Walter Hang Celebrates and Profits as Upstate Dies

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Walter Hang appeared on the Bob Joseph Show this past Friday to celebrate Andrew Cuomo’s attempts to starve Upstate New York of both gas and gas drilling.

This past Friday, I had the distinct privilege of listening to Walter Hang on WNBF 1290. He was on the “Bob Joseph Show.” “Biased Bob,” who adopted this moniker after a caller referred to him as such, has proven over and over again his show is a megaphone for those opposed to natural gas drilling and anxious to lie about it. His interview with Ithaca’s Walter Hang, the fractivist shill the Rockefellers have now paid well over $2 million to do his schtick, was yet another example.

Walter Hang

“Biased Bob” Joseph

As a frequent caller into the Bob Joseph Show, I often have my thoughts interrupted by Biased Bob when he realizes what I’m saying is not what he wants his listeners to hear, but that’s another story.  Walter was, on Friday, once again celebrating Governor “Tax Me to the Poor House” Cuomo’s decision to impose a moratorium in gas drilling in New York. He go his facts wrong, though, as Cuomo did not ban drilling. Rather, he extended a moratorium indefinitely; probably because an outright ban would expose Empire State taxpayers to lawsuits over takings claims.

Walter went on to also celebrate Cuomo’s recent halting of the Constitution and the Northern Access pipeline projects saying all three of the governor’s actions were nothing short of a great victory by the anti gas community, most of who members are in city limits that have natural gas to their homes and have not switched to any source of clean energy in the ten years that they demanded everyone else do. Allied environmental radicals, in fact, give credit to these fossil fuel dependents who take pleasure in denying the same benefits to others who want them. These self-righteous braggarts are the enemies of civil society; “haves” denying “have nots” and wearing it as a badge of honor among thieves.

Walter then went on to talk about propane storage on Seneca Lake and the antis’ success to date in stopping an expansion project that would have stored propane for customer delivery to tens of thousands of people in the northeast corridor. This personally effected me as, once again, I had to pay over $5.00 per gallon for propane this winter. The bill states $4.61 per gallon plus handling and delivery charges bringing my cost to $5.12. How Governor Cuomo gets the gall to delay these critical projects is a mystery to the fair-minded people of Upstate New York unless they know Cuomo. He is a ruthlessly ambitious and corrupt politician who is taking our state down the path to insolvency for the sake of a future Presidential bid, but that’s, once again, a post for another day.

Walter Hang

Walter Hang and the usual suspects

Meanwhile, the Walter Hang interview went from bad to worse. The man has, over the past few years, been paid over $2,225,000 by the Rockefeller family and the Park Foundation to help spread misinformation on oil and gas development in New York. The 990 returns of their Sustainable Markets Foundation show he’s essentially been on their payroll as a hired gun.

He also gets free publicity for his ostensible business of doing environmental assessments under the name “Toxic Targeting.”

He plugged his Toxic Targeting website on the radio multiple times, in fact. He bragged that he recently got some TV coverage resulting in over 4,000 website visits in a few hours. Walter explained to listeners that if they want to buy a home or business, or check a place they already own or rent to see if their is any contamination problems, they can go to his website, (please don’t support him with a visit) and there is a map where they can put in their address and bring up contamination data. He makes it all sound as if this map is the result efforts made by him to protect us because he loves us.

Or, is Walter Hang just a snake oil salesman? We know he compiles his information from state and federal sources already available with simple Google searches and the like.  He basically copies and pastes already publicly available information to his website. He then charges for that information available to anyone who doesn’t know it’s already freely available from the same sources he uses. Below are two quotes from Walter Hang’s website that explain:

Map Disclaimer

The site locations illustrated on our maps are based on information that Toxics Targeting obtains from local, state and federal government agencies as well as historic data sources. Please note: a) mapped locations are approximate; b) additional toxic sites exist, but are not mapped due to incomplete addresses; c) contamination problems can impact properties located considerable distances from toxic sources; d) some of the identified sites are large and can involve multiple parcels; e) other categories of toxic sites exist, but are not included in the map; f) identified sites include known as well as potential contamination threats; and g) the regulatory status of individual sites might have changed.

Project Applications

In addition to Phase I’s, engineers and consultants use Toxics Targeting’s reports to perform Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, hazardous waste site remediations, Sensitive Receptor Assessments, Brownfield Redevelopments, Historic Use Assessments, Regulatory Compliance Audits, Environmental Impact Statements, Subsurface Investigations, Watershed Characterizations, Stormwater Management Planning, Vapor Intrusion Studies, environmental due diligence, mortgage portfolio reviews, highway and railroad corridor studies, wellhead studies, Land-use Management Planning, Groundwater Management Planning, Resource Management Planning, rezoning studies, Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) studies and tax certiorari matters.

