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Fracking protestors do something bizarre every day, it’s their modus operandi and designed to garnish attention. It just keeps on a comin’ with fractivists.

There are so many bizarre things that happen in the world of fracking protestors that I am never able to quite keep up. It reminds of a video (actually a VCR tape) my father, a dairy farmer, once received from a company promoting some manure-handling equipment it wanted to sell him.

The video took a popular cliche (“It just keeps on a comin'”) and applied it the bovine excretory process with music, reminding prospective farm customers who wanted to grow bigger they would be inundated with cow poop if they didn’t find more efficient ways to deal with it. It suggested, of course, the purchase of the company’s hugely expensive handling equipment would do the trick. My father loved it (the video) and made a point of showing to any visitors. Let me do the same.

The following are a few of my random observations and thoughts on fracking and its protestors from this past week or so:

We need higher taxes to impose my ideology on you…

Here’s a message being circulated by a group called Sustainable Otsego in response to an initiative by New York State Senator Jim Seward to cut his state’s gasoline tax:

I just received an email from Jim Seward touting his plan to cut NYS gasoline tax. While we might all enjoy paying less at the pump, now with prices half of what they were a year ago we have a golden opportunity to RAISE this tax.

Reasons to do this include:

1. Any tax on fossil fuels helps encourage renewables/energy efficiency.

2. Conversely lowering these taxes allows people to keep buying gas guzzlers, and manufacturers to keep producing them.

3. Funds are needed to repair roads, which would reduce fuel use. Our roads are in bad shape, and our local government is always complaining that they lack the money to keep them in good repair.

4. Funds are needed to be proactive about flooding etc.

5. Funds should go to efforts to implement a better rail transport system and begin the process of examining our land use patterns to see what can be done to make people LESS dependent on cars.

Sure a junkie says yes to lower cost for his drug…we need to break this habit.

PLEASE VISIT Seward’s Facebook Page and comment on this BAD IDEA.

Let’s hope BlueBearPappa, the author of this stroke of brilliance, takes it statewide. Raising gas taxes is surely a winning platform in a state already having the highest gas taxes in the nation.

state-gas-tax-infographic-2014-10-81I, a prophet, speak to you…

The pomposity of fracking opponents and their ilk is revealed in this testimony by a Long Island art teacher (who else?) commenting on the Port Ambrose LNG port proposal at a hearing on the subject:

fracking Old_Testament_prophet-1-300x240It has been said a prophet is an ordinary person who sees what everyone else sees but has the wisdom to speak the truth. If this is true you have a prophet before you in a room full of prophets who are willing to speak the truth about the coming disaster if this port is allowed to go through. It is our public trust right. It must be vetoed by Governor Cuomo or Governor Christie, and I ask them to do so.

That’ll convince them for sure.

If I shout what I’m reading loud enough it should be really convincing…

Our friend Hope ForPeace (real name) put up this video of a California fracking protest she says brought out “thousands” (looks more hundreds to me but, whatever). Watch starting at 2:52 as a young woman reads her script in a frenzy of self-orchestrated anger guaranteed to excite a crowd of sloganeers:


My son lives in Oakland just a few minutes from the Lake Merritt site of the protest. I asked him about the impact of the protest. His response: “I didn’t see anything,” meaning, of course, anything out of the ordinary. Just another day on the left coast.

Something there is that loves a fence, built with your money…

Ramsay Adams, the son of NRDC and Open Space Institute founder John Adams, assigned to guard duty at their Catskill Mountainkeeper outpost where they protect the Rockefeller family interests, has found some state money and wants it. Here’s what he told the Daily Mail about a trip he plans tom make to Albany today to lobby for it:

The Coalition and Mountainkeeper have accordingly set forth five specific goals it would like legislators to act upon.

The first is to get a dedicated Catskills line item of $4,000,000 from a surplus that Adams said exists as a one-time opportunity within the EPF this year, and is derived from an investment industry settlement awarded to the state.

“It’s a unique year,” he said, “because there’s a lot of extra money.”

…The third goal the groups will request is action by NYS DEC Commissioner Joe Martens on priority land protection projects.

Adams said they realize and accept that there is no money for acquiring the large purchases that may be desirable, but that the small ones should definitely be made.

“There’s a couple of inholdings in the park, and there’s some access sites, like parking lots,” he said. “They’re not expensive.”

He said the groups worked with DEC and stakeholders “to identify the key parcels,” and that they are “asking for a little bit of investment, to make access better and get inholdings.”

“All of the money is going to the Adirondacks and the Hudson Valley,” Adams said. “That’s great, but we need some, too.”

The fourth goal is for funding to launch a process to develop a Catskill Park Recreation Plan.

“This is a very heavily used park,” Adams said, “and the ‘Catskills’ brand is growing,” adding that there is a need to develop an overall vision for what’s in the park, and how and where to access it.

“We’re looking for $75,000,” he said, “and hopefully that will get matched, because to begin the process, $150,000 is what we would need as a base minimum to get started.”

Adams said the plan would, in part, essentially define the park’s resources and assign an ecomonic value to them.

“The Catskill Park is complicated,” he said. “It has public-DEC managed lands, it has NYC DEP managed lands, and it has private inholdings, and that’s why we want a recreation plan.”

“It’s not like it’s a park with a fence around it,” he said. “It needs to be spelled out (for the best coordinated use).”

Adams said development of any such plan, from its start date, “will take outwards of a year.”

