Maryland Has A Bad Case of Tunnel Vision

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Crownsville, Maryland  


A proposed Maryland wind farm demonstrates the state’s tunnel vision on the subject of energy as it prioritizes political correctness over common sense. 

The Marine Corps taught me many important lessons that I carry with me today. As a Marine Firefighter, we trained and prepared for the worst. At a moment’s notice, a crew of 20 year olds could be ripped from our routine and be the first responders to a crash on the airfield. Training for this situation was intense as we had to learn how to remain calm, so as to be able to evaluate the situation and avoid tunnel vision.

Avoiding Tunnel VisionIn the Crash Crew training pit, we would dump a ton of jet fuel into a pit and light it on fire. Sweeping our water back and forth to push the fire out, we’d have to constantly scan the surrounding areas, as the fire could easily circle back from the sides. Tunnel vision would cause us to be so focused on the target that we’d ignored the big picture at our peril. It was a life lesson in learning to monitor other factors that bore heavily on our ability to get the job done.

The “Keep it in the Ground” folks could learn a lot from Crash Crew University. Their goal, or publicly announced one, is to protect the environment. We see them latching on to strategies that look good at first – but only if you are handicapped by tunnel vision that overlooking the unintended consequences. This is what is happening in Maryland. If only our fractivist sympathizers could be calm enough to look at the whole picture.

They cheered in March as Larry Hogan put his support behind a fracking ban. Meanwhile, they’ve lobbied for a pair of offshore wind farm, which will negatively impact the environment in far greater ways than a few gas well pads (which aren’t even noticeable upon completion). This wind farms are a $2 billion dollar project to create both the nation’s second and third largest offshore wind farms off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. Propped up by subsidies, aka, tax dollars, just passed through Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) that were seen as it’s biggest hurdle. The PSC does say that the $1.9 billion dollars of in-state spending will generate $74 million in state tax revenues over 20 years. Thank goodness we have that kind of ROI…

Offshore Wind Farm

Projected to have a combined 368-megawatt capacity, the two farms are set to boast 77 turbines 12-21 miles off the coast. That sure does seem like a lot of fuss for 368-megawatts. For the same price tag, the Dover, New York, Cricket Valley Energy Center, a 1,100-megawatt gas-fired plant, will go online at the same time as these wind farm, 2020 and have far less impacts. If we want to talk about “extreme energy,” these wind farms are it; humongous permanent towers along the coast that will cost as much as a gas plant and, under the wildest of projections, generate one-third the energy and require massive subsidies.

The impact on wildlife is also being studied. The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Cornell University and Duke University are studying how these turbines are going to impact the porpoises and their use of echolocation; the world most powerful pair glasses, for those of you who have seen the Finding Dory movie. NaturalGasNOW covered how they are killing whales last year.

The tunnel vision involved with this project is two-fold. First, you have to consider the capacity. The projected capacity is just that – capacity. The wind has to be blowing constantly to spin the turbines full time to generate that capacity. It has to be just right. The Energy Information Administration calculated the average capacity factor of wind at 32% in 2015.

The second is the construction of these giant fans. The environmental impacts of the turbines are often overlooked. The amount of raw materials – as this the case with solar as well – are often mined in countries that tend not to care so much about the environment. Just because it’s renewable, doesn’t mean it’s sustainable. Simon Davidsson, new PhD at Uppsala University, the earth scientist who authored a study on the environmental impacts of green energy, has stated:

“Renewable energy technology can lead to reduced emission of greenhouse gases, but for a complete analysis we need to make sure the whole production chain is sustainable. For instance, it is not obvious that the production of wind turbines and solar cells is sustainable, that the materials have been sourced in a sustainable way, or that the industries are capable of recycling the technology in the future,”

It does make me wonder how they are going to fire the carbon fiber and steel with solar to make these machines. I am not opposed to wind as a whole. I think there are ways to balance these technologies as part of an “all of the above” energy policy. For me to claim that natural gas is the only solution is the equivalent of the fractivist who shout “Keep it in the Ground.” We cannot afford tunnel vision, after all, but can’t we have some balanced truthful discussion for a change?

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11 thoughts on “Maryland Has A Bad Case of Tunnel Vision


    Well I am not against offshore wind nor natural gas. What I don’t see is how it is correct, politically or otherwise, to ban the production of natural gas.

    What the heck is vice impact? Vice does news or broadcasting or something else? How does the ban fracking organization food and water watch get away with what they do in this day and age one wonders?

