Why Are Fractivists Celebrating the Demise of Upstate New York?

Upstate New York - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner
Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R


The welfare of Upstate New York is dismissed by fractivists who cruelly celebrate its troubles and hope they continue. 

The degree of animosity among fractivists was never so apparent to me as a few days ago when I engaged in an online debate with the poster child and spokesperson for a band of them dedicated to stopping anything remotely approaching economic development in Upstate New York.

I’m talking about Vera Scroggins, who moved to Pennsylvania from the backyard of an oil processing facility (so she says) in New Jersey to fight New York’s pending adoption of gas drilling regulations. You know; the villainess or heroine (depending on your perspective) of Trespassgate.

The Upstate New York Debate with a Pennsylvanian Over Fracking

upstate new york JLCNYThe debate consisted of comments regarding a report on a Albany judicial hearing of the complaints of Norse Energy and the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York. I commented as Taylor Barry, a pseudonym I have used on some web sites for purposes of getting fractivists to engage in discussion (a different name tends to evoke different reactions). Many readers know my real name and Vera Scroggins is one of them. Here’s one of Vera’s comments, which tells us a lot about how the contempt with which she views Upstate New York landowners or any of her neighbors in Pennsylvania or New York for that matter.

hey, Vic, tell everyone how your little group of landowners, who never got a chance to lease to any gas company, how sad, bring out the violins….and how you guys just kept waiting till the right, highest (price) and the best-ever amended gas lease with endless protections, like why would you need them, since everything the gas companies do is wonderful and no problem; when the right, eager gas company would finally agree with your demands , you would jump on it and be nice and “rich” and “happy”, but alas, that never materialized….you waited too long , and missed the boat and now just barely existing, no gas leases, no money, no life, and all that is left, is waiting, waiting, waiting…. for that big moment, when NY and Cuomo will let the gas drillers in , but the years go by …..and now in the 6th year…..still no gas drilling……how sad is that…….I might even cry with you guys……we can cry together over “spilled milk”…. !

And, here’s another post aimed at me and found on Vera’s Facebook page:

Vic Furman of Chenango Forks is not going to like this!

He likes to happily announce how there are no solar panels anywhere and that is why we need gas drilling in NY; and now this happened: Vic is going to be upset !! yeah….

“We can save the school district, in essence the taxpayers, money,” said District Superintendent Joe Peck, “And it will educationally benefit our students.”


How I See It as an Upstate New York Resident 

Let me preface my response by stating I do not represent gas companies or anyone who does. I never received a dime of compensation for my advocacy, which is on behalf of my family and the Upstate NewYork region where I live. I am not paid for my blog posts or anything else I do to support the pro-gas cause.  My activism is based on a few things that are more important to me then money.

upstate new york energy independence

First, as a veteran, I see shale gas as an opportunity for America to reduce it’s dependency on foreign fuel.  America is exporting more and more energy to countries who would be in the dark and cold if not for our resources and technology, which is also good for America’s economy.

Second, how sad it is that anyone is so eager to celebrate, even claim credit for, the lost economic opportunities so desperately needed by tens of thousands of Upstate New York families. Vera’s fondest dream, like that of so many other radicals, seems to a world where everyone lives in shared misery.

As a person involved to the extent I am, I often get phone calls from landowners, some whom I have never met.  They say  “do you think drilling is coming soon,” “I have lost my job” or “My spouse has passed and I will lose my home or farm unless I pay my taxes.” I have heard many fractivists profess that if gas wasn’t there they would have lost their homes anyway, but what kind of callous disregard must one possess to adopt that attitude toward their fellow human beings in pursuit of what can only be described as ideology? Perhaps the 20th century provides some answers.

Are Upstate New York Residents Destined to be Broken Eggs?

upstate new york dark moneyYes, a few folks might lose their home anyway, but most would receive a well deserved reprieve, the kind of mercy fractivists are not inclined to offer.  The gas is there and it could, in many cases, be the very opportunity these families need to maintain their farms and homes. But, Vera Scroggins and her paid allies such as Isaac Silberman-Gorn and all those kids to be hired by Clean Water Action (funded with dark money from the Energy Foundation) celebrate on the backs of these hard-working people crying out for a break. Vera Scroggins, in fact, brags about how the years have gone by with no drilling in New York. Who acts like this? Why would someone from Pennsylvania take such glee in Upstate New York misery?

