Bill desRosiers Talks Energy, Shale and Growing Up in the Mining Industry

Tom Shepstone
Shepstone Management Company, Inc.

Bill desRosiers is one of the most influential young leaders in the natural gas industry and the Institute of Energy Research recently interviewed him.

I am exceptionally proud of Bill desRosiers. I worked with him when we were thrown together to launch Energy In Depth‘s Marcellus Initiative. He didn’t need a lot of mentoring from me, though, because he had grown up in New York working in his family’s stone aggregate business. Mining in New York is fraught with challenges, as anyone familiar with the Empire State’s extreme environmentalism can attest.

Bill desRosiers understood from the beginning when we met around the table to begin a journey together defending and promoting natural gas development and the rights of landowners in places such as the Southern Tier who desperately need the opportunities it offers. Bill told the story to our friends at IER the other day and you need to check it out.

The full podcast of the IER interview with Bill desRosiers can be found here:

Bill is also a guest blogger here, of course, and part of the Cabot Oil & Gas External Affairs team. He is also the man behind Shale Gas News, which has been enormously successful. Please check out what he has to say as he talks energy, shale gas and mining in New York with IER. You will enjoy it!

bill desrosiers

Bill desRosiers at work explaining how things work.

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One thought on “Bill desRosiers Talks Energy, Shale and Growing Up in the Mining Industry

  1. Bill desRosiers defending land owners?! Really? We would like to invite Bill to come to our home so he can see the truth about the company he works for.

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