CELDF Seeks to Seize Municipalities and Turn Them Into Torpedos

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Tom Linzey, the over-stuffed radical child who leads the CELDF, wants to seize municipalities and turn them into torpedoes in his revolutionary power grab.

No group has more abused local government than the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), which would have everyone believe its the advocate of home rule and the government that’s closest to the people. The CELDF stands for democracy and “community rights” it says, but it’s actions speak to a different agenda, one that gleefully talks of municipalities as mere material to forge into torpedoes for its war against civil society.

Tom Linzey is the forger-in-chief at the CELDF. A trust-funder type who’s never worked at real job, he and his girl friend Stacey Schmader formed the CELDF right after he graduated from law school. He’s been living off it since, prancing around the country like some sort of radical warrior throwing spears from behind the lectern. He has used and abused one naive municipality after another attaching himself to any cause he can to promote himself and his thoroughly radical agenda. His inflated ego is getting the better of him, though, as he brags to extremist supporters how he has manipulated local officials.

The CELDF is often identified as a fractivist group because it has attached itself to this cause in recent years, but fractivism is merely a cover for its efforts to overthrow state and Federal government. We’ve written about it extensively over the years but a reader from Washington State picked up on something recently I hadn’t seen; something every municipal official tempted by the CELDF con game needs to hear. It speaks entirely for itself as the pompous Tom Linzey pontificates on what his game really is:

“We don’t call it ‘Civil Disobedience through Municipal Law Making’ for nothing. It’s about seizing the municipality and turning it like a torpedo up against the state and Federal structure of law…”

“…knowing we’re in ecological collapse, and knowing that the end of the world is at hand…”

“…you just begin doing whatever it takes to solve those problems yourself.”

That’s pretty blunt language and reminds us of how Linzey said he was only too happy to bankrupt communities he represents. If you’re a local official reading this, these are practical thoughts to keep in mind. If you don’t want to be used as a torpedo in someone else’s attempt to overthrow the government from the safety of his lectern or if you’d rather not be stuck with the bill for his games, then take heed. Following the instructions of an empty-handed well-fed general who’s never walked the walk, but talks about you being his big gun is seldom a good idea.

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5 thoughts on “CELDF Seeks to Seize Municipalities and Turn Them Into Torpedos

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  2. Tom Linzey is fighting to save communities from sludge dumping, fracking and water pollution. CELDF seeks to help communities prevent environmetal degradation. You seek to pollute the environment not just with your desire to contaminate through excessive development and corporate greed, but with your words.

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