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Did Tom Steyer Instigate the DRBC Fracking Ban?

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Tom Wolf’s proposal for a DRBC fracking ban came suddenly and most have assumed it was a lawsuit Plan B maneuver but was it instigated by Tom Steyer?

A deep dive into the relationships between the Steyer and Rockefeller families and the former’s connection with Tom Wolf suggest the answer could be yes. There is no doubt the two families are connected. It’s also clear Tom Steyer is behind Tom “Trust-Funder” Wolf, Pennsylvania’s two-faced governor, who made the first move toward the DRBC fracking ban.

That Tom Steyer is invested in Tom Wolf is no secret. I pointed out last November this information from Common Cause about Tom Steyer and the role of his Next Gen Climate Action Committee in Wolf’s 2014 campaign:

Meanwhile,  environmentalist Tom Steyer’s Next Gen Climate Action Committee appears to have spent at least $1.1 million on 1,468 TV ads attacking Corbett during July. The money was part of $100 million Steyer pledged nationwide to oppose candidates who reject climate change science.

That’s serious money. If Tom Steyer invested $1.1 million in Tom Wolf in just one month, you damned well know he expected something in return.

Earlier this year I also discovered something else about Tom Steyer and wrote about here. I learned his brother Hume Steyer was integrally involved in the Open Space Institute (OSI), the NRDC spin-off run by William “Make A Wilderness” Rockefeller’s great-grandson Kim Elliman at a salary of over a half million dollars per year. Here’s what the OSI 990 return said about Hume for 2016:


OSI, the NRDC and the Catskill Mountainkeeper, of course, interlocking boards of directors, with heavy Rockefeller family relationships throughout. John Adams, long-time water boy for the family, created and headed both the NRDC and OSI. He later spun-off the Catskill Mountainkeeper to be run by his son Ramsay and cultivated Joe Martens to be New York State DEC Commissioner as an adjunct assignment before his return to OSI. He also, apparently, brought Jennifer Cunningham, close advisor to Andrew Cuomo and former wife of the odious Eric Schneiderman onto the OSI board.

Tom Steyer

Photo of OSI board and friends – original by Brett Cole

Cultivation is what John Adams has always done, of course, working for Larry Rockefeller, Jr. and cousin Kim Elliman to make a new wilderness in the Catskills they hope to extend to the Delaware River valley. They have been assisted in this by relationships with The William Penn Foundation (Haas family) that funds the Delaware Riverkeeper. OSI and the William Penn Foundation, in fact, have launched a joint initiative in that regard. Kim Elliman also chairs the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation—the “R'” being for Rockefeller—which has separately funded the Queen of Obstruction otherwise known as Delaware Povertykeeper a/k/a Riverkeeper.

It’s not hard to see how it’s all works. Hume Steyer is OSI. OSI is the Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller family funds the Mountainkeeper and the Delaware Riverkeeper. The Haas family also funds the Riverkeeper. They want the Delaware as a shared wilderness. Hume Steyer is Tom Steyer’s brother. Tom Steyer owns Tom Wolf. Get it?

There’s more, though. Tom Steyer has, according to IER, given no less the following sums to various Rockefeller entities:

$750,000 to Bill McKibben’s 350.org

$3,000,000 to the NRDC

$25,000 to the Open Space Institute

$350,000 to Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

$70,000 to the Sustainable Markets Foundation

That’s over $4 million and doesn’t count money given the Energy Foundation, Next Generation and similar groups that either fund the same activities or join in funding still other fractivist and global warmist initiatives designed to advance these families’ investments in “green energy” scams, not to mention their wilderness playground plans.

Tom Steyer is working hand-in-glove with the Rockefeller and Haas families to steal the Delaware as one of those playgrounds. He and his brother Hume are doing everything they can to facilitate this theft because it serves their multiple interests. It may also explain why Tom Wolf suddenly decided he’d be the one to initiate a DRBC fracking ban. Did Tom Steyer tell him to do so?

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4 thoughts on “Did Tom Steyer Instigate the DRBC Fracking Ban?

  1. Hope they compensate the people of Wayne and Pike Counties for forbidding nat. gas development, They seem to have a lot of cash to fund these organizations, so lets fund all the affected residents and property owners for there little playground.

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