“It has to be comprehensive,” he said, “and we need to get the stakeholders to the table, and it has to be bid out — so a year, but it could be longer.”

…Also, to help spread the message of what makes the Catskills unique and important enough to warrant increased funding and programs, the Mountainkeeper organization has produced a short, 13-minute documentary video called “Catskill Park,” which highlights the Park’s attributes and its need for the state’s attention.

Featuring interviews with noteworthy supporters of both national and local standing, the list of those speaking out on behalf of the park includes conservationist Theodore Roosevelt IV; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance President; Natural Resources Defense Council Founding Director John Adams; actress Debra Winger; and musician Jay Ungar, among numerous others.

Well, isn’t that nice? It isn’t bad enough his father and the rest of the NRDC gang have built a private reserve for themselves around Larry Rockefeller’s Catsklll Mountain Corp. development using state money to pay OSI inflated prices for the land. Now, they want more state “investment” to buy out inholdings, keep out the riffraff and tighten things up. They want to pressure Joe Martens they say. Shouldn’t be hard as he was their employee before they foisted him on Cuomo as DEC Commissioner. Have no fear, though, they plan to consult “stakeholders,” they assure everyone. I wonder if any of those stakeholders are landowners other than themselves. Just asking.

fracking - AdamsEllimanMartens

John Adams (father of Ramsay and NRDC founder), Kim Elliman (Rockefeller descendant and $450K President of OSI) and Joe Martens – from 2009 Annual Report by OSI

Oh, and about the documentary and proposed recreation plan. Ramsay says he wants a plan that will spell out “the best coordinated use” given the lack of a fence around the Catskills. Ramsay wants a fence, in other words, and he’s offering a video of his father, the philandering RFK, Jr. and Gasland producer Debra Winger to convince us all of the need for a plan to do just that. What bunch of “fakes, phonies and frauds” to quote the late Bob Grant.

It just keeps on a comin’.

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9 thoughts on “It Just Keeps On A Comin’ – Thoughts on Fracking Protestors

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  2. Does anyone grow up any more?

    Since the 1960’s the radical left wing of American politics, of which the anti-frackers are a part, has adopted a strategy of childlike intolerance to anyone or anything with whom it disagrees. If you have a speaker on a college campus or in a public forum, their strategy is to so disrupt the speaker’s presentation that no one can hear her or him. This is a tactic of the school yard. Remember Eddie Murphy parodying the Little Rascals by putting his hands over his ears and saying, “Nah, Nah, Nah, I can’t hear you.” And remember how toddlers cover their faces with their hands and believe that because they can’t see the adult, the adult can’t see them. These are forms of denial of the real world. The anti-frackers have grown oddly accustomed to them. This leaves them with a serious and anti-social defect in their philosophy. (Ironic, isn’t it, that a socialist cause has a serious anti-social defect inherent in its strategy.) It is a fundamental flaw that periodically undoes Left Wing successes.

    This leaves the anti-frackers with only one way of thinking. They become trapped, inescapably, in a refusal to accept that those who have opposing views also have the same rights as someone who agrees with them. They fall into the belief that they are correct all the time, on all matters, simply because they believe it to be so. The anti-frackers refuse to recognize that no one is ever entirely correct and that all learning comes from trial and error, even theirs. They come to believe that their ideas and beliefs are sacred and inviolate, until they decide that they are not. All other views are either born of idiocy or are blasphemous and punishable by demonization, isolation, and even death. (Witness the chants of the demonstrators in NYC who demanded the assassination of cops) No quarter, No mercy, No tolerance. (Intolerance in the name of tolerance.)

    Yet both factions on every issue in America need to remember that we are all Americans, and that before, during, and after every debate we still live in the same country and have to live together. Discretion and courtesy go a long way towards creating a community worth living in. We all need to stop pretending that it is an attribute to act like the lost boys and Peter Pan, and instead embrace the fact that we all need to mature into the rational and circumspect Mr. and Mrs. Darling, and by doing so have a reasonable chance to resolve our differences through compromise.


    Yes. The manure just keeps a comin. Whether disguised as “news” or something else.

    The antifracking movement created a conspiracy theory on Port Ambrose. One can read it via a link to the “infrastructure” information on the Catskill Mountainkeeper’s website. One can also read about how the theory that Port Ambrose is secretly probably for sure going to be an export facility is not a conspiracy theory on New Yorkers Against Fracking’s website in a post apparently written by Bruce Ferguson. It is fairly easy to see where all of the misinformation on Port Ambrose is coming from and it appears that the media in general doesn’t want to cover this. It is coming from a group of activists, both professional and otherwise who are networked and sharing this misinformation. Apparently what they are doing is heroic.

  4. Bouquets to Paul! You have hit the nail right on the head Paul! These Manhattan hi-rise crazies are the residue of the Sylindra boondoggle who had their rear ends handed to them on a silver platter. None of them have solar panels on their roofs, and virtually all of them are heating their homes with natural gas. Yet all of them are blindly screaming “renewables” like crazed lemmings running to the sea. Then they are requiting far left wing Hollywood nut cases and millionaire types like John Kerry, to falsely try and have us believe that they are heating their mansions with renewables too. It’s time for these closet natural gas users to pay their natural gas bills and enjoy the rest of the Winter.

  5. Nice Tom…..I thought you would see the same inferences in Adams comments as I saw. There’s no doubt about their taxpayer funded land grab and their intent to build a moat around themselves to keep we serfs down on what’s left of the farm.

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