The Fractivist Mindset: “I’m Right, You’re Wrong and I Hate You”

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The fractivist mindset is a supremely arrogant one that admits no possibility of error, no chance compromise and nothing but pure antipathy toward others.

Yesterday, I ran a post by Jim Willis, from the invaluable Marcellus Drilling News, about a Massachusetts environmental judge’s decision to recommend approval of the Weymouth Compressor Station. The proposed station is an integral part of a pipeline project intended to deliver much need natural gas to New England where it is located. The harsh reaction on Twitter serves to demonstrate the fractivist mindset.

Here was the tweet that served to draw out the arrogance of the fractivist mindset:

fractivist mindset

Innocuous enough, wouldn’t you say? I merely pointed the project had gotten a go ahead to the next step toward construction and included a picture of the site, which is already industrial. But, here is some of the hate it produced:

As you’ll note, I responded to the first three Twitter reactions by pointing how touchy the folks up there in Weymouth seemed to be and what this might mean about the true importance of the judge’s decision. This, in fact, what the administrative law judge said (emphasis added):

After reviewing the entire administrative record, I find that the air permit does not violate Massachusetts statutory and regulatory provisions, as alleged by the Petitioners. A preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that the permit sufficiently regulates air contaminants to prevent a condition of air pollution.

First, cumulative impacts from emissions of NO2, SO2, PM10, PM 2.5 and CO will be below the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (“NAAQS”).

Second, maximum modeled impacts from the facility’s emissions of air toxics during steady state operations will be below the Massachusetts Allowable Ambient Limits (“AALs”) and Threshold Effects Exposure Limits (“TELs”). AALs and TELs are screening level guidelines indicating the maximum ambient air concentration of a toxic pollutant that may be contributed by a single source or facility. The AALs and TELs are conservatively set by MassDEP and are intended to overestimate risk. However, the permit conditions for startup and shutdown events is not supported by sufficient credible evidence, and therefore I recommend that the conditions in Table 8D for these events be amended to reduce the “not to exceed” limit for start-ups to 18 minutes and the “not to exceed” limit for shutdown to 17 minutes. 

Third, although I do not believe MassDEP correctly conducted an analysis of Best Available Control Technology (“BACT”) as required by 310 CMR 7.02(8)(a)2 and informed by relevant state and federal BACT guidance, a minimal preponderance of the evidence shows that the emissions limits in the air permit represent BACT.

Fourth, the Petitioners failed to prove that the proposed Project will violate the noise regulation at 310 CMR 7.10 or MassDEP’s Noise Policy, and I find, therefore, that the proposed Project will not cause or contribute to a condition of air pollution as a result of the emission of sound.

The judge, in other words, said the project opponents didn’t make their case although he did recommend tightening up a condition of approval. A review of some additional Twitter responses suggests why opponents couldn’t do so:

fractivist mindset fractivist mindset

Rather amazing isn’t it?

Baseless assertions, rather than facts. Filthy language, rather than reasoned debate. Accusations rather than argument. Pure arrogance. “I’m right, you’re wrong and I hate you” sums up their position. No wonder they lost.

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16 thoughts on “The Fractivist Mindset: “I’m Right, You’re Wrong and I Hate You”

    • Mr. Leary, Mr. Shepstone,

      Your observations are not only accurate, they carry – literally – profound implications surrounding this entire controversy of hydrocarbon use, Globull Warming, as well as a host of other contretemps du jour.

      There exists a sharp bifurcation concerning intellectual versus emotional development within a great many people in our country today. That is to say highly intelligent 50 year olds still process and express experiences similar to a teenager. This is not intended as a slur, simply an observation.

      I’ll not muddle into political matters with this.

      Rather, to recognize that 10 year old, 14 year old maturation levels are behind sincerely voiced adult arguments can go a long way in understanding a great deal of the actions we see in these affairs. (Also explains the tactics and strategies effectively employed with which to influence sentiment. Think pictures of forlorn polar bears perched atop small ice floes, the current conflation of children’s ill health with gas extraction, etc.).

      Cold, hard facts such as those deployed in this Weymouth case are simply ineffective tools in attempts to sway the “hearts and minds” of opponents.

  1. Yikes! Their hateful comments reveal a jaw dropping level of ignorance of the facts. The misinformation campaigns of the Foundations has been distressingly effective.

  2. Well, right off, you’re article is simply lying. This gas doesn’t supply New England. It’s exported to Nova Scotia. It’s of no benefit to any US citizens other than those involved in the fossil fuel industry and their shareholders-oh and the politicians to whom they donate-like our own #GovernorGas, Charlie Baker.
    As a resident of Weymouth, MA, I think it’s ok not to want a facility that spews known carcinogens into a region already designated as an “environmental justice zone” and might explode (underneath a new $500m bridge travelled by 30k commuters per day and next to a densely populated neighborhood of 3100 people, including a few schools)

    • Thanks for bringing truth to this discussion dominated by biased , pro-gas promoters paid by the gas industry.

      I lived in a gas development Pa. County and Tom and his buddies have nothing negative to say about the industry polluting our environment…
      It’s all and only good to them ..

