Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Just Keeps Producing Natural Gas for the Rest

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Some states just can’t get their energy acts together. Plagued by political correctness, urban states tilt at windmills while Pennsylvania heats their homes.

Pennsylvania is, sadly, bordered on three sides by hopeless urban states (Maryland, New Jersey and New York) that can’t shoot straight when it comes to energy. They’re sinking down into a morass of foolish but politically correct muck no one but poliltical pigs think is attractive. They’re pursuing the same stupid policies that have pushed California and Germany into a unique for of stagflation with no progress on reducing emissions, combined with rapidly inflating energy prices. But, our Commonwealth, together with the natural gas industry, just keeps plodding along, making the energy its prodigal neighbors need.

Two news items bring this home. The first is a post earlier in the week from Today In Energy (emphasis added):

From 2013 to 2017, Pennsylvania was the largest net exporter of electricity, sending an annual average of 59 million megawatthours (MWh) outside the state. California was the largest net importer, receiving an average of 77 million MWh annually.

And, here is the graph:

Natural gasNotice, first of all, that the leader in pursuing Green New Deal brand nonsense for decades has been California, which must now get more of its energy from out of state than any other state. It is more energy dependent on other states than anyone. That’s a message if there ever was one.

Pennsylvania, though, despite being a Northeast state where impossible green dreams motivate politicians to do stupid things, has looked at natural gas as an opportunity to improve both its economy and its environment, while providing its neighbors what they won’t provide for themselves so they can signal their green virtues to constituents to ignorant to see through the scams.

Pennsylvania produces the energy Maryland, New Jersey and New York need and will have ever less of by their own efforts. And, Pennsylvania allows pipelines such as the new Leidy South Expansion Project under development by Williams:

The Leidy South Project is a proposed expansion of Williams’ existing Pennsylvania energy infrastructure to further connect robust supplies of natural gas in northern and western Pennsylvania with growing demand centers along the Atlantic Seaboard in time for the 2021-22 winter heating season.

The project will help the existing Transco pipeline system transport an additional 582,400 dekatherms of natural gas supply per day – enough natural gas to meet the daily needs of approximately 2.5 million homes.

Here’s the map:

natural gasWhat this project means is that enough gas to heat 2.5 million homes will be able to get to market to heat those adjoining states as they wallow in the muck of green political correctness. Itv will also help heat places such as Poland so it can stay free of the Russian bear. Pennsylvania just keeps producing natural gas for the rest.

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Just Keeps Producing Natural Gas for the Rest

  1. Pennsylvania heated their homes before gas and
    will do so, after gas.

    Pennsylvania residents and land are being fracked so you and others can have gas,
    and we have to be exposed to the pollution and risks to our health and safety,, so others can have gas.

    We definitely need another plan of action that impacts no one or no environment negatively.

    Gas is produced and developed at too high of a price on many levels.

    • So going back to tried and true heat before gas means what? Wood? Coal? Fuel Oil? Don’t see any of those energy sources listed in the New Green Deal. Besides all those fuel sources kill people as well, so your comment is silly.

      We need to continue to drill and frac where the energy is and continue to do so in environmentally friendly ways. In order to remain free as a people we need quality, dependable energy at home.

  2. Vera
    It’s been 4 years since NY refused drilling operations sending the state into a mass exodus of its Citizens. Even you who stood before crowds of people and stated if NY banned drilling you would move here from PA. to escape your fantasy of pollution. Have yet to keep your promise to flee to sanctuary NY. Your credibility is right down there with the clowns you collaborate you fake pollution crisis with. I feel bad for you Vera because I understand you.

  3. I agree, PA heated without NG for many years. The farm I grew up on in Bradford county did – we used coal when we could afford it and wood when couldn’t. Eventually we upgraded to propane with a burner in the old coal furnace and a tank outside the size of a submarine. I remember when NG finally came through in the mid 1960s, what a blessing! No more monster furnace in the basement and no more submarine in the yard.
    As adults in the 1970s and 1980s we lived in town, again with NG heat. Later moving back to the country and guess what? Electric heat. It cost twice as much to heat half the house. A wood stove going 24/7 November through mid April saves several hundred dollars a year but is messy and labor intensive. Ironically we have 4 NG wells within a mile and a pipeline several hundred yards from our house and the gas under our property is going to someplace else. The up side is royalties make up the difference, at least when we don’t get screwed by some in the industry with post production costs.
    I have researched solar and wind several times in the last 40 years and although there has been significant progress it has its downsides. I will be first in line when it becomes an economical and reliable energy source. Until then I think the anti gassers’ time and money would be better spent developing the affordable alternatives rather than sueing, protesting and fighting the tide.
    Finally, I agree that we need a plan, with the least risk realistically and reasonably possible. So far i have not seen that from the anti folks. It is the horse before the cart, ban carbon and then hope to hell something takes up the slack.
    We may not all like the gas industry’s plan but they have one and it is working.
    So in closing be careful what you wish for. You have seen what a few hour black out does to a metropolitan area like NYC. Riots, burning, looting and yes deaths. Imagine that for a week or more.

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