WNBF Protects Fractivist Organizer Walter Hang?

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Walter Hang is a paid fractivist organizer for the Park and Rockefeller families – New York’s gentry class – and he’s being protected by the press.

Walter Hang is fractivist shill for some very rich people who want to starve Upstate New York out of existence. They not only don’t want any fracking; they’re against even bringing natural gas to the region. They want to stop pipelines. They are using Walter Hang to manipulate public opinion and co-op our legislators. The press, meanwhile, protects him.

Recently, Fox 40 News in Binghamton, New York did a story about 22 state legislators who have made a job-killing call for a moratorium on anything to do with with fossil fuels. They naively want to stop any new pipelines, compressor stations, natural gas power plants – you name it.

Barbara Lifton is leading the charge, aided and abetted by Walter Hang, who is referred to in this story as others simply as an “environmental activist.” Walter Hang is no mere activist. He’s a highly paid fractivist organizer for the wealthy Park Foundation and the Rockefeller family. He has, in fact, received well over $2 million in payments from them (through the Sustainable Markets Foundation).

Fox News also reported Vestal, New York’s own Donna Lupardo was one of the 22 legislators willing to sell out the Southern Tier. This prompted me to call into the Bob Joseph talk show on Binghamton’s 1290 AM talk radio station. I challenged Donna, over the air, to a debate about her support for a measure that would cut off our energy supply. I knew she wouldn’t; she’s a fence-rider when it comes to gas drilling and jumps from one side to the other depending on what she supposes is popular at the moment. Debates aren’t her thing.

Anyway, after I made this on-air challenge, I backed it up with a message to Lupardo and copied WNBF Radio 1290.

To Donna Lupardo
NYS Legislator Vestal Binghamton

I invite you to discuss your recent signature with Walter Hang of Toxic Targeting in stopping fossil fuel infrastructure such as pipelines and compressor stations in NY On radio 1290 already ok’d with Bob Joseph (HOST)  I believe all interested parties on both sides of the fence would like to hear this discussion and your stance on the issue. I believe in a democracy governed by representatives of the people should be willing to engage in civil debate especially when there is disagreement on the subject matter.

Victor Furman

I received a letter in my mailbox from none other then Bob Joseph asking that I call him. I did so. He then called back and this is pretty much how the conversation went:

Bob Joseph: Hi, Vic! Would you be willing to debate with Walter Hang this Thursday on air.

Me: Yes, Bob I would.

Bob Joseph: Ok, but Walter has a few rules.

Me: Rules, Bob? I thought the only rules were no swearing and name calling. You have always said that.

Bob Joseph: Well, for this debate Walter doesn’t want any personal attacks. Stick to the subject matter only – climate change.

Me: But, Bob, does that mean I can’t bring up the fact that I have never received monies for my advocacy and Walter has received over $2 million for his?

Bob Joseph: NO!  You have to stick to the topic of climate change.

Me: But, Bob, the money is his incentive. The people listening need to know that.

Bob Joseph: There will be no discussion on how much Walter was paid.

Me: Well, can I at least bring up the fact that Walter heats both his home and his business with natural gas.

Bob Joseph: NO!

Me: Then, if I can’t tell the story of Walter then I can’t debate him. It’s a no for Thursday

Bob Joseph: OK, Vic. Thanks for returning my call. Keep in touch.

I didn’t record this call but I wrote as much of it down as possible while it was fresh in my mind and that’s the substance. Walter Hang doesn’t want anyone to know his game and WNBF is willing to play along. This is how fractivism spreads. Those who deal in it can’t admit who they really are and the press protects them from challenges. They get presented as “environmental activists” when they are but paid shills.

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8 thoughts on “WNBF Protects Fractivist Organizer Walter Hang?

  1. http://elibrary.ferc.gov/idmws/common/opennat.asp?fileID=14299383

    I can see how limiting the terms of the debate might be frustrating but I hope you reconsider for these two reasons:

    1. The link above is to a natural gas pipeline expansion project which recently received a FERC certificate order. As in just last week. The project is both in NY state and will deliver into NYC.

    2. Even if the frame of the discussion centers on climate change, you would be on the higher ground not Mr. Hang. As natural gas has not just clean air benefits over other fossil fuels but reduced carbon dioxide emissions as well.

  2. “Many of the changes in energy-related CO2 emissions in recent history have occurred in the electric power sector because of the decreased use of coal and the increased use of natural gas for electricity generation.”–EIA. (2016)

    “Hydrofracking has certainly changed the energy dynamic considerably. You are absolutely right, it has created an opportunity for a shift away from coal into natural gas, and that shift has been enormously beneficial from a clean air perspective, as well as from a climate perspective.” Gina McCarthy EPA. (2015)


  3. Karen

    I cannot effectively debate anyone who restricts pertinent information on themselves, their motives, and their sources. Apparently Walter Hang knows that he was about to be exposed as a profiteer of his own fear mongering on gas development, and/or that his financial backers want to keep their interest out of public view as they simply pay their puppet to move forward with their agenda. If a new York entity or business wants natural gas development to remain worldly competitive a debate on WNBG1290 makes no difference. Like everyone else who wants something from Cuomo (Governor Gumby) all they have to do is “PAY UP” Its the Albany way

  4. Well i agree with you on the topic of natural gas in ny….something is definitely way off. I feel for you Vic.

  5. Update
    Just received on Saturday a message from Donna Lupardo that she is willing to meet me on the Bob Joseph show as soon as Bob sets it up. STRANGE THING THO…she denied knowing the coalition letter she signed was Walter Hangs saying she understood it was Barbra Liftons… will keep you updated on when if it happens.

    This is what she wrote:

    Apologies for not personally responding sooner. If Bob Joseph would like that type of discussion, I would certainly participate. I signed a letter to the Governor written by Barbara Lifton that reinforces and supports his own 50 by 30 energy plan. I was not aware of Walter Hang’s involvement.
    Donna Lupardo

  6. Bob Joseph and his show “Binghamton Now” have allowed Walter Hang free reign to spew his anti-fracking, anti-fossil fuel, anti-business rhetoric for years. Bob Joseph has been against fracking from the beginning and presents himself as “fair and balanced” (his words) when in fact he has a definite liberal agenda to keep legitimate businesses out of New York State. He regularly attacks a plastic pipe company in Binghamton that is running a honest business and employing local people for no good reason. If you listen to “”Binghamton Now” you will notice Bob Joseph has a completely different approach to liberal callers and conservative callers, even to the point of being rude to callers he disagrees with. He has a cozy relationship with former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan and allows him to present his liberal views whenever Ryan wants to get on the show. He does allow Mr. Furman on the show, but is much more confrontational with Vic than with Walter Hang.

  7. Interesting turn of events, Vic. I wonder if this has anything to do with it:

    For those who don’t follow Fred Dicker, he often tweets links to this forum, and did point out this topic He has taken a very pro-business, pro-natural gas stance, and does not suffer fools like Cuomo, Schneiderman, and others gladly. Well worth listening to for his knowledge of history and his longtime reporting on NY politics.
    http://www.talk1300.com. Can live-stream on weekdays at 10:00, (click on the listen live link), or listen to the podcast anytime.

    All that aside, Vic, I think you should agree to the terms of a debate with Hang, but ask your questions anyway. If they cut you off, it makes them look as though they are hiding something, which they are. And they would have dead air to fill.. Very embarrassing for them either way.

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