Middlesex Township Drilling Proceeds, Despite Green Bullies

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Middlesex Township landowners get to enjoy their victory over the little green bullies from Philadelphia and Bristol on the Delaware.

Sometimes, a picture suffices to tell a story. This story is one we’ve told before, in large measure, in our post “Little Green Bullies Lose; Landowners Triumph.” It’s about the victory of a group of landowners from Middlesex Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania who bore the full brunt of a vicious attack by the Delaware Povertykeeper a/k/a Riverkeeper, the Clean Air Council (the domain of Philadelphia trust-funder Josep Otis Minott, Esquire, who’s never done much of anything else) and the two uber-rich Pennsylvania high society families (the Haas and Heinz families) who funded their dirty tricks and their radical lawyer, Jordan Yeager. The landowners won out over the wealthy gentry class ideologues who went after them.

Given all this background, it is a delight to post the following picture of the gas well drilling rig at work on the Geyer wellpad. We’re told two of five planned gas wells should be completed in two weeks or so.

Middlesex Township

This wellpad, of course, is in the Mars School District, which was also dragged into this controversy by the carpetbaggers from Philadelphia, 200 or so miles, two watersheds and a planet away from Middlesex Township. The attempt to intimidate ultimately failed, though, as this drilling rig – a temporary but wondrous thing  – so perfectly demonstrates. It’s nice when the good guys win and the little green bullies go down to defeat.

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6 thoughts on “Middlesex Township Drilling Proceeds, Despite Green Bullies

  1. So I’m gathering it may not be such a good idea to attempt to power the world on pancakes? Because I hear Al gores daughter was at the epic pancakes not pipelines rebellion at ferc recently and also in the nytimes with an oped about the Constitution pipeline which I hear there seems to be some delay on due to an outstanding permit. Is the permitnon Cuomo’s desk or someone at the DEC because the latter seems like where it should be.


    I keep wondering if there are any reporters left in NYC or state or surrounding states for that matter because I have been reading so much fiction in the news I could swear it is being written by activists with a long history of lying.

  2. Wow!!!! You’ve just proven that you’re a complete idiot. Get your facts straight before publishing. This “wondrous” thing is so close to a residential neighborhood that it’s frightening. So sad that people are too stingy to see the obvious truth. Too bad these families are the ones that have to suffer, while the bad guys get richer, again!

  3. Funny, you don’t show all of the houses in direct proximity in this photo, or the fact that the entire school district is less than 6/10 of a mile from a well.

    More than shady reporting to only report one side, don’t you think??? You don’t care about families and children. It’s all about $$$$$$ all the time. Shameful.

  4. Tom you got lots of nerve calling people “Bullies ” since the biggest ” Bully ” of all by far is the NG industry which comes into an area .Buys their way in and disrespects the rights of all for the profit of a few ( and themselves ) …this comes from my 6 yrs of experiencing and dealing with these “Bullies ” …:let’s put blame where it really should be !

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