The Plantation Politics of the William Penn Foundation

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The William Penn Foundation, funder of both the Delaware PovertyKeeper and the DRBC, as well as Penn Future is playing plantation politics with the region.

Any reader of this blog knows who the William Penn Foundation is. They’re the Haas family and they’re the gentry class heirs to a chemical fortune. They’re close allies of the Heinz and Rockefeller families. They are working together to make as much of a wilderness of our region of New York and Pennsylvania as they possibly can. They’re land grabbers; they want a playground plantation. They want us to accept a life as indentured servants passing out lattes on weekends when they visit.

No better proof of this can be offered than a statement put out by William Penn Foundation lackey Andrew Johnson this past week.

Johnson’s op-ed appeared in the PA Environmental Digest but was a reprint of the original up on the Funders Network website. Both versions are worth perusing. The first is interesting because of the news clips at the bottom, one of which relates to another Delaware PovertyKeeper lawsuit intended to reward the gentry class of Bucks County by opposing a bridge replacement absolutely necessary to protect the safety of commoners. Another is about a DRBC initiative to milk money from the nuclear industry to buy up some land along the Schuylkill River and so on.

The third is a link to this Povertykeeper video report on its bridge obstructionism and its efforts to promoter reclassification of Pocono streams so as to foreclose new development:

Check out the video and read this background post on the bridge to get an idea how the Povertykeeper, using funding from the William Penn Foundation, seeks to halt all significant new development that might interfere with gentry class plans for Bucks County and the Poconos, not to mention several other haunts up and down the Delaware River valley.

The Funders Network ‘About” page offers extraordinary insight into what’s taking place. It is a veritable laundry list of elitist fractivist funders, including the following usual suspects, for example:

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (Rockefeller family)

Energy Foundation

The Heinz Endowments (Heinz family)

Park Foundation (Park family)

William Penn Foundation (Haas family)

The Rockefeller Foundation (Rockefeller family)

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Wyncote Foundation (Haas family)

These are elitist ruling class outfits who view their mission in life as assuaging their guilt for having done so undeservedly well by grabbing up land and turning it into playgrounds for themselves, all the while patting themselves on the back for their “smart growth” and the like. They also typically do so without changing one iota of their own lifestyles and, like the Povertykeeper and Leonard Haas (see the partying artist below), live or work in gas-heated buildings.

William Penn Foundation

The problem these people have in creating their playground—making their wilderness—is that deplorables like us live there. But, Andrew Johnson, has the solution. The William Penn Foundation and other funders, he says, have discovered something called “social equity.” Here’s what he states on behalf of the gentry class buffoons pictured above:

Social equity considerations were not baked into the formation of the DRWI, despite our recognition that clean water is particularly important to vulnerable downstream communities who pay the price for upstream pollution. As we focus in on the equity dimensions of our work, we face challenges connecting these dots.

Read this again and read it carefully. If you thought Johnson, by social equity, meant ensuring his wilderness creating initiatives also address economic impacts on locals and their ability to earn a living, you were wrong. He makes it clear, in the immediately following phrase, he supposes we upstream folks aren’t due more than token consideration. Why? Because we somehow create upstream pollution imposing heavy burden on vulnerable trust-funders who live in the ritziest and most expensive parts of Philly where Leonard Haas lives.

That this is 100% pure unadulterated crap is evident from the above video where the PovertyKeeper brags about its work and that of PennFuture, its sister Willam Penn Foundation grantee. They’re both busy trying to upgrade the classification of Pocono streams to the highest “Exceptional Value” level, ironically indicating not pollution, but, rather, ever increasing water quality. Moreover, this is despite the development of tens of thousands of vacation homes, water parks, resorts and new industries. The William Penn Foundation is paying the PovertyKeeper and PennFuture to claim any further Poconos development must be halted because the water is just too good, in fact, because that’s how the absurd Federal clean water rules work (another story).

Back in the real world, all the pollution, of course, is to be found in the lower river valley where the folks who want our land for their playground made a mess of things producing the sort of chemicals Rohm & Hass, the source of Leonard’s wealth, left around. But, the Haas, Heinz, Park and Rockefeller families still want their playground. That’s why they’re working with the Rockefeller family’s Open Space Institute (an NRDC spinoff) and the Catskill Mountainkeeper (an OSI spin-off) to  “unlock other funding streams from local, state and federal sources for core project work on the ground.”

They want the land and they aim to steal it using our money. Their idea of social equity is turning our area into a plantation where we can still live as servants tasked with changing the sheets and cleaning up the second homes after a weekend. But, that’s only as long as we don’t seek to change anything else or bring real opportunity to the area (e.g., natural gas development). Andrew Johnson is no more than a hired gun for the modern robber barons and as for his social equity, well…

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