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Anti-Fracking Special Interests Punked Along with Actors

anti-fracking special interests - Tom Shepstone reportsTom Shepstone
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Anti-fracking special interests got punked very badly by James O’Keefe in his latest video expose. The Hollywood actors’ faux pas were just side-shows.

The Project Veritas punking of Mariel Hemingway and Ed Begley, Jr., two typical pompous Hollywood dolts, has been getting a lot of attention the last couple of days, and rightfully so. Seeing actors and actresses, who confuse their celebrity status with intelligence and moral superiority, get exposed is great fun, but it isn’t the most important part of the story. The folks who really got exposed in this endeavor were the anti-fracking special interests we have been writing about for some time now.

Here’s the Project Veritas video. It’s not particularly good video, it’s very redundant and it’s cheesy in many respects. Yet, in another sense it is pure journalism of the kind we seldom see anymore as main stream media types have come to think it’s their mission to package and support causes, rather than get to the truth. James O’Keefe has done this sort of thing many times now and repeatedly exposed what would have otherwise been protected by other media. This latest video exposes just how anti-fracking special interests operate.

The best parts of the video are not what Hemingway and Begley say. They’re just a couple of vacuous swelled heads who think they matter and don’t. Like Mark Rufalo, also mentioned frequently in the video, they’re just puppets being used by bigger forces who know how it easy it is to manipulate someone who desperately wants to be relevant.

The real “stars” of this video are Josh and Rebecca Tickell, a couple of producers who made the environmental documentary “Fuel,” for example. The Powerline blog has a nice short post that focuses largely on their role. They come off as a pair of shallow hucksters who know how to milk everyone of money and support. Their principles are limited to only doing films that advance their environmental schtick, which, of course, is no different than a plaintiffs’ expert refusing to work with prosecutors.

anti-fracking special interests

Rebecca and Josh Tickell

Among the folks the Tickell couple know how to tickle are the anti-fracking special interests we write about here all the time and that’s what caught my attention about this wonderful video. Go to 7:45, for example, where Rebecca Tickell, helped by Josh, offers that Environment California (part of Environment America, which also has chapters in New York and Pennsylvania), Code Blue and the NRDC are all prospective partners in the film project.

That is to say these are the non-profit entities who would give the film credibility. Rebecca says she can guarantee such NGO (non-governmental organization) support (starting at 9:44). They need plausible deniability as to funding sources, of course, which is why, at 12:53, the Tickell talks about the need for secrecy on their end as well as on the Middle East end.

Watch the video and you’ll see a lot more of this. The Tickell team also mentions Josh Fox and implies there’s more to come regarding him, which would hardly be surprise given his own talent for manipulating others and fabricating story lines that bear only a passing reference to the facts. He has written the book about how to use a muckraking environmental documentary to gain national exposure. You’ll also hear a reference to the New York fracking movement, proving, yet again, the entire fracking war is all about New York, regardless of the battle location.

The import of this video is, perhaps illustrated by the Tickell comments from 1:31 to 2:44, where Josh says:

…however we did this, it would essentially be housed inside a group of non-profits and very high profile people who are already in the movement and working along the movement. So, for all intents and purposes, anybody looking from the outside at this would see only see of these people involved, cast, working for, working with the movie and will be like “We can see – we do see where all the money came from. It came from all of these.” They will make the assumption. We will not offer it. You know?

This is how the corrupt ruling class works. It’s deceit all the way down, using the dirtiest of tactics and dark money with the elitist non-profits who don’t want to know what’s really going on playing the role of facade for anti-fracking special interests. Environment America (of flooded Pakistani rig fame) and the NRDC are both heavily funded by the Sea Change Foundation and its effective subsidiary, the Energy Foundation, as well as Google founder Eric Schmidt. Google is heavily invested in solar energy, of course.

These are the anti-fracking special interests who got punked worst of all in this latest Project Veritas gem. Josh Tickell was also revealed for who he really is. He refers to himself as an “eco-evangelist” is this website promoting his film Fuel. It’s got to be a Freudian slip because the guy reminds me of some of those TV evangelists who, though they believe in their cause just as he does, are first and foremost about the money. Environmentalism IS the religion of so many anti-fracking special interests and he wants to be one of their evangelists. As he says at 4:17, “Money, to us…it’s money…we have no moral issue.” No, I didn’t think so.

I’m really looking forward to Part II, which will apparently include this:

anti-fracking special interests

Yes, it should be very good, indeed.

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6 thoughts on “Anti-Fracking Special Interests Punked Along with Actors

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  2. Fox’s attempt at a preemptive strike to protect himself seems more of a pat on his own back that he didn’t bite because he “smelled a rat.” When we were kids, the come back to name calling was that it “takes one to know one.” That shoe seems to fit here. Apparently, Fox’s daddy is attempting to make an honest man out of his son with the transfer of ownership of the Milanville land on April 30, 2014 – the land that Josh claimed years ago that he already owned. Deception, meet Deception.

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