Toxics Targeting’s Phase I Environmental Database Reports are provided @ $150.00 each. Call for volume discount information.

Cost: $150.00

Walter Hang has been getting a free ride from Biased Bob as he has shilled for the Park Foundation and the Rockefellers. They pay him to do their dirty work, while he also gets to promotes his business on the side. I tried to explain this to “Biased Bob” and his WNBF 1290 listeners on Friday. I said I wanted to respond to Walter Hang’s interview but he immediately blocked me by saying I could not mention Walter’s name.

Once again — yet again — “Biased Bob” Joseph shut down the debate and refused to hear the truth because, when it comes to natural gas drilling, there’s simply no room for that on his show. Walter Hang can spew whatever nonsense he desires and no one gets to hear who’s paying him to do it or how it helps his business. “Biased Bob” really is biased, it seems; biased against an Upstate New York dying for lack of gas, gas drilling or anything remotely resembling progress as it is taxed out if existence.

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13 thoughts on “Walter Hang Celebrates and Profits as Upstate Dies

  1. Walter Hang is little more than a prostitute for the Park Foundation and Adelaide Park Gomer. There is quite a bit of development going on in Ithaca and I don’t see Wally squealing like a pig for all those fossil fuel using machines building all the buildings which will also be tied into nat gas lines. It’s a shame that the JLC, Unshackle NY, Reclaim NY, the Chamber of Commerce, industry, etc. don’t form a giant coalition to fight whores like Hang and all the billionaire foundations that fund him and his ilk. This state has to rid itself of Capo Cuomo and all his lieutenants if this state is not sold off to the Rockefellers and Park.

  2. show us actual proof that Rockefeller is funding Walter Hang….

    thank you,

    no one is starving in upstate New York ;
    New Yorkers upstate are probably mostly overweight…

    Other industries and businesses are promoted by Cuomo for upstate…
    and “gas drilling” is not the only answer for economic growth.

    Pa. Government struggles to balance their budget yearly
    and they have gas drilling for the past ten years..

    Don’t put all your Easter Eggs in one basket….!

    Now don’t you and your readers forget to call me all kinds
    of names for writing this response and not just agreeing with you…!

    Happy Easter and Resurrection…..

    • Ask and ye shall receive, Vera. BTW, why do you still live in the middle of some of the most heavily drilled place on earth if it is deadly and dangerous along with your Park Foundation puppets Craig Stevens and Ray “junkyard” Kemble? Here’s a U.S. Senate report from the Committee on the Environment and Public Works that you should read in its entirety that reveals what is really going on with billionaire foundations buying up cheap NY state land upstate thanks to you and Wally the money grubber –

    • Vera
      You expect people to call you names and they oblige. Ask yourself why? I suggest that you revist the youtube videos on line where you attacked Phelim McAleer. Don’t get me wrong Vera, I am no better but I am working on it. May I suggest when you take up a cause it might help to know what you are using as tools for educating. Calling a water separator to NYS Legislators on tour a fracking holding tank does not pull the wool over they eyes of those who know. Vera, you mention Easter and the Resurection, if you knew the Bible I am convinced you would support gas extraction as God said in the book of Genisis “go forth and use all ye the resources of the earth” for vegans he specificaly tells use before consuming the beast of the Earth bleed them out! I am no expert on the Bible but I am trying to understand the hypocracy of all things anti. HAVE A PLEASENT DAY VERA…achieve don’t deceive


    Very interesting. Even I recognize Craig Stevens in the photo as he made an appearance at a ferc hearing on a pipeline in Brooklyn and queens and also appeared at a hearing on Long island. Small world.

    Also interestingly Joe Mahoney , while noting in his recent article that the NYDEC has rejected the permits for two natural gas pipelines within a year, only one however on Earth day, the reporter made no mention of the NYDEC decision on fracking as well as any other delays with permitting like the Seneca lake facility.

    The antifracking movement likes to say ferc is the rogue agency but it’s looking like there is actually something quite odd about the behavior of the NYDEC to me. Why haven’t reporters been looking into this more? Practically two thirds of the natural gas produced in the united States comes via fracking and yet somehow the NYDEC has deemed that natural gas development via fracking in the entire state of NY is too risky? Pipelines exist, are permitted and deliver gas to ny through other states and yet somehow pipelines cannot be built in NY as the “risk doesn’t outweigh the reward”? Say what???

  4. Oh Mr Stevens. In my past dealings with him over the phone I would advise he had 5 minutes and 3 questions. By the time his 6th generation this and 5th generation that spiel was completed I would advise that no time was left, I had to get back to work. Nothing to see there…

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