No Longer Proud to be a New Yorker

landowners and laborers - Vic FurmanVictor Furman
Upstate New York Landowner Shale Gas Activist at NYRAD-R


The recent history of New York is one of corruption and rampant political correctness that has led one man to say he’s no longer proud to be a New Yorker. 

It saddens me to think that we were a free society with Constitutional rights given to us by the good sense of our forefathers and the blood their brothers spilled on the battle fields of farms, towns and cities.

I was born way too late in history to even pretend to have known the freedoms our ancestry enjoyed. This is a gas drilling website, but this letter is not so much about gas drilling as what I have learned about freedom in our long eight-year battle for gas drilling in New York. These are my feelings, as a New Yorker, about the state I used to love, what it was to me and what it has become.

New Yorker

In 1976, the US Army battalion with which I was stationed held a contest in which 50 people would be chosen to carry their state flag in a bicentennial salute to be inspected by then-President Gerald Ford who was visiting the  base at Fort Riley, Kansas. One of the questions asked was posed in two parts and it was the one that won me the honor of carrying the New York flag at the bicentennial Parade.

How many trucks represent the US ARMY and where are they located?

Answer – “one” and it’s atop the flagpole in front of our nation’s capitol. [It’s a flagpole truck.]

What might you find in the dashboard of that truck?

Answer – “a forty-five caliber slug”

That was 40 years ago, when we lived in a different country, one that believed in God, prayer in school, and that marriage was between a man and a women.  It was at a time when leaders of our country were more afraid of tripping down a flight of stairs, then being politically correct.

So you understand, let me define political correctness for you:

To mouth only what you think others see as right, not what you believe is right; to surrender your beliefs to peer pressure in favor of being liked.

I do my best to do the opposite. I can’t speak for the other 49 states, but let me share what I know about New York, the state I once loved and was proud to boast about, a state now sacrificed to political correctness!

  1. We have become the nation’s capitol for abortion with well over 50,000 babies aborted each year, mostly in minority neighborhoods.
  2. We are determined to show our political correctness by flying the gay pride flag at civic centers, but are not allowed to pray in our schools.
  3. We have the most corrupt government in the country, with arrests so common amongst our politicians that only 22% of us vote.
  4. Our elected officials lie to us daily, but only get prosecuted when they lie to themselves (other government officials).

Some of you will disagree with me on these points and that’s fine, but we ought to be able to civil debates about them and not have our futures determined for us an intolerant minority that’s determined to make us accept their beliefs.

What have we become but a silent majority of apathetic sheep willing to allow the beat down of our morality. our spirituality and our history legacy of being a free nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?

How have we managed to let ideologues deprive us of so many of our property rights – to the point we have nothing of value left in comparison to the extraordinary tax burdens of every New Yorker?

Our children in school today are taught math and science but cursive writing skills have gone out the window. Who, then, will read to them the letters of their parents and grandparents so that history can be passed down in a factual manner and not repackaged as part of some progressive indoctrination campaign?

When a government such as the one to which this New Yorker is now subject decides to over-regulate and deny the individual rights of property owners based on a campaign of fear ginned up by contributions from New York City socialites and trial lawyers, where does the loss of freedom end?

When scientist and doctors are hired and fired because they don’t fit the political agenda (e.g., Dr. Shaw vs. Howard Zucker) then we are doomed as a free people, doomed as a free society, to live in the swallow of oppressors who, themselves, have no idea of the damage they’ve done.

When a man such as Joe Martens is appointed temporarily to a position of authority and responsibility on behalf of us all, but then acts only on behalf of the wealthy few from which he came, returning to their fold when he’s killed the economic opportunity they so ardently desired be squashed, how is any different than a Mafia hit man?

I use to be so proud to be a New Yorker, to know that my service to this country, like that of most vets, meant keeping her free from that which is called government dictatorship, but now we have a governor, Cuomo, who fits that description like a glove.  Who does this man think he is; reigning over Upstate New York as if he was a king imposing his will on the peasants?

What gives Cuomo the right to condemn us to poverty and homelessness, to take away our homes and farms simply to increase his popularity among phony environmentalists? How does he get away with lying about so many things (e.g., climate change and clean energy) while engaging in some of the most corrupt examples of corporatism out there (e.g., Solar City)? Why does he put Elon Musk’s wants ahead of our needs?

