State Impact Pennsylvania: Just Another Fractivist Outfit

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State Impact Pennsylvania is an embarrassment to honest journalism – just another fractivist outfit doing the bidding of the usual special interest funders.

The frustration quotient within the natural gas industry with State Impact, a National Public Radio (NPR) initiative, has been high for a long time, especially within Pennsylvania. Sponsored within the Commonwealth by radio stations WITF and WHYY, State Impact Pennsylvania has never seen a fractivist storyline it didn’t embrace, with enthusiasm.

It’s blog features its 10 most recent stories and, today, all 10 deal with natural gas and/or climate change issues with one being neutral and nine largely espousing the fractivist viewpoint. It’s all about “the fiscal and environmental impact of Pennsylvania’s booming energy economy, with a focus on Marcellus Shale drilling,” it says, which means it’s all about opposing it. State Impact Pennsylvania, in fact, is just another fractivist outfit.

Need evidence? Check out this ludicrous story about “Gas drillers still ignoring law to include women and minorities,” which purports to show gas companies are doing something of a discriminatory nature because they didn’t complete some surveys and didn’t attend enough job fairs. The article then uses a Marcellus Shale Coalition workforce survey to complain the industry workforce is 84% white or 16% non-white.

state impact pennsylvania

Never mind that only 4.8% of the population in the most active drilling areas (the Northern Tier region plus Greene, Lycoming and Washington Counties) is non-white and, therefore, the industry workforce is much more diverse than that of the areas where it does business. Never mind that the industry actively seeks to recruit minorities, as evidenced by the recent bus tour we reported on here. State Impact Pennsylvania had the storyline it wanted and stuck to it without so much as one computer click of effort to check out the facts.

Why is there such inherent bias from State Impact Pennsylvania – such desire to find the negative and focus on it? Well, that becomes very clear when one checks out their “About” page, which notes the support of the Allegheny Front (funded by the Heinz Endowments and the Park Foundation) and Essential Public Radio, which obviously exists to do some rainmaking for trial lawyers, a familiar pattern for those familiar with the Sustainable Markets Foundation and other trial lawyer fractivist initiatives.

Then, there are the basic funders of State Impact, which are listed here. They include the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (tobacco fortune funder of Josh Fox), the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (huge funder of NRDC), the Joyce Foundation (major NRDC funder), Open Society Foundations (George Soros, 7th largest funder of NRDC) and the Wallace Foundation (still another major NRDC funder).

State Impact Pennsylvania, therefore, is anything but non-partisan or public in nature. It’s just another fractivist outfit masquerading as an objective news source.

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8 thoughts on “State Impact Pennsylvania: Just Another Fractivist Outfit

  1. Interesting article. I live in Binghamton and recently heard one of these reports on WSKG, our local public broadcast station. It certainly was negative, but on a sample of one I was unaware of their systemic bias.

    More discouraging is the fact that WSKG has apparently felt pressure from the rabid fractivists to make periodic announcements during the morning news that they receive no funding from ANGA, who is one of the underwriters of the NPR news program “Morning Edition”. It’s apparently OK for the Park foundation to underwrite WSKG, but would not be for ANGA or any pro-gas groups. A sad commentary on how the news is shaped.


    Mr. Weltman of food and waterwatch appears to be able to get his message out whether it is through a reporter or on his own. I’m not sure people outside of the industry or like those writing here actually understand just how far all of this has gone. Mr. Weltman along with Sandra Steingreber and Bruce Ferguson, which basically means the antifracking activists world of new york state have CREATED a conspiracy theory that Port Ambrose a LNG delivery project which is proposed not for upstate but for downstate offshore of long island is secretly intended to export Marcellus gas. This conspiracy theory has been reported on in a wide variety of news papers.

    There are news reports on this topic, on natural gas pipelines that are almost from top to bottom FACT FREE. This is an enormous problem. What has happened as a result of this activism to the media and now the inability for people to actually get facts– you need to keep talking about this. In NYC, a FACEBOOK page, which was created only a week or so prior to FERC’s issuing a certificate of public convenience and necessity for two projects the Rockaway Lateral and Northeast Connectors in spring of 2014, became a source for reporting and for reporters on a project that has paperwork on it that dates back to 2009. This is a facebook page with no “members” listed, no structural organization somehow becoming a source for journalists on a project with 5 years of data??? The “Indypendent” news paper published here in NYC has flatout refused to publish my own comments in response to an Occupy activist’s rantings and this gentleman has been published in this rag before saying things that are completely untethered from reality before as well.

    This isn’t just about one newspaper or about news that is directly funded by antifracking funding. It is about almost complete corruption of information and fact.

  3. It’s all happening in NYC right now Tom. I am reading articles about the people’s puppets and other folks yo have recently written about making the art for the climate march this weekend in the NY times.

    Natural gas supporters should come out for the climate march as a contingent as they are part of the solution, part of how progress is being made and will be made and then also stick around to see exactly who the organizers are in NYC right now.

    • Karen
      again follow the money…. the activist fractivist are being paid to go there and they have advised their people to “capture any crowd as their own” to see how much they re being paid just go on Craigslist NY, clic on jobs, in the search bar put fracking and enter…. FOLLOW THE MONEY…. the fractivist movement is bought and paid for by the one percent

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