A Lesson in Self-Deceit from a DAPL Protester

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Victor Furman reviews a Facebook post by a DAPL protester and concludes it’s little more than a lesson in self-deceit by those too blind to see the truth.

Glenn Wahl is an instructor at Jamestown Community College in Western New York (Lucille Ball’s hometown). It’s part of the SUNY system. He’s also a former high school teacher and frequent commenter on the NaturalGasNOW Facebook page. I didn’t realize just how much of a fractivist he was, however, until I visited his Facebook page to find he’s a DAPL protester. He wrote a post detailing his trip to North Dakota to be a part of it and it’s a doozy.

Glenn Wahl’s post provides a good look into the way a DAPL protestor thinks (or doesn’t think). The best way for me to explain is to simply analyze what he wrote, which I’ve done on more or less a line by line basis with my thoughts in red:

I recently returned from Standing Rock- left a few days earlier than planned due to the Army Corps decision and also due to the fact that the car (belonging to Josh, a Marine from NH) had no snow tires and a storm was coming in.

Before Wahl could return, he had to first get there, of course. He almost certainly didn’t walk or sprout wings and fly. No, he used some form of transportation made possible by the oil he doesn’t want to see moved.

It was an incredible several days there though- very humbling seeing the thousands of people from all over the country (and world), of many ethnicities, ages and backgrounds, all working together to protect the water and each other. Some in camp were famous, such as Cornel West and Tulsi Gabbard, but most are just plain folks. It is a true community there-

Yes, a true imported community of paid protestors and organizers and their seemingly unemployed followers along with a few Dakota Indians, not thousands, looking to make leverage as much as they can off the top from the pipeline company.

I kept hearing the Simon & Garfunkel line “All come to look for America” in my head, and knowing that for the first time in my many years, I had found the real America- one filled with love, caring, responsibility and patriotism.

We all have voices in our heads and songs in our hearts but most of us are living in this decade! As far as patriotism, what is more patriotic then fueling American jobs, cars and homes with the fruits of America’s first real steps toward energy independence? Why send a billion dollars a day to countries that would destroy us?

Everyone finds their niche, whether it’s feeding the camp, cleaning, firewood processing (I split wood for a few hours each day- it was a good way to stay warm), building (helped build some prefab panels for the north camp), medicinal/herbal/first aid, etc.

A Hippie Utopia with all the earmark of the 1960s, I see – what we typically see from fractivists.

There are plenty of projects to work on. I helped insulate the water house with hay bales (brought all the way from Iowa by a farmer named Mike), and after those were off his flatbed, we moved several big logs to the other camp.

The people there are amazing. In less than a week, I talked to and/or worked with literally a few hundred people. (I might not get all the names matched correctly with their places) Morgan from San Francisco (she’s a thrash metal drummer); Justin and Jesse from Colorado who were bundles of energy and cheerfulness as they jumped from one construction task to another; Julia Carrie Wong from Oakland who is a reporter for the Guardian and who gave me a ride when I was hitchhiking; Meghan from Colorado- she didn’t have a warm enough sleeping bag , so when I left, I gave mine (made from petroleum products, no doubt) to her, since the storm was coming in the next day; Ambrose – I think he said he was Apache; Alex from Australia (he came all the way just for this!) (bet he came by jet plane, too); Steve from Oregon; Amy from Connecticut; Little Thunder; Sebastian, Marie from NYC; Scott from Montana; George (from the Standing Rock tribe- he had his hand injured badly from the police attacks several weeks ago); Amy, a Pawnee who makes delicious flatbread; Sylvia from West Virginia………. And many more. Some were here just for a few days, but many were long term- they were here for weeks and months (and supporting themselves how?). They showed constant caring of the people around them, and despite the harsh conditions, have managed to make a society far more civil than most places with electricity, running water and paved roads are.

More civil than most? – I don’t think so. Consider this report from the Washington Times:

Some of the protesters won’t leave, creating semi-permanent encampments near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, and triggering a feud with tribal members fed-up over problems with crime, poaching, panhandling, garbage and waste disposal, as well as the drain on Sioux resources.

The protesters have their own gripes. Rumors about the tribe hoarding donations are rife within the camps, as are complaints about council members attempting to “colonize” the encampments by establishing rules.

Both sides aired their concerns at a tribal council meeting livestreamed Thursday that offered a window into the efforts of the Sioux to grapple with a protest movement that has spiraled beyond the rural North Dakota tribe’s control.

“The word that comes to my mind all the time, it’s ‘imploding.’ We’re imploding,” said tribal chairman Dave Archambault II. “We’re fighting each other. That’s the best way, the easiest way to conquer anyone is to create division and fight among themselves.”

Then, there’s this report of a woman zip-tying her 82-year old mother to a wheelchair and more or less abandoning her during the events. These protestors have created open sewers, set trucks afire and strewn garbage everywhere, polluting their own temporary environment.

I also learned much more about the pipeline and the protest. I spent about three hours Saturday in training, learning more about nonviolent resistance, preparation for it, and first aid treatment for the results of physical violence and chemical weapons as well as the legal aspects of getting arrested.

