Joe Biden Tells Fracking Lies But, Was It Then, or Is It Now?

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Joe Biden changes policy positions like others change clothes but was he lying about fracking then or now; that’s the question before us.

Donald Trump is not lying about Joe Biden and the words Biden has used about his desire to ban fracking *and* eliminate the use of fossil fuels. We have the video (below) showing clips from various Biden events where he unequivocally states he will ban fracking, and (in time) eliminate the use of all fossil fuels. This is Joe Biden in his own words. So was Biden lying then? Or, is he lying now?

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The election may well come down to folks in places like the Pittsburgh region. We’ve gotten pushback from some readers (now former readers) who couldn’t take our periodic spotlight criticizing Biden for his hypocrisy on the fracking issue. They believe Biden is a moderate and just mouthing no-fracking platitudes to get elected–he couldn’t really ban fracking even if he wanted to, they say. We disagree.

Biden has been pulled to the radicalized left. He is no moderate. He will destroy the shale industry. Biden doesn’t have to pass a national law to ban fracking–he can just tell the EPA and other agencies to tighten up and make fracking and oil/gas drilling so restrictive, nobody will do it anyway. Just like leftists are now doing in Colorado (beginning next year setbacks in Colorado will be 2,000 feet, meaning no new drilling in pretty much the entire state, a disaster for the oil and gas industry there).

We have the proof of Biden’s true intentions. Please believe him, at least the former him:

And, how about this one:

Have we convinced you? We certainly hope so.

David Blackmon has an excellent column in Forbes about Joe Biden’s lingering fracking confusion:

No one creates confusion like Joe Biden has managed to do over the subject of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” Beginning when he announced his candidacy in April, 2019, the former Vice President spent the first year of his campaign promising variously to ban fracking outright, to ban it on federal lands, to phase it out over time, and even to end the use of all oil and natural gas entirely.

Those promises and others are not in honest question – most were made in nationally-televised debates or in televised campaign rallies, and were captured on video. They’re real, and they aren’t going away no matter how hard Mr. Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, attempt to walk them back. That is what both have been doing over the past couple of months as it has become increasingly obvious that Pennsylvania, which sits atop the massive Marcellus Shale natural gas resource, will be one of a small handful of key swing states in the election.

Biden was in Pennsylvania again on Saturday, and at least tried to discard some of the pretense of trying to have the issue both ways in order to try to placate all elements of his party’s voter base. Speaking to a group of union members at a plumber’s training facility in Eerie, Pa, Biden stated, “I am not, not, not banning fracking, period.”

Biden’s remark comes a few days after Sen. Harris had stated during the vice-presidential debate that “I will repeat, and the American people will know, Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact. That is a fact.” It’s fair to note that Harris, a staunch supporter of the “Green New Deal,” made the commitment specific to Biden, not to herself. It’s also fair to point out that neither statement makes any effort to modify the campaign’s promise to ban fracking on federal lands.

Assuming a firm position on any issue is always a dangerous thing for any politician, and by staking out this new, seemingly more-definitive ground on fracking, Biden risks turning off many on the progressive, anti-development left for whom opposition to fracking and fossil fuels has become essentially a religious exercise. It remains to be seen how or if he will try to triangulate back with that key constituency during the final three weeks of the campaign…

Editor’s Note: Joe Biden has never had a true position on anything, of course. He’s wholly a hollow political creation and always has been. He has plagiarized speeches throughout his career and is the epitome of the fellow who feels strongly both ways—all ways really—on every subject depending on whoever it is he is addressing. It’s really no more complicated than that.

Joe Biden, as President, would be a tool of those who manage him and we have no idea who those people even really are, although we have suspicions based on his choice, as his Vice-President, of the most radical individual in the Senate, a person so out-of-step she had to drop out of the Presidential primary campaign before the first vote was taken. Think about that for a moment and you realize she was chosen for Joe by other radicals who know she, too, will do what she’s told by the Democrat party’s extreme left.

We also know Joe Biden has little direct voice in whether Pennsylvania allows fracking or not, although he could, as Jim notes, squeeze it out with crazy regulations from the Federal level. Where his managers have direct ability to shape the outcome, though, there has been no equivocation; his position is definitely anti-fracking on Federal lands, as I wrote about here. So, who are you going to believe? The answer isn’t hard for most of us.

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