It’s not about the environment; that much we know. The record is abundantly clear from the experience of other states and even the EPA that fracking is safe. Therefore, it must be ideological. Scroggins’ Facebook post suggesting I’m opposed to solar energy gives it away, in fact. I’m not against solar. I am against the shallow arguments too many fractivists put forth on behalf of solar and how, if we just follow Tony Ingraffea”s plan we can be off fossil fuels in a matter of a few years. Solar may be good overall, but it’s not without sin, as this article reveals. Also, did the Channel 12 Action News video say the school was going to quit using fossil fuels?  No, it didn’t because solar will not and cannot provide all the energy needed. It’s a good supplementary source of energy when the rest of us aren’t paying for it with ridiculous subsidies but that’s as far as it goes, for now.

I asked Vera why she celebrated the economic hardships of Upstate New York, and why she hadn’t moved to New York as a sanctuary from fracking and she answered:

“I won’t move to NY until I’m done exposing and revealing all the Harm this Gas Industry is doing to us and Pa , and the US and the world…I won’t move till this Industry is shut down and stops harming the residents of the planet….”

Yeah, it’s ideology; the same type of ideology that espoused the theory “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” We know how that worked out. Tens of millions enslaved and the worst industrial environment imaginable. I’m not saying fractivists are communists, but the tactics aren’t that much different and the total lack of empathy for one’s fellow human beings in Upstate New York to make an ideological point is breathtakingly cruel.

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11 thoughts on “Why Are Fractivists Celebrating the Demise of Upstate New York?

  1. Bilbo Scroggins crawled out of the shire
    over a fence and soon got mired

    no fracking she was heard to scream
    then she pleaded it was all a dream

    she jumped into her car and pressed the pedal
    consuming fossil fuels is why she meddles

    she crawled into her warm hobbit home
    heated by the very gas she wishes to condone

    turned on her hobbit computer and TV
    run by gas generated electricity

    Bilbo Scroggins was a great antifractivist
    but Bilbo Scroggins was a greater hypocrite

  2. Fractivists may or may not be communists, but they most assuredly are totalitarian statists, which is virtually the same thing and just as pernicious. We need to pray to Almighty God…before they completely destroy our beloved USA!!

  3. Vera Scroggins is definitely a mean spirited person who deserves to be banished to Siberia… The fractivists, who are assisting the Marxists, either as a co-conspirator or a useful idiot are definitely a blight on our once the greatest country in this world. One cannot vilify people like the Scroggins monster too much. It is definitely despicable and mean spirited to gloat over other’s misfortunes.

    She deserves to be trapped in a cold dark hovel without any of the conveniences of modern society. I could rant on about this, but I will merely assert that methane is one of the most environmentally benign sources of energy; and is easily produced from wastes, thus can be renewable.

    I also am a fan of solar, but am aware that it has its limitations. I am a huge fan of wind energy, but believe that the propeller type windmill is not the way to go. An updraft structure similar to a cooling tower with a vertical axis turbine generator makes much more sense, and would not slaughter birds or bats.

    I pray that the creator of the Universe will spare us from the likes of the Vera grinch monster.

    Drill baby, drill…

    • @ Richard….why is it you consider any person that believes HVHF is ruining the areas it is being done in Marxists ?Most of us only express what we have experienced or seen in the areas we live in .The disruption ,,pollution and change of attitude of neighbors among each other.for the one and only reason (PROFIT of Corporation) American energy independence is a far cry from the truth .This link from the WSJ proves it’s all a line to grab more windfall on the backs of the American people .Time to actually think rather than flap a comment without merit !http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304049904579516121276626720?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424052702304049904579516121276626720.html

      • Vera is not against HVHF… Vera is a self centered attention junkie who found a cause to feed her addiction. Isn’t it obvious in what she wrote to me..? She prides herself in thinking she has caused pain and hardship for her neighbors re read her words…. There were people llke Vera in every step of progress made in this country. In 1907 there was a woman like Vera leading the charge against NYC subways her argument….dig too deep and we will release the demons of hell

      • @Bill F. I tried the link you posted, and since I am not a subscriber to the NYT I could only read the first part of the article. It did seem to be about gasoline not methane. If so, it is irrelevant to this discussion…

        I live in West Virginia where petroleum and natural gas has been produced since before the Civil War. The geology is such that fractures created by plate movement have caused methane to be in ground water here.