Flag New Yorker

Today, when I see a New York flag, I hold my head down, trying not to see the Blue and Gold that once waved from my waist with such pride in 1976. Maybe it’s because I am older and wiser then that 20-year old kid, but, more likely, it’s because I have had a chance to experience New York democracy bought and paid for by the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Heinz Foundation, Yoko Ono and the Park Foundation – rich snobs all.

These are the people who have turned New York State upside down using Cuomo as their all-too-willing henchman. He’s man willing to say or do anything to gain their favor but I have a message for him; Governor Cuomo, black is not red, round is not flat, and no matter how many times you say it is, it still won’t be so. Truth always outs itself, eventually.

For those of you who say my right is to leave I say “I will” – simply give me back my investment, my years and I will pack up and be silenced. But, for those of you who felt this letter speaks to your own concerns and share the captivity of my distress, then vote. Your vote can be the bullet to a new revolution that corrects this madness call New York. Let’s try to get back to the point we can all be proud to be New Yorkers!

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18 thoughts on “No Longer Proud to be a New Yorker

  1. Victor
    Your letter was by far the best and most direct and real explanation of the suffering of not only New Yorkers, but all Americans.
    God help us we are surely doomed.
    Cece Campbell
    PS. Maybe that should be sent to King Cuomo. I know that is how so many feel, but it needs to hit Albany…..if it could do any good.

  2. Because NY cares more about the health and welfare of all of it’s citizens , you are not proud to be part of one of the greatest states in the union ?…..This story just shows me the level of your knowledge and character …..But your approach is quite typical .naturally Inge agrees with you !

    • Bill
      I truly despise your indoctrinated ignorance but not you. I actually feel sorry for you because you are on the winning side for now and you feeling of victory will soon be weighted down by the very chains of oppression I am talking about. When your forced to take public transportation and pay the expensive cost of clean energy or move into a rent controlled apartment complex where the heat is kept at 62 I hope you read this post again, Castro is alive and well in Albany

    • Bill Whoever You Are- you’re undoubtedly an energy hypocrite, and a grammatically challenged broken-record fanatic disconnected from the overall success story that is northern PA. my advice to you, and all fractivists- is stop using fossil fuels or shut up.

      have there been temporary disruptions and minor problems? yes. that’s how the world works. but the benefits far outweigh the costs, and your DEP and the EPA have said so in no uncertain terms. not only are the hospitals across the border not full of the diseased and dying, there’s a brand new hospital in Montrose. i’m about to take a motorcycle ride into Bradford County this afternoon because it’s still gorgeous, the back roads are fantastic and there is zero traffic.

      Vic Furman, like the rest of us landowners on the NY side, are rightfully furious about having our minerals value destroyed by that (fill in the expletive of your choice) Andrew Cuomo and the most corrupt state gov’t in the nation. a gov’t seizure with ZERO compensation.

      Cuomo will also kill our attempt at a GASFRAC well here unless he’s indicted. Silver and Skelos down, one to go…

  3. Thank you Mr. Furman for being a voice for the silent majority. It is painful to see New York being transformed into a corrupt banana republic dictatorship.

  4. You assume that the political process is a white horse without it’s own corruption and deceit. I am not so sure.
    As far as individual freedoms, I respect that if a oerson wants to marry a whooping crane, then so be it.
    Individual freedom to me means believing what bounces around in my head is nobodys business but my own and should not bother anyone until it physically interacts with another individual.
    Why does it bother people what bounces around in anothers head? Religious freedom states just that “the right to worship what YOU believe”, NOT what someone else believes.
    There are countless saying’s and the one that says it for me is “Live and let live”. Until you aquire the throne, do not sit in judgement. The good book says that while on earth obide by the laws of man, so I guess majority rules and that is when if enough individuals BELIEVE in something, then your rights are taken away by the rule of law. Which I might add is BS.

