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What DAPL Protesters Accomplished and Didn’t

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DAPL protesters accomplished a great deal, even if they didn’t stop a pipeline. They busted budgets, curtailed services and upset lives to swell their egos.

The malcontents have gone back home. Ivy Preparatory School League graduate Judith Lockhard has gone back to New Jersey, no doubt to publicly express her feelings on some other cause. Glenn Wahl has gone back to New York to spin yarns to his Jamestown Community College students about his experience. The kids in Somerville, Massachusetts have gone on to protest other things, I expect. Oil will flow through the pipeline in a matter of days. The filthy hell-hole that was the DAPL protesters’ camp has been cleaned up. It’s a time for reflection on what the DAPL protesters accomplished and didn’t.

Not a whole lot of reflection is required as the State of North Dakota has tabulated the accomplishments. They may be found here and include the following:

DAPL Protesters

Not reflected in the numbers, of course, are things such as the costs to citizens from having to drive themselves and emergency vehicles around closed roads and damaged bridges. It was a fiasco imposed on North Dakota by outside attention seekers, complete with appearances by a looney-tune Presidential candidate and Incredible Green Hulk actor who thinks of himself as an inspired holy warrior for the environment, both of whom, I expect, arrived by jet.

These are the accomplishments of DAPL protesters. They achieved nothing while turning the supposed victims for whom they spoke against them. They soiled the very earth they claimed to be there to protect. It was all an exercise is pointless virtue signaling that benefitted no one but themselves and their over-sized egos. The Sioux who imagined the DAPL protesters might help them leverage something out of the pipeline company or the government were trampled upon yet again by wealthy easterners (Teresa Heinz, George Soros, et al) seeking their own advantage through funding of the whole enterprise.

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5 thoughts on “What DAPL Protesters Accomplished and Didn’t

  1. Huge cost. Lots of chaos. And we are basically at exactly where we were at the first time a judge ruled against the tribe. Only it is 6 months, countless flawed news stories later. The sheer amount of misinformation on this pipeline project, the process and the conflict or controversy is staggering.

    However the misinformation that is flying around about natural gas, fracking and other pipelines has been around a whole lot longer.

  2. They were on federal land. Sessions should round all of them up for civil prosecution- ironically for environmental damage- to cover cleanup costs plus penalties.

    Notice how rich leftists and celebrities never take responsibility for their actions? Like this filthy protest camp, or destroying NY mineral values without a dime in compensation.

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