    • “Rob McCarthy” stated: “It’s of no benefit to any US citizens other than those involved in the fossil fuel industry and their shareholders-oh and the politicians to whom they donate-like our own #GovernorGas, Charlie Baker.” But you apparently embrace the usage of Russian natural gas up there in Liberal Land Mass. Let’s be honest about this: you folks in the Northeast have in fact become a herd of parasitic types who love Russian gas, but deplore our domestic resources. The Northeast in general has become a disgusting bunch of NIMBYS who are only for themselves and have bought into the nonsense spewed by the media outlets of billionaire foundations who are influencing the weak – minded among us. Your embrace of the Russians speaks volumes about your patriotism or lack thereof. Enjoy paying exorbitant heat and electric bills, comrade.

      • Thank you Frank the best belly laugh of my day! You are spot on. Maine got a recent sucker punch to the face by our Governor who allowed a transmission line for Canada’s hydro power to go straight through Maine (do not pass go or collect $200) to Mass. Protesters were incited by renewable energy groups and the fish wrappers they call the news.

  3. I think maybe they had their eyes opened a bit. Unfortunately nothing will be done about it. Corruption is everywhere. Dep hides behind their badges. Lawyers are liars. Etc. Corruption everywhere.

  4. Dep hides behind their environmental badges. They think $ is the answer. They are clueless to what amount is proper and make sure they are well paid for not doing their jobs or properly doing them. They seem to be/ are clueless to the prices,costs, involvement, and what actual remedy is used even tho it’s their prescription and the residents of Pennsylvania depend on them and pay them. Supposedly when something happens to your property or water you are to call Dep. They claim to be responsible. They do investigations on your property and refuse to give you information. They claim they are responsible for what happens. Instead they hide behind their environmental badges. They don’t properly conduct themselves. They say if you want information “welcome to America go hire a lawyer” even about the 1 1/2 long investigation they did. Americans shouldn’t need to hire a lawyer to find out what dep & the government has done. They don’t care at all and seem to have no information,experience,or knowledge. Instead they send the Culligan man to look things over & get his opinion. (Unfortunately he was clueless too) Time to fire the dep employee who says “the gas company doesn’t need anyone to police them they can police themselves.” Complaints that are ignored. Leases & addendums that aren’t honored or respected and are somehow altered without the owners knowledge,consent, or approval. Corruption all over. Time for someone to clean house & something to be done. Dep should be held accountable along with others. Had the Dep been doing their job in the beginning none of this would have happened and it wouldn’t continue. Had the weaseling little puppety worm who said “I’m just learning” “I’ve been working in the stone quarries” not been the one that was sent out things may have been different. That weaseling worm should be fired immediately along with its supervisors. Lawyers & the press are do nothings. It’s about time Gov Wolff comes out and sees what his dep does and doesn’t do and the way they conduct themselves. Seems the press and lawyers are muted or afraid. No-one stands up for the residents/property owners.

  5. “checks have been low because the the Gesford 007 well was shut in 1/14/19 due to COSA remedial DEP work”. Issues caused by this are not addressed & are ignored.

    “GLU is a heater fuel that we are paying to the owners. Its an additional volume that’s not a part of your royalty. It’s a volume of gas used at the well.”

    What Cosa Order? Give explanations and details.

    What other parts aren’t/haven’t homeowners been paid for? Why? Who polices this?

  6. A 11/2 yr investigation that dep now claims never happened & they refuse to give information on. Shutting down a water well for 11/2 yrs. Where is the written permission? Where is all the information on the “investigation” Who authorized this? Who paid for the “investigation “. Who is responsible fir it? Is the homeowner held accountable for this? Or Can the homeowner be held accountable?

    Susquehanna County & rural areas Dep lets companies run wild no accountability. Try this in the larger more populated areas where people have more money & pull & this crap wouldn’t happen. This doesn’t happen in state forests or parks but it’s ok to happen in residential areas & farms.? Are squirrels more important than people, pets, chickens, cows etc.? Any idea where your chicken, beef, pork, milk, eggs, etc come from? Not the forest. How many trees are cut from this area and not replanted? When there is a drought who still takes water from the area?

    Who doesn’t follow leases & addendums & regulations?

    If dep doesn’t follow regulations then gas companies don’t either. Since neither follow regulations what is the point in having any? Is it a free for all? If so fire the dep & save the taxpayers some money. Fire the wormey, weasley, puppet first!

  7. where is the DEP saying that it “never happened”?
    are you saying this about the water contamination?

    and who is the “wormey, weasley, puppet?

    When Tom Shepstone visited your place recently, was he sympathetic to your plight and water issues and why is he not reporting on his visit to your home?

    We need to get other, concerned Pa. legislators to your home and tell them and show them what you are dealing with,
    since Yaw, Picket, and Fritz haven’t spoken up to help you or tried to visit you.

    Can we work together to get the truth out and get help for you and others?

  8. Please call the local Pittsburgh office at 412-249-3850 for the land department. They will be able to give you more local and specific information about the well. The only update I have on the well is that there is remedial maintenance being done on the well.

    GLU is fuel we use at the well site for certain machines. If you were not paid any GLU additional volume then we did not use and fuel at the well sight for that month.


    Jasline Lantz
    Accounting Associate

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