Training is about indoctrinating others; teaching them to think not for themselves but, rather, to adopt an opinion. I once attended a training seminar in Afton, NY, where they protestors were taught to put their elderly in front to make it look like “the man” was beating up on the helpless, amongst other similar tactics.

But, because of the Army Corps decision, there weren’t actions to get involved with while we were there, and I’m not sure they would have allowed it anyway, since several told me that the front lines should be mainly indigenous. During the training, someone pointed up and said “Eagle.” There, above the two hundred or so of us was a bald eagle, circling low before flying on its way.

Wait… I thought he said there were thousands of protestors….. which was it Glenn?

But, make no mistake. Despite all the good will of the people there is the “black snake”- the oil pipeline from the Bakken fields that would take the oil south. It’s pretty much all completed, except for the section under the Missouri River…………which is why there are ten thousand protesters/protectors camped there.

Now, its ten thousand? The story keeps evolving, like the length of the fish that got away. It seems to be a common problem with the typical DAPL protestor and there’s always thousands of gullible true believers out there to spread the story. It’s like this Facebook post that got over 410,000 shares before it was exposed as a photo of the Woodstock concert from almost 50 years ago:

DAPL Protestor -0

Looking just across the barricaded bridge, one can see the National Guardsmen, the Morton County sheriffs and other law enforcement. Except they are on the wrong side this time. In a situation straight out of Avatar, they are the mercenaries on Pandora, and the Native Americans are the Na’vi.

Notice how this DAPL protestor fantasizes as if his exploits were material for a Hollywood production.

But, unlike that tale, this one has violence only on one side.

Yes, violence by the protestors themselves.

The protectors are using the power of peaceful resistance to counter the violence of the other side. One of the best examples of this I heard about was that the Morton Sheriff had asked for support from the town. So, people at camp made care packages with food and notes of goodwill and delivered them to the sheriff’s office with the message that the protectors are protecting the waters for all the people, and that they harbor no ill will towards the officers who have beaten, maced and shot (with rubber bullets) them. Several officers have turned in their badges, unable to continue being on the wrong side of history.

The above sounds great and in fact was a terrific story “but” that’s all it was — a story. The police did receive a care package, not from the local protestors, but rather veterans who appreciated the work they were called upon to do.

So, I’m now back here in a warm (no doubt fossil fuel heated) cabin with a soft bed instead of in a cold tent, feeling blessed to have experienced Standing Rock and hoping I can go back sometime. But, hoping against hope that this time the corporation doesn’t win, and that the people who have been oppressed for centuries can, just this once, see their efforts pay off and their land be secured against the black snake.

The coyotes I heard howling during the last night I was there were telling me something. Maybe it was that the world is changing, and that even more people will rise up and build on the example of Standing Rock…………. I hope so…………..

So, there you go. This is the world of the DAPL protester. It’s confused, emotional, hypocritical and just plain wrong in so many ways.

Editor’s Note: Vic, as always, cuts to the heart of the matter — yet another Eastern DAPL protestor engaged in virtue signaling and acting out his heroic self-image. One more example is provided by this story of school students from Somerville, Massachusetts (near Harvard, Tufts and MIT) who plan to protest a local bank over the DAPL project. What’s interesting about the story (an illustration of Indoctrination U if there ever was one) is how quickly the reporting goes awry. Only three sentences into the story the reader is incorrectly told “The 1,172 mile-long pipeline was originally designed to go through the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation” and only DAPL protestors have made the government look at an alternate route. That isn’t true at all, of course. The pipeline doesn’t go through reservation land at all. It deliberately skirts it. Once again, though, a group of coastal elites determined to engage in some virtue signaling are ready to not only believe, but also spread the fake news, just as Glenn Wahl does.

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23 thoughts on “A Lesson in Self-Deceit from a DAPL Protester

  1. Ha- Wow Vic, you have no other news from the fracking front, so you need to try to smear others by lying about what’s happening at Standing Rock and lying about them. Cute. But once again, your false assumptions lead you to invalid conclusions. I went to SR to see for myself what the truth was. It sure isn’t what you say. I challenge you to go there yourself and try to find paid protesters or violence by the protesters. You won’t and you can’t. And btw, there is no such word as deceipt. It’s deceit (really? Your spellcheck didn’t catch that?). Even though you’ll use it incorrectly, at least spell it right.

      • Not sure if honking car horns and starting a few fires qualifies as a riot, but it certainly was not and is not the kind of violence that the police and mercenaries have used against the protesters. A Marine I knew was going to Standing Rock anyway, so I went along and helped drive. I wouldn’t use all that gas just for me. But funny how folks seem to think that if one is not 100% free of fossil fuels, then one can’t criticize their abuse.

    • Glenn..
      I love it the way you self ritesous (spelt wrong 4 u) pompous asses can’t defend your own lies so you find fault in the spelling not the message. Common sense can’t be your friend if you can’t employ it.
      What really scares me is the fact that you’re a teacher; that you can stand in front of class after class and grade students on your opinions. Protesting should involve truths not lies. Have you blocked me from your Facebook yet?…Hah!

