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Natural Gas Development Before and After – Part I

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Natural Gas NOW


Fractivists obsessed with the anecdotal and the superficial miss the reality of what’s happening with natural gas development – the before and the after.

Fractivists, despite the object of their animus, aren’t deep thinkers. They prefer the shallow collections of stories “of the harmed” and other such nonsense. They have no interest in science unless it’s the pseudo or junk version, in which case they repeat the words “peer review” like a parrot on high-protein bird food. They focus, instead, on anecdotes, pictures and footprints, as our friend Nick Grealy noted here. That raises a question posed by Nick and one of our correspondents in a comment on his post. Why aren’t we documenting the before and after of natural gas development? I’ve been saying this for years as well. We’ve tried to also do something about it, but we’re going to step up our game — starting right now.

We have a great example to start with a video put together by Williams regarding its Leidy Southeast Expansion project. It added some 30 miles of new pipeline to an existing Transco pipeline in Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

I applaud Williams for putting this video together and publishing it on PipeUp, their blog. As they note:

Construction on the $610 million project began during the spring of 2015. Less than one year later, the Transco pipeline right of way exhibited few signs of the construction following the successful completion of the company’s extensive post-construction restoration activities.

We need a hundred more videos just like this one and not just of pipelines, but also well pads. Here, via Google Earth, are some additional pictures of existing pipelines in Southeastern Pennsylvania:

Natural Gas Development Natural Gas Development Natural Gas Development Natural Gas Development Natural Gas Development Sends a message doesn’t it? Well, there’s a lot more to come.

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