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The world of fractivism is one episode of hypocrisy after another, an unending stream of sanctimonious duplicity.  We need to Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now.

A study of fractivism would illustrate how fractivists have attracted attention to themselves and their message by outrageous acts, obscuring the hypocrisy, radical nature and total unreasonableness of the tiny movement. The has led me to the conclusion, for reasons that will become apparent below, that we need to be more targeted and more direct in our message. We need to focus on one thing, exposing the fracking hypocrisy of our opponents and effectively banning it from existence by doing so. Therefore, we will, through the pages of this blog, launch a campaign periodically highlighting these acts of hypocrisy. It’s time to Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now!

Fracking Hypocrisy – “Big Corporate Green Money” 

Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now - FWWOne of great lessons of life is to never brag of victory. It’s one ignored regularly by fractivists, particularly Food & Water Watch, one of whose representatives recently offered this analysis of the New York fracking decision:

“The campaign targeted Governor Cuomo. We picked one target that had the power to give us what we wanted – Ban Fracking in the state. Our groups’ bird dogged the governor. Every press conference, fundraising event, public appearance there were people gathered outside demanding he ban fracking now…we had someone at every event. We were unrelenting. With op-eds, press events, using the public participation/comment period to submit a hundred thousands of “comments” that said Ban Fracking Now–not detailed line by line comments about regulations that were proposed.”

His observations were shared with a fractivist mailing list, although the person sharing them was somewhat less than charitable regarding Food & Water Watch’s role (emphasis added):

Please be careful to understand that most towns started with listening projects, moratorium or ban petitions going from door to door so they could really find out how the people felt. That is what started this. And educational presentations almost 7 years ago! All local. Then and only then did food and water watch come in with all their money and take over communications and publicity, taking credit, of course….Be very careful of the big corporate “green” groups with lots of money.

None of the supposedly grass roots fractivist campaigns are free of the influence of “big corporate ‘green’ groups with lots of money,” as we’ve documented here many, many times. Nonetheless, I’m forced to agree with the accuracy of the observations as applied to Food & Water Watch, which is one continuous scam. It’s nice to see that much, at least, recognized among sincere fractivists, even if they are blissfully unaware or unwilling to recognize how special interest money from the Park and Sustainable Markets Foundation, for example, has financed most of their own efforts while they have complained about oil and gas money. It’s our first example of why we need to Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now (we can do bold-faced slogans, too.)

The following are some other examples of why we need an immediate full-scale campaign to Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now:

Corporations for Me, But Not for Thee

Tom Linzey, the phony crusader and founder of the radical Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) is a non-stop anti-corporation activist. His articles, his speeches and his model ordinances all attack corporations and seek to restrict them. The heart of his entire campaign, in fact, is to be found in his antipathy to an 1819 Supreme Court decision recognizing corporations. The CELDF website is one continuos rant against corporations (see here as well).

Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now

But…what is the CELDF? It’s a corporation, formed under Pennsylvania law on February 28, 1995. Moreover, it’s a corporation that asserts its corporate personhood to claim income tax exemption, to receive grants, to protect its agents from legal liability and assert itself in court through lawsuits on behalf of fractivists and the “rights of nature.” No, Tom Linzey doesn’t want to pay taxes on the earnings of his outfit and isn’t going to put his personal assets at risk. Nor is he going to give up his own corporation’s rights to sue or bring other actions in court. He and the CELDF are prime examples of why we need to Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now.

Fractivist Rule No. 1: Accuse Industry of What You’re Doing

Then, as our final example for the launch of our Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now campaign, there is something called the Public Accountability Initiative (PAI), which has just put out a report entitled Frackademia in Depth.  PAI says it’s all about “researching the 1%” and is “a non-profit, public interest research organization investigating power and corruption at the heights of business and government.” It is an incredibly superficial and patently obvious slap at my highly effective friends at Energy In Depth and, following the Alinsky playbook, accuses the industry of doing everything it does, starting with complaints about peer review and conflicts of interest with academia.


Appreciating the ludicrous nature of these complaints requires no more than going to the end of the report to see it was funded by the Schmidt Family and Park Foundations, two prime examples of the undue influence of the 1%, if you will. The Schmidt Family Foundation is the plaything of Google mogul Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy (pictured above). Google was the world’s third largest company in market capitalization for the second quarter of 2014 and Eric Schmidt is the 138th richest person in the world who supports the NRDC while milking the Federal government to pursue his Ivanpah boondoggle.

The Park Foundation, of course, is the vehicle by which Ithaca snob, Park Communications heir and natural gas user Adelaide Park Gomer works with the Rockefellers to direct the fractivist enterprise that includes buying the influence of both Cornell University and Ithaca College. Ingraffea, Howarth, Cristopherson, Steingraber, Oswald, et al. use these perches to produce and self peer reviewed phony studies that won’t pass the laugh test with anyone but Howard Zucker. It’s the ultimate in sanctimonious duplicity and perhaps the most important reason we need to Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now.

How? By exposing it. Send in your examples.

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One thought on “Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now!

  1. “Ban Fracking Hypocrisy Now!”. Tom, the blatant hypocrisy of the whole thing is that all of these phony hypocrites are heating their mansions with “that dirty fracked natural gas”, not their altruistic trumped up solar pipe dream panels. There’s not a scientist in the world that would agree with these natural gas guzzling phonies and their unworkable solar panels.

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