else was into exposing the whole #ExxonKnew fraud, that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was a NRDC capo. We were, in fact, the first to call the La Jolla confab a racket.

The Working Families Party was part of that racket. It was right there, at the center of the action, in a supporting role to NRDC co-founder Richard Ayers. It wasn’t about working families at all, but, rather, implementing the elitist agenda of the Rockefeller family, to which Ayers and John Adams, the other co-founder, were dedicated. The party even hired Fractivist Rasputin Jay Halfon, he of trial lawyer fame and a Rockefeller bat boy, to be on its legal team, a “close friend and regular informal advisor” of Working Families Party Executive Director Dan Cantor. Indeed, the LaJolla Junta gathering to plot their plans for advancing their agenda by criminalizing speech was financed by, among others, the V. Kahn Rasmussen Foundation, one of Bill McKibben’s (of major funders. Both the Rasmussen Foundation and are closely associated with the Rockefeller family, the force and the money behind the NRDC gang.

The spider role of Jay Halfon in helping to create this web of deceit helps answers the question of why these folks engage in such chicanery. The Rockefeller motivation is easy to explain. It’s about their land deals, their trust-funder quilt complexes and the power. For trial lawyers such as Jay Halfon, it’s about the money. Halfon lives in a hugely expensive apartment in Manhattan. He’s made out extraordinarily well playing toady to the Rockefllers and the Park family by serving on the boards of their shill organizations and being their point man. He uses his NY-PIRG and Trial Lawyer Association connections as a way to make things happen for them and set up lawsuit opportunities for his friends in the class action ambulance chasing bar. Trial lawyers, of course, have been seeking a way to tap what they hoped would be an extraordinary bonanza of fracking lawsuits, although that hasn’t worked out so well.

working families party

This brings us, of course, to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., environmental hustler, who has now joined the trial lawyer firm of Morgan & Morgan. Not just any trial lawyer firm, but one “for the people,” of course; the same working people, no doubt, for whom the Working Families Party advocates—themselves. The firm is already engaged in one lawsuit related to hydraulic fracturing. It’s a class action shareholder suit, not a contamination case, the firm having found a better avenue to suck blood out of the industry, but they still have their eyes on the big prize as this article on their website shows. They’re drooling. RFK, Jr. should fit right in with that gang.

This is how things too often work today in our civil society, especially in urban New York. It’s one gigantic scam where cronies and insiders game the system in the name of the very working people they claim to represent. It can’t go on forever and it won’t. The Working Families Party has lost a lot of its union support, for example, due to the radical tendencies of its true-believer leadership. They ought not get a single union dollar given their participation in the Rockefeller schemes to make a wilderness of Upstate New York by stopping fracking, pipelines or anything else that might create real jobs. Some unions have taken notice, it appears and that’s a good thing. We can hope the Working Families Party disappears into history and Preet Bharara restores some semblance of the civil society to New York but Tammany Hall will inevitably be reincarnated yet again someday under still another new name as memories fade. It’s the way of things in the Empire State.

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