Landowners and Laborers Fight Back

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Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R

Landowners and laborers are fighting back against Andrew Cuomo’s cruel betrayal of both in his blatant bid for leftist support for a Presidential run.

While anti-gas gas-using hypocrites went to Albany, New York to thank Governor Cuomo for a ban based on junk science, about 80 “enemies of injustice” gathered in downtown Binghamton for a rally of a different nature. Their were no politicians speaking on behalf of the 80 landowners and laborers, as the “State of The State” address was being given in Albany. For a welcome change the bullhorn was passed from landowner to landowner, from one union to the next and the people were heard.

Questions were asked. “How is it fair to use a health compendium written by anti-frackers”? How do peer reviewed documents have any credibility when they are submitted to and reviewed by the same group of activists who wrote them? The landowners and laborers who were there felt like they were in a poker game where every card dealt was known by the dealer, who used his unfair advantage to exploit the others. Cuomo’s decision woke up those effected by it the most, “We the people.”

“We the people” were patient as the governor promised science over emotion – angry over the delay but patiently waiting for a decision we were repeatedly told would be based on the scientific evidence and not the emotion. But, on December 17th, in a decision clearly made by Cuomo Cuomo, he only smirked, threw his hands in the air, and disclaimed responsibility, later thanking emotional fractivists for keeping the issue alive. He even went so cars, as Dr. Zucker read his script, to say “I have had nothing to do with this decision” looking at Zucker and Martens for affirmation. If that were true, then why were the anti-gas gas-using hypocrites in Albany thanking Cuomo instead of Martens and Zucker, the twin puppets of New York politics?

We know the answer, of course. It’s all a political game of chess where landowners and laborers are merely pawns in the hands of corrupt politicians, special interest foundations and true-believers who couldn’t care less about either. Landowners and laborers have now joined forces, however, and are fighting back, as this story from Fox News WICZ Channel 40 in Binghamton indicates:

Pro-gas landowners had their own message to send before Governor Cuomo delivered his State of the State and budget addresses.

Members of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York rallied outside of Government Plaza in Downtown Binghamton Wednesday afternoon. They said the governor’s decision to ban fracking has resulted in a theft of property rights and a loss of jobs and economic opportunities in the Southern Tier.

“Natural gas is something that the state is using. If there really is an issue with it why don’t we turn the pipes off? Let’s have all solar take over. Let’s get real here. People need to wake up and see what’s happening in this state and what’s being taken away,” said Dan Fitzsimmons, President of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

“We are exploring other options federally. We were fortunate to have one of our members go to the State of the Union Address last night with Congressman (Tom) Reed. We’re proud that now Washington is looking at these issues,” said Scott Kurkoski, Attorney for the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

Union leaders joined landowners at Wednesday’s rally to protest what they call the lost jobs the fracking ban created.

Landowners and Unions Fight Back

Yes, my friends, Cuomo has awaken a sleeping giant as our friends of natural gas and our union brothers and sisters were disenchanted by a decision, a decision based on junk science. Even then, Howard Zucker couldn’t show demonstrate problems with natural gas drilling sufficient to warrant a statewide ban – it was all speculation and equivocation.

That’s right; if you watched the televised report Zucker himself even admitted it, right there in front of his imaginary children, as he stated “At this time their is no evidence that fracking is polluting, but it is possible.” Over 30 other states disagree with Dr Zucker including Maryland and Illinois but Zucker, decided, on orders from Cuomo to accept the speculation and fear-mongering of Sandra Steingraber, the author of the Concerned Health Physicians of New York “compendium,” that organization apparently also going by the title of Physicians Against Fracking.

So, ultimately, our state is run by agitators who have control of a cowering and conniving  governor; a governor who does not trust the landowners and laborers of the Southern Tier, other states, scientists or anyone else but his political advisors and NRDC gang buddies. No, instead, we have a governor who has no faith in the expertise of the geologists,  hydrologists and engineers in his own Department of Environmental Conservation. We have a governor who no faith in the people of this state to do a job and do it right.

We have a Governor who slammed the door of economical opportunity based on junk science and the influence of Robert Kennedy, Jr. and friends. Cuomo’s ex-brother-in-law suggested back in 2012 that the New York Health Department be pulled in to review the D-SGEIS, a health study that would take our cowering Governor out past election day by delay. Cuomo pandered to the one percent and most likely their contributions, not the science, which is how this very poor decision came about.

But, there is good news that came out of this. As you see in the headline above in the news account, we have been awakened to take action. New groups are being formed to address this ban. One of the JLCNY’s landowners was invited to President Obama’s SOTU address and will also make the rounds with our congressional representative and tell Congress how our rights to clean water and clean air, by using the cleanest fossil fuel we have, were denied by a governor who cares not for upstate New York, but, rather, his own political ambitions.

Rallies will be held all over Upstate New York. Landowners and labors are in agreement; they will and already have represented themselves at rallies and public hearings and TOGETHER, we will be stronger. We are not done in New York, we will not lay down and let false information and political ambitions rob us from any freedoms. We have a right to drill for natural gas and oil, which is already giving us cleaner air and water, which is a right of ALL the people of this state, country and world. Stay tuned…. There is much more to come!

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5 thoughts on “Landowners and Laborers Fight Back

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  2. Glad to see that greedy frackers aren’t going to be allowed to spoil New York state’s fine water.
    Try another easy money way to use your land. One that won’t muck up shared resources such as sensitive and irreplaceable water tables.

    • Greedy? Wanting to pay your taxes and put food on the table makes you greedy? How do you it, bud? Since you view the land as a “shared resource” should we send you a bill for your share of the taxes?

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