  2. Wind energy “investor” Warren Buffet has this to say about wind farms:
    “We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

  3. don’t forget the “balanced” view by coming to see what we in the Pa. fracked counties have to deal with;
    In my county alone, Susquehanna, we have over 500 gas pads with gas wells near or within 500′ of our homes; we have 50 gas compressor stations throughout my county near and within 400′ of our homes; we have over 1300 gas wells near or within 500′ of our homes, schools and our our farms; we have hundreds of miles of new, high-pressure gas pipelines up to 36″ near or next to our homes with no minimum setbacks for pipelines or compressor stations….we have power plants, impoundment/ponds for shale waste, water treatment plant, CNG (compressed gas) terminals next to and near homes with no minimum setbacks…etc…
    would you like this in your lovely Maryland County;
    while you mention “only a few gas pads”….!!
    come and see the reality here in Pa. fracked counties..
    like mine…and I give Citizen Gas Tours for the past eight years for all those willing to see for themselves…
    are you able to hide over 500 gas pads with up to 12 gas wells in your county…!?
    and the seven gas companies that have been operating in my county are not finished with the whole county…
    only about 25% is developed so far…!
    much more to be built and developed to fill up our sacrificed county and other counties…
    I have hundreds of videos of my experiences with this toxic, dirty industry that has over 1,000 DEP Violations just in my county and thousands more throughout Pa…
    my youtube channel :

  4. Vera,

    Passion can be a tool used improperly and sometimes unknowningly to upset the many and harm the greater. I don’t know for sure if your income is supplemented by your activisim albeit known I and others have seen the many fundraisers to benefit you and your activisim. I had watched many of your videos Vera and thought to myself that your misguidence on the subject of natural gas should easily be picked up by the lowest of acceptable IQs. I was wrong…NYS is a theatrical state (NYC). Actors are political advisors who brag to politicians about the quanity of their social media followers thus making artist, provocatours of fantasy such as Mark Ruffalo, Leanardo DiCaprio and Debra Winger experts on the energy they use to make millions in their presentations of art, yet” some how justify their means through blind ignorance towards the needs of we their peasants. Hypocrocy is defined now as ” Good for me…no good for you”

    Back to your videos. The one that best describes your work is the one in which the Mannings are working with gas company employees to find why water is jetting out of their well and you show up on the scene rudely shooting your uneducated opinion off, telling the Mannings to kick the peple trying to help them realize their problem off their land, even mentioning they would get rich in a lawsuit. Here it is six years later the Mannings stay a mile from me in tents and a camper with a few goats. They lost the contract on their home for non-payment, the store in Franklin Forks, now closed would not let you, the Mannings, or Craig Stevens in the building.

    Your tours are nothing more then a carnival ride meant to instill false fears in the tunnel that ignorant people take with them after they get off the bus. No one can fix ignorance except the ignorant themselves. IMO…Vera, the limelight you enjoyed was your addiction and now that it is gone you seek your fix wherever you can find it. Just the way I see it Vera… May you get what you say you want without your wants affecting others and find peace away from your road of failures.

    • Vic, can you give the exact proof of what you accuse me of and the links for it ;
      proof of what you accuse me of and your interpretation…and
      proof of all the other statements you make….

      as usual character assassination is your approach
      and why just not stick to the issues at hand and proofs of what I state about our experiences….

      you don’t live in fracked areas and don’t have this near your home or next to it….

      that is why I can only show the people, meet them, see their proofs and water tests and show the structures near and next to their homes and show what is around my county..
      I can show and don’t even have to say anything..
      Look and see and most of who I show around, are sure they don’t want this in their neighborhoods, towns, county or state…
      you give your tours and convince others how good it is and not harmful…
      I live here and show our towns and neighborhoods and not just me ; others who live here, give tours also…
      you can give a tour of our towns and people and see how convincing you are…

      may you find peace on your path ……

  5. Good rebuke against Scoggins Victor, but I am afraid this poser for a woman will continue with her ignorant rantings. You see, there are some children who scream and act up precisely for the punishment they expect to come. The punishment is the attention these kind of children are seeking, which is essentially, attention anywhere and any kind. Now, for such as Scoggins to infect the population, one has to give her attention she craves so much for otherwise, this thing called Vera Scoggins thinks it can replicate its ways with other humans. I watched her dumb videos a while back and I just cannot imagine any thinking person giving her a minute of their day. But then, there are a lot of non-thinking folks who are what we call fractivists, which is usually another term for one who is ignorant beyond belief. The best thing to do with this issue is to ignore her. If Tom wants to publish her musings, for debate purposes I can only speculate, then that is his business, and he does a good job at shutting her down with his pithiness and alacrity. I wouldn’t though as she is distracting and is always flat out lying, so why bother?

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