Fractivist Game Backfires

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Antis who follow NaturalGasNOW have recently undertaken a campaign to target certain posts and run up the dislikes, but their fractivist game has backfired.

We’ve had a number of readers write us to observe something humorous that’s been happening on our site since we published a guest post by Alan Springett on June 13. It was tiled Tilting at a New Windmill…er Compressor Station. As usual, Alan made excellent points and that apparently gave some of his fractivist friends a rather silly idea – running up the dislikes on his post and certain others since then. We all it silly because, predictably, it has backfired, bolstering the page views for the targeted posts and motivating natural gas supporters.

We try to provide all readers opportunities to engage. We publish virtually every comment we receive – almost 7,000 to date since May, 2013. We added a “Like – Dislike” counter a while back and while some posts get more dislikes than others, the total number of “dislikes” has rarely, if ever, exceeded “likes” for any post until Alan’s.

Then, suddenly, the dislikes exceeded likes in seven of 15 posts with big run-ups in a matter of a couple of hours each. It was immediately obvious this was a targeted campaign, which is something that frequently happens in the social media world. They are what I call regurgitations of irrelevance on the part of the campaigners and soon run their course. Moreover, if this the best our fractivist friends can do, more power to ’em. It’s the definitive sign we’ve won.

fractivist game

What’s interesting in all this, though, is that it has backfired. I did a little research on the 15 posts and found the page views for the seven posts targeted were 82% higher than those for the posts not targeted, plus the most viewed post was the most “disliked.” My father, loved to be teased by his family and had a fitting riposte whenever we did so. He’d always deliver it with a smile.  “Have your fun,” he’d say and, frankly, I can’t think of any better response on this Fathers Day.

Incidentally, for those interested, here are those other posts that did so well after being targeted in this fractivist game that backfired. You might find them interesting. Others obviously did:

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4 thoughts on “Fractivist Game Backfires

  1. One has to question,and to paraphrase Terri Hatcher’s character on the Seinfeld episode; “the Implants”.. are the Likes and Dislikes, “..Real and Spectacular?!!” 🙂

  2. Well this does not surprise me . Goes to show the blog seems to get the attention of the antis. The recent spa draft report had the antis in nova Scotia writing a storm of letters to the editor here. The odd thing is science only seems to be an absolute when it fits the leftie agenda it seems.

  3. Good post, Tom. I’ve noticed the abundance of dislikes, but without any sort of supporting commentary they smack of intellectual weakness, a sort of childish taunt. One has to question why they care so much, unless they realize that their empty slogans and pseudo science cannot win the war.

  4. I guess this post answered my question of why those that can click on dislike are too cowardly to express their ignorance, other than certified kindergarteners like “Bill” who apparently doesn’t have a job except to read your posts and make provocative childish statements.”…after he took everything he could does it feel, like a rolling direction home, like a complete unknown…like a rolling stone.” BD I guess we have to put up with the petulance until something else gets their little minds distracted.

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