        Of course that created natural aquifer degradation, and even if hydraulic fracturing did cause hydrocarbons and other substances to enter the aquifers, we would be no worse off. However, as a fourth generation plumber, I know that almost all water needs to be filtered before being safely drunk. And yes, there are filters readily available which can purify water for drinking etc…

        The above not withstanding, there are virtually no proven cases where fracturing hydrocarbon formations has caused aquifer pollution. Of course Tom Shepstone has debunked many spurious alarmist assertions by the anti’s which keep showing up in the media; but the trash keeps getting published. Sadly, there are those who are deceived by this false information. Are you one of those?

        The hydrocarbon industry has become much more environmentally responsible, and fracing technology is not the villainous polluter that the Chicken Littles blather about. I will grant that there are probably still a few bad actors out there, but by and large, fracturing is conducted safely. Indeed, the good actors in the industry are adopting zero emission fracturing techniques, whereby nothing is emitted, and flow-back water is treated and reused.

        There are also other fracing technologies such as using gelled propane, which contains nothing to harm aquifers; and the propane is produced into the gathering systems and is recycled and reused. Thus zero pollution…

        I am sure that if you are a low information anti, none of the above has any meaning to you. However, if you drive a vehicle, heat your house with anything other than solar or geothermal or use anything modern technology produces you could be a hypocrite like Vera the attention junkie…

  4. With my own eyes in Watkins Glen I have seen the NEGATIVE impact to the economy that the Ithacans/Fractivists/Socialists/Communists (now liking to be called “Progressives”) “stimulate” when things are done their way.

    I have watched the “free advice” given by Ithaca’s darling profs Ingraffea, Steingraber, and the one (name?) who told the people in Interlaken that HOOKERS would soon populate the village if they didn’t BAN FRACKING! And there would be excessive drinking, too! OMG!! Woe be to the town if the bar-owner got rich.

    Normal economic/business responses to societal needs are stymied by these “Progressives”…so guess what happens: New Yorkers get to PAY MORE!!…for especially propane last winter, due to the lack of storage capacity in the NE USA.

    And now they’re (Gas Free Seneca, et al) trying to divert people’s ire for the high-cost of propane away from themselves and their roadblocking effects, saying “It was really the fault of the pipelines, who shipped material south instead of north!”

    Yeah, right. They shipped ethane south in a former propane pipeline because there was SO MUCH produced in the southern Ohio area! BUT, that argument has no bearing on the supplies of propane shipped north just like old times — also from the glut in southern Ohio!!

    When the storage that Enterprise/TEPPCO has (Watkins Glen, Ithaca, and near Albany) ran empty about Christmas, I witnessed the added hundreds of trucks hauling propane north on NY Route 14, at great cost and burned diesel. And returning south empty. Did anyone else notice? Apparently not everyone is observant and attuned to the situation to note that running past a propane truck every few miles was “notably abnormal” compared to other winters!

    Well, at least a lot of Truck Drivers had jobs that would not have otherwise.

    Next, watch the Progressives claim that’s how they’ll “stimulate” the economy — just truck it all — we don’t really NEED pipelines!!

    That won’t just “frack” the economy…it would “fracture” it.

  5. Well no surprises here. Another lame hateful rant from Vera. I have one of my own, come on in gas companies . Lets drill some 40s all over N.Y. Drill them on the hill tops, drill them in the valleys ,drill them a-l-l over the damn state! Connect them with nice roads like a big checker board from hell! As for the lawsuit I have little faith a judge in N.Y. will let us sue N.Y. Lets hope we can get them in the federal court as soon as possible so we can get to the core of all this theft by deception. We need this gas to rebuild our state,s industries. What we do not need is some old —– plying for much missed attention by spitting venomous hatred. Hang in there Vic ,keep fighting the good fight, right is on your side! Besides Vic we own the land too,so we hold all the cards in this big chess game! Just think we could have Google earth chess and checkers?

  6. I totally understand and accept the concern over the safety of ANY drilling. I am in total agreement in having strict regulations (probably stricter than most) however, that being said, I see no logic in opposing ALL DRILLING when one utilizes what one is opposing. If Ms. Vera and her followers can prove to me that they: 1. Do not drive vehicles which run on gas (or use public transportation that utilize gas); 2. Do not use gas to heat their home; 3. Do not wear clothing made where gas was used (be it to heat the factory or supply heat to the workers who run the machinery); 4. Do not visit local restaurants, grocery stores, departments stores etc, who use some form of gas for energy, heat etc;…basically do you see where I am going with this?
    Until she and they can prove to me the above, I suggest she look for employment somewhere in Venezuela or the Middle East, because should America adhere to her and her follower’s demands we will FOREVER be dependent on foreign oil. and that may eventually be the only place for employment!

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