New York Post Endorses Reformer Molinaro Over Corruptocrat Cuomo

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Have members of the New York Post editorial staff been reading NaturalGasNOW? It sure looks that way. They just endorsed Molinaro over Corruptocrat Cuomo.

Perhaps I should have copyrighted the term. My use of Corruptocrat to describe Andrew Cuomo has mostly been well received by NaturalGasNOW readers. One follower did advise me to go lighter on it. It seems, though, the New York Post agrees it is only natural to call Cuomo by the slang term that perfectly describes his character. They just published an editorial entitled “Vote for reformer Marc Molinaro, not corruptocrat Andrew Cuomo.”

I didn’t invent the term Corruptocrat. I did think of it on my own as I tried to describe in my head what had become so clear about this man-child. I then searched the web and found this at


It can also mean a corrupt bureaucrat and no current governor in America has done more to corrupt the bureaucracy under his authority. The way he has used his Department of Environmental Conservation to ban fracking “at this time” and halt pipelines by turning DEC research and regulations inside out is the prima facia case.

Then, there was the Buffalo Billion scam, the CPV Valley Energy Center graft demands and, now, another billion dollar coliseum deal. These are accompanied by all sorts of special favors awarded to the NRDC gang, from putting therm in charge of pipeline policy to awarding the MountainKeeper a solar slush fund to finance its advocacy. Andrew Cuomo is Prince Corruptocrat and the Post nails him with these remarks:

Eight years ago, Andrew Cuomo came to the statehouse with real promise, which is why we endorsed him in 2010. And, at first, he delivered: He passed a property-tax cap, cut other taxes, ended Albany’s perennially late budgets, appointed a Moreland Commission to take on corruption and backed charter schools.

But that was then — and the governor who initially seemed to “get it” has since grown sharply more partisan, more arrogant, more vindictive and, most significantly, more cynical.

The onetime attorney general who vowed to clean up Albany’s culture of corruption has instead become mired in it…

Upstate remains an economic disaster, made even worse by Cuomo’s rejection of fracking and the utter failure of his “AndyLand” economic-development programs, which wasted billions while producing just a fraction of the promised jobs — but yielding massive contributions to the governor’s campaigns.

New Yorkers remain crippled by a crushing property-tax burden and crumbling infrastructure.

New York desperately needs to head in a new direction with new leadership…

Andrew Cuomo has become a prisoner of his deep personal flaws and national ambitions and New Yorkers are paying the price.

No one has said it better.

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