    • If only it were that simple. There are an estimated 17 million gays in the united states out of a population of 300 million. Why is it that NYS’s Cuomo decided to fly the rainbow flag over the state fair today? I like you don’t give a hoot what people do in there lives as long as it doesn’t offend or effect me. It wouldn’t offend me if two guys moved in next door that were homosexual even if they flew the rainbow flag on their front porch. What offends me is the loud minority demands to fly that flag over a state office bldg. or in public at all. That their beliefs are being forced on the public in general. What about those who do not see the confederate flag as a racist symbol but a symbol of their ancestry? What about the millions of Christians that want their children to pray in school, Bowing your head for thirty seconds at the beginning of the day allows kids to pray to whatever they believe may just lead to less violence. As for atheist let them bow their heads just out of respect for their fellow classmate. We will soon be a country not in a state of unity, but in a state of confusion created by the premise of Political Correctness! Living and Letting Live is just that, It is not forcing concepts or turning ones beliefs into an illegal action for the purpose of self gratification. Why is it that Hillary Clinton says she is a champion of woman’s rights while taking millions from countries that stone homosexuals and set women on fire because they forgot to wear a burka?

  5. News reporters (or talking heads) are all to puzzled about Trump’s ratings in the presidential election. The concepts within this letter that are the reason so many are ready for real change. The silent majority are so angered. Lets only hope.

  6. What has this to do with promoting natural gas? How is it gaining us the support of New Yorkers who do not, nor will ever, support your dubious conservative agenda. Making natural gas part of the majority’s agenda is a political and economic game and has nothing to do with abortion, school prayer or gay pride.
    Your irrelevant social agenda has marginalized the advantages of gas and let the anti’s run political rings around us. You could use the natural advantage gas has over coal in climate change, but you can’t even admit to climate change existing out of ideological purity. I don’t care if you believe climate change is real or not, the people we need to reverse the anti-gas policy in NY do believe it is real. Make gas the solution to their problem and we win the economic and political war that is in front of us, not the one you wish was.

    • A very valid view, of course, but the sad fact is climate change folks, by and large, have absolutely no use for gas – they hate us more than coal because we’re the better choice and, therefore, the bigger enemy of their utopian renewables dream.

      They are purists determined to enforce their irrational fossil fuel hatred on everyone, you included, Mark.

      Can we convince the public that natural gas is the solution to climate change? Well, we’ve certainly tried. Most people in the industry aren’t willing to breathe a word of global warming skepticism. We’ve also relentlessly pushed the fact that gas is clean burning and reduces carbon emissions. See any change in opinion on the part of our enemies? See any change among the general public? There is progress in some places but I still see politicians running scared of the radicals.

      The problem is this; once you agree climate change is the big problem they suggest it is, you’ve bought into the idea that something must be done about it ASAP and that naturally leads people to then conclude we should get about it as quickly as we can and not be satisfied with halfway measures. It’s like trying to be a little big pregnant.

      Having said all that, I welcome posts here that extol the benefits of gas over coal and have published dozens of them, as you know. Nick Grealy regularly and brilliantly articulates that view and that’s why we publish his stuff, along with the alternative views you don’t happen to share. We need everyone!

    • the gas drilling issue here in corrupt one-party NY has made it perfectly clear that so called “progressives” and activists have a much larger and dangerous totalitarian socialist agenda. rural upstaters are outnumbered and we always will be. there is no reasoning with these oppressors, and laws they don’t like are simply ignored.

      in terms of their arrogant energy zealotry- it’s too cheaply bought. doesn’t cost them a damn thing to spout “wind and solar”.

      it’s time to prohibit them from using all fossil fuels. a harsh dose of reality would shut them up.

  7. Vic, it’s a Cuomo trait, all take and no give. It’s Just their obnoxious, inbred, New York State Landowners be damned mentality. They actually think New York City is an environmental wonderland. No problems there at all.

  8. Recal the basturd! Quomo needs to go!
    If they could do it in the land of fruits and nuts we auta be able to pull it off here in NY?
    If we let him get away with this theft of minerol rights Wolfe will follow his lead.
    I still say all you Cabot brainiacs are making things worse by helping Cuomo provide lower energy prices in NYC and other big cities?Let the dumb shits burn imported energy ,that way we can expose them for it in the next election.Shut it down for a while if you have to! Grow a pair,tell Wall street to sit on it for a while! If ya dare?

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