DeIuliis’ New Book Exposing the Evil Depleting America’s Free Enterprise

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DeIuliis’ book highlights growing problems in America today as the elites feed off the working men and women destroying the economy. 

Nick DeIuliis is a very accomplished man, CEO of CNX Resource, a chemical engineer, an attorney, advocate for natural gas and now author. In Nick’s book titled “The Leech” he talks about the dangers currently threatening our great country and its economy.


October 21, 2020, Pittsburgh, PA — Nick DeIuliis, President and CEO of CNX Resources Corporation, today announced his intent to continue his recent advocacy efforts related to the natural gas and manufacturing industries in Appalachia and beyond through several new channels. Those efforts include a new book, “The Leech,” a new personal website to highlight his advocacy efforts, and a Twitter account to help amplify his voice on these critical issues.

DeIuliis has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry. His new book, “The Leech,” is now available for pre-order at

“Having been born and raised in Pittsburgh, the working men and women of this region—the doers—are near and dear to my heart,” DeIuliis said. “I intend to use my unique position and perspective to advance the cause of our industry and our company. Given the current state of affairs within our country, I would be derelict in my duty not to speak up for our industry, our company, our employees and their families, and all of the working men and women across the country whose important contributions to society are criticized by the elites.”

“The Leech” profiles the growing danger (spanning academia to government and from the legal profession to media and beyond) that’s sapping America, depleting free enterprise, and bleeding the producers of the economy.

DeIuliis grew up in a blue-collar family in Pittsburgh and became a publicly traded company CEO. “The Leech” provides analysis that borrows from first-hand experience spanning a broad socio-economic personal and professional journey.

Alongside the announcement of “The Leech,” DeIuliis is also pleased to launch his personal website, The new site contains incisive commentary as well as upcoming appearances, videos, and other news. DeIuliis will also feature regular essays on the site that expand upon many of the themes discussed in “The Leech.”

Learn more about Nick DeIuliis at, and follow him on Twitter at @NickDeIuliis.

Nick DeIuliis has always been a true patriot of our great country and has spoken about what others want to just ignore. In his new book DeIuliis continues to speak out against big government, destruction of the middle class and degrading free enterprise. I just ordered my copy. How about you?

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