Weymouth Win: Marcellus Gas Will Go North to the Canadian Maritimes!

Tom Shepstone
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The battle is all but over. The state has approved and FERC has finally issued the go-ahead to start construction on the Weymouth Compressor Station.

When I wrote back in early July about the nasty reaction of Weymouth Compressor Station opponents to my innocuous Tweet about the project getting a go-ahead, it was obvious why it was approved.

Fractivists and NIMBYs relied totally on baseless assertions, rather than facts. They substituted filthy language for reasoned debate. They chose to make accusations rather than argue. Their entire position could be summed up as “I’m right, you’re wrong and I hate you.” It was no wonder why they lost but they were in denial. That’s no longer a viable position, though, as FERC has just authorized construction. Our Marcellus gas will soon be headed north to New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

One only need read the recent headlines from the Patriot Ledger to get the picture. First there was this update indicating that, despite the promise from Weymouth Compressor Station opponents, that what we reported four months earlier meant little or nothing, the state was determined to approve the project:

November 12, 2019
Compressor station project gets final state approval

WEYMOUTH — The town lost a key battle in a years-long war against a proposed 7,700-horsepower natural gas compressor station Tuesday as state regulators gave the project the green light in the final step of the state approval process…

Next, there was this example of very slowly dawning reality:

November 14, 2019
Officials see dwindling chances for stopping compressor station

WEYMOUTH — Local officials and activists are assessing what legal and procedural tools they can use to try to stop construction of the proposed 7,700-horsepower natural gas compressor station in Weymouth days after it cleared a key regulatory hurdle this week…

A week later, the Commonwealth’s two chief demagogues, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, threw a bone to Weymouth Compressor Station opponents:

November 20, 2019
U.S. senators call for 11th-hour review of compressor station proposal

WEYMOUTH — Massachusetts’ two U.S. senators are pushing federal energy regulators to hold off on issuing their final approval for a 7,700-horsepower natural gas compressor station and reconsider whether the project is necessary.

A week later, FERC showed exactly how much influence the two senators actually have:

November 27, 2019
Compressor construction could begin Tuesday

WEYMOUTH — After years of legal fights, protests and political lobbying, construction on a controversial natural gas compressor station in Weymouth could begin as early as Tuesday.

The proposed 7,700-horsepower station has been met by vociferous protest from residents and lawmakers, but multinational energy transportation company Enbridge and its subsidiary Algonquin appear ready to start building after a last go-ahead from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. A company hired by Enbridge has told residents that it could start clean up work on the Fore River site on Tuesday, but Enbridge itself would not confirm Wednesday when work would start.

I can’t wait for the reaction of our fractivist friends to my Tweet about this one. Much sweeter, though, is the knowledge this is part of Enbridge’s Atlantic Bridge Project, which will deliver Marcellus and Utica Shale gas to New England and the Canadian Maritimes, as illustrated on the map below:

Weymouth Compressor Station

It can’t start soon enough, in other words! The Weymouth Compressor Station is a much-needed and excellent infrastructure project. It also happens to be in a perfect spot, as the following video demonstrates:

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4 thoughts on “Weymouth Win: Marcellus Gas Will Go North to the Canadian Maritimes!

  1. They haven’t started building yet….!

    And despite all the resistance from local residents and their local legislators,
    you pro-gas lovers, who don’t live there, are outsiders and promoting this.

    Revel in your fantasies..

  2. The Canadians will desperately need that gas over the coming winters as their domestic supply – primarily from dwindling offshore resources – is rapidly approaching precarious levels.
    In years gone by, imported Canadian gas helped the New England region in time of need.

    If people had a more comprehensive grasp of the damage these deranged anti hydrocarbon idiots have caused, these fools would lose every semblance of legitimacy overnight.

  3. Great to see progress in the country’s (and world) energy needs. This will be a huge reduction in trucking. GREAT – PERIOD, PERIOD, PERIOD. Hoping NYS will eventually accept this safe smart progress in the energy needs.

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