NaturalGasNOW Wants You! For Our Nation, Economy and Environment!

Tom Shepstone
Natural Gas NOW


NaturalGasNOW wants your help. It takes much effort to do what we do and we want your help to get it done “for our nation, our economy and our environment.”

Yes, just like Uncle Sam, we want you! We want you as a guest blogger. We want your comments. We want your tips. And, we want your financial support if you can join in the effort. It’s all about economic development, energy security, landowner rights and preserving rural America and its open space. Let me speak with you personally, if you have the time:

If you’re interested in helping us out, you can send guest post submissions directly to me at

If you want to offer financial support, go to our Support page and use PayPal (no account required) to sign up for 99¢ per month. If you’d like to offer more support or simply pay byu check, mail it to:

Shepstone Management Company, Inc.
100 Fourth Street
Honesdale, PA 18431

You may also want to consider advertising on our site or simply sponsoring NaturalGasNOW. If so, contact me at 570-251-9550 to discuss the options or go here.

Meanwhile, consider these facts:

NaturalGasNOW has already published some 4,000 posts.

NaturalGasNOW has received over 1.5 million page views.

NaturalGasNOW has published guest posts from over 100 contributors.

Bear in mind, also, that we’re the place to go for:

  1. In-depth analysis of the undue influence of wealthy special interest foundations on this nation’s energy policy.
  2. Hard-hitting exposes regarding fractivists, corrupt politicians, trust-funder ideologues and other enemies of American energy independence.
  3. Explanations, in layman terms, of critical court decisions affecting our ability to drill and deliver natural gas.
  4. Vigorous defense of landowners’ property rights against the attempts by bureaucracies and politicians to destroy or usurp them.
  5. Facts, interpretation and explanation of what’s happening in the industry and within government that affects your rights and your ability to do business.

NaturalGasNOW Wants You!

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10 thoughts on “NaturalGasNOW Wants You! For Our Nation, Economy and Environment!

  1. Has something serious happened to you, recently, Tom, to inspire this article?

    Has Cabot pulled out their financial support of you
    since you may be a liability of some kind?

    How did your Friday, 13th, go this past week?

    Do you need an expensive lawyer for some reason?

    • Have your fun, Vera, but I’m happy to say no such calamities have befallen on me. I’m simply looking to double-down on our effort with more videos, maybe a smart phone app, etc.. Perhaps you’d like to contribute some videography, although I’ll obviously have to reserve the right to approve the final product.

    • P.S. Another way you could help is to participate in a digital debate with me as a blog post. Maybe we could get a neutral party to pose the questions with opportunities for rebuttals. I’d get the last word, of course, because it is my blog, but you’d get your say. What say you?

        • Let me see what can be arranged. I’ll propose something in the not too distant future, including a neutral party to pose some questions and the rules.

          • The ONE (and ONLY! – with the possible exception of if you PAY me) format in which _I_ would be willing to be that “neutral party” for you (and I’m including quotes around the phrase “neutral party” because I actually have some specific propaganda of my own that I’d like to get into the video also), would be if you, optionally together with Vera (perhaps she could be the videographer, especially if her video camera works in low-light conditions), show up with bicycles (with legal lighting systems of course) and I’ll bring mine to join you, in the Lenox-to-Gibson area between 2 am and 6 am some morning during the week-or-so-long “Climate Strike” period that the Greta Thunbergs of the world have announced.

            I’m vague on the exact dates of that week-or-so-long “Climate Strike” period, but some of the snippets indicate that it begins tomorrow, the 20th. Not that we need Greta’s handlers (although I think Greta herself is okay) or anybody else like that, to tell us what date to fulfill this typical one of the perennial pipe dreams that I’ve had for providing you with “Guest Post” -type fodder. It could even be later than that as far as I’m concerned.

            Just let me know what date you and Vera want to show up with bicycles in the Lenox-to-Gibson area. But it has to be during the above-mentioned early-morning hours, because my monologue (ideally including as we’re passing Cabot’s new facility on rt. 92, the only negative thing about which I’d say is that they must have plenty of excess money, as a result of not being made to build that water pipeline to Dimock, with which to afford the electricity for those excessive lights that I predict are going to be a contributing factor in accidents by making it harder to see the southbound rt. 92 traffic when pulling into or out of Franklin Road there), will be about how NOBODY from the admiring-of-Greta crowd has responded to my announced-on-facebook-several-weeks-ago, request to enable me to leave my pick-’em-up truck at home (for at least one day during the beginning-9/20-or-whatever “Climate Strike” period) by showing up with bicycles in Lenox at 2 am to help me do my 70-mile newspaper route ON TIME (i.e. finishing around 6 am, AS THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM THAT I’M A PROUD MEMBER OF, REQUIRES – not noon as it would take until if I were to try to do it by bicycle by myself, which I WON’T do because being late with a bicycle would give bicycles a bad name IN ADDITION to being a violation of the capitalist system that I’m a proud member of and which apparently, frac”K”tivists don’t like).

            Of course obviously (and I’d particularly enjoy including this in the video monologue also, as I DO want to help you with your apparent shortage of fodder for your Cabot-sycophanting blog), the reason I’ve gotten zero response from frac”K”tivists to the above request is that the few of them that DO want to actually “participate” in the “Climate Strike”, want to do so by neglecting their work (hence the Marxist word “strike” in the name of the event) and burning up a bunch of FRACKED gasoline (except Greta herself who, to her credit, apparently traveled Amtrak) to get to Washington, D.C. to grovel for the GOVERNMENT to do something. Well the government DID do something. For those of us old enough to remember, it was called Nixon’s speed limit, and leftists had full membership in the trashing of it.

  2. Tom, It’s kind of you to offer this fiercely doctrinaire and ignorant opponent of natural gas and fracking the opportunity to educate herself. However, Vera and her fellow Luddites are not interested in facts, so I don’t see the value of trying to educate her, as there is little chance of enlightening her. Someone once told me to “never get in a pissing match with a skunk”.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment..
    Mr. Stevens..!

    Tom did not say he is arranging a discussion to educate me..

    It’s a sharing of views and understandings and facts supporting our positions and responses to questions .

    That’s my view of his offer.

  4. Did anyone read the SRBC watershed report for this year; the 8th straight year that no impact on the states watersheds from drilling; got to love facts; and the reports from the university of Cincinnati; penn state and I think Syracuse that fracking has no effects on ground water ; just got to love facts

    • Being from Central NY, we did not hear of such a study. The “greenie-boppers” in their SU Ivory Towers would be tossing themselves out their stained glass palaces that their own overpriced “private” school which runs tax free and receives tax payer funding, mind you, would even admit to participating in such a study.

      Methinks his Lordship may have had a hand in this and had blinded us all from such “heresy”! 🙂

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