      • Vic, it’s interesting that you state you are concerned with truth, when you take such leaps to avoid it. You speculate (wrongly) and you don’t read carefully and somehow think your confusion translates into a lie by me. In your other writings you make false claims that you can’t back up with evidence, and this article continues that tradition. Your lack of understanding of science shows itself in your last comment.
        I just think it’s funny how much work you did to stalk my FB page, delve into college schedules, etc to write your article. Too bad you didn’t spend even a little bit of that time trying to be sure you were accurate. Funny too that you think I’m someone to spend all that time on. I’m really honored Vic.

        • Ha. A shallow reply from a deep hypocrite on fossil fuels. Links were provided. I suggest you get over yourself and click on them. I really enjoyed your comment “I would not use all that gas for myself.” Who are you anyway? You who can’t face reality so you make up your own… typical hypocrite telling others fossil fuels are bad but not when you use them.

          • Ha- You aren’t even aware of your lack of veracity, nor how every time you speculate, you miss the mark. But that’s fine. Glad you spent all that time “researching” your misinformation.

  2. Thank you, Thank you!! I was born and raised on Standing Rock. I lived off the reservation in two other states before I returned home. We are so F’n sick of these people. I don’t agree with what they are doing, they are making 99% of the this reservations life pure hell and we all want them to leave. We think they don’t have anywhere to go plus that they are getting everything free. A friend of mine told me there are over 1,000 set up that are still receiving money and they frequent the bars and are all drunk all the time – wished people knew the real story!

    • Roberta I truly apoligize for the invasion of NY activists who have invaded your homelands. I SUGGEST YOU PUT OUT FLYERS WARNING THE PEOPLE THAT THEY BRING WITH THEM STD’S DRUGS AND CRIME. IT IS A WARNING RIGHT OUT OF THEIR PLAYBOOK. The truth about what they bring is poverty via lost oppurtunity, community division through BS propaganda, and eco-terrorisim.They are despicable vile people who lie and tromp on the right of life.

    • Roberta, I wish the people that actually live at or near Standing Rock would start posting stories and pictures. In north east Pennsylvania, we had the protesters and the media come to our area and tell the world what victims we are. We were lucky that the poor oppressed minority label didn’t work in our area so the media went to New York state instead. That is why there are so many protesters from New York at Standing Rock. There are people that feel it is their mission to use massive amounts of fossil fuels to protest pipelines. Then they return to their heated homes and leave a mess behind. Sadly, all people see are the poor “victims” of the corporations that produce the products we buy. No one sees the real victims of the eco terrorists. All of that protesting against the “black snake” and they forgot to point out that the oil is from a reservation in North Dakota and the oil is transported by train across Standing Rock.

  3. THAT PHOTO OF WOODSTOCK IS ON THE..4 DISC SET OF WOODSTOCK the >”ultimate collectors edition.” 3 days of peace and music…this is absolutely appalling deceitfulness, this wasn’t about protecting the water resource, by no means think otherwise, unfortunately Renewables is facing a disruptive global momentum of mum and dad families , appalled at the eyesore of wind turbines, and transmission towers blotting the landscape, no way is this environmentally sustainable.

  4. Hey DAPL protesters: you probably shouldn’t drive in from opposite coasts and camp out next to your cars and trucks burning stuff to stay warm to protest an oil pipeline.

    And the utter dishonesty… you can just see the NYC and SF foundation boardrooms- time to send in the useful idiots and make this about poor native Americans fighting The Man… we’ll get our media on it.

    Let’s keep shipping that oil by train and truck. Obama, the least patriotic potus to ever hold the office, agreed. He made the Army Corps shut it down as a parting shot.

  5. Glenn contributed to the ecological mess the protesters made if he actually went there. The protest isn’t going to stop the pipeline from being built.

    New North Dakota governor expects controversial pipeline to be built

    “North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who took office last month in the height of tensions surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline, said he believed the line would eventually be built and asked opponents to clean their protest camp before spring floodwaters create a potential ecological disaster.”

    “David Archambault, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, has repeatedly asked protesters to leave the area and let the pipeline fight play out in courts.”

    “Burgum said he agrees with Archambault and asked protesters to help clean up the camp before it threatens the environment itself. More than 300 vehicles, along with dozens of temporary dwellings and other detritus, have been abandoned at the campsite, which sits in a flood plain that is likely to be overrun by spring rain and snowmelt.”

    “State officials are concerned that floodwaters could carry that material away.”

    “”The amount of cleanup that needs to take place is enormous,” Burgum said. “We’ve got a potential ecological disaster if this land floods and all the debris flows downstream into tribal lands.”

    Are you still proud of what the activists have done Glenn ?? This seems to happen at many of protests. They leave a big mess then we have to pay to clean it up. In this case their poop may end up in the river if it floods. I’m sure if you really went you left some of your poop there too. It’s hypocritical of you idiots to claim your protecting the environment then act like a bunch of filthy pigs and do more damage than what you’re protesting will !!!

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