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Why Dimock Really, Really Loves Fracking

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There’s no name more frequently associated with fracking than Dimock. Residents, though, contrary to the media narrative, love fracking and here’s why.

Dimock is the name that virtually defines fracking for fractivists. The is despite the fact no one has ever demonstrated a single fracking problem in Dimock. Yes, there have been issues of methane migration. Those pre-existed gas drilling, though, and had zero to do with hydraulic fracturing. Moreover, the EPA found the water was safe. Yet, the myth persists. What’s fascinating to those of us who know the community is this; residents of the community love fracking. They want more of it, in fact. It’s not hard to understand why.

I loved Dimock the first time I visited. It’s a community of ordinary people standing up to the abuse of those fractivists determined to make it an example of what it’s not. They’ve fought back at every opportunity, even launching a website called Dimock Proud to tell their side of the story. They know the truth. They have very good reason as municipal spending data from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development reveals. I took a look at the data for 2006 (pre-gas) and 2014 (latest available) and this is what I found:

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 6.59.32 PM

Yes, since the shale revolution hit Dimock, its revenues have grown by 264%, including $515,100 in Marcellus Shale Impact fees for 2014 alone, Total revenues have nearly quadrupled, in fact, and even without the impact fees, revenues have increased 38%. This is twice the rate of inflation. Even so, it doesn’t begin to cover the full economic contributions from gas drilling. Those contributions include not only new direct revenue, but also savings from the miles of township roads upgraded by drillers. Cabot, alone, spent $21,300,000 throughout the region on roads as of 2011.

Here’s a chart to summarize what’s happened, thanks to gas drilling and fracking:

Dimock Revenues

It’s not hard to see why Dimock loves fracking, is it? Road upgrades paid for directly out of gas company pockets since the shale revolution came to town only add to pile of benefits in the 2014 column. Dimock Township, itself, spent $122,417 on “maintenance and repairs of roads and bridges” in 2014. This was $6,821 less than it spent in 2006 on this traditionally biggest item in the local budget.

Dimock road

Dimock road rebuilt by gas company

See what I mean? This is why virtually the entire community always turned out for those Cabot picnics.

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15 thoughts on “Why Dimock Really, Really Loves Fracking

  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/Netroots_Nation/status/753986275590320131

    Certainly an interesting and novel theory that people in dimock might be best able to represent themselves. I imagine you may have to write a resolution and present this idea to netroots nation or Anthony-rogers-wright over at environmental action and see if they agree. Of course then there are a great many other important people and organizations that people will need to ask before they can be sure that they should be the people speaking about their own community or desires, needs or policy recommendations etc.

  2. Dimock loves Fracking because the people love the money and don’t have the foresight to go beyond it .Plain and simple .This caused neighbor to turn against neighbor and support outsiders who want the profit no matter what the results .Screw all those in the way of Dimock padding it’s pockets .Why think of other people when we can “Get Ours ” right ……sometimes character trumps the pursuit of money .Except for those that see nothing else !Like in Dimock !

    • No BS just reporting what was experienced over the years .Your lack of experience with actual operations makes you a person of little credit …….don’t cry !

  3. The outsiders and NIMBYs don’t get it. Yes, for a few, “progress” is a bad word! But for our nation, and specifically for those in the Marcellus region, natural gas progress brought jobs to our region and, most definitely, financial prosperity to many of its landowners. But that doesn’t make them bad people, nor does it make those citizens and businesses who took advantage of the opportunities, “profiteers.” The fact that, very soon, half the electric power in this country will be generated by cleaner burning natural gas, will move us closer to energy independence and a cleaner environment no matter what the naysayers say!

    • Only a few make out ,but all experience the health and hazards related to this industrial operation .Comes from 6 yrs of experience …..”cleaner is BS since to produce NG is far from clean ! Got plenty of data.

    • and as for the Nation ,you mean like all the LNG that will be exported to Europe ,Asia and who knows where and all the increases in the industrial operations of NG development next to our homes (which are documented to cause industrial problems ) so private corporations can make money .Come on smarten up .It;s all about the money !!Always has been ,,,!

    • Only posted the truth .Neighbor against neighbor over who will get the money ! No one can claim different .Past articles prove the point .Seen it here in Bradford too ! When it comes to money many see No one as a friend ,neighbor or family .Experience doesn’t lie .Just stating what actually happened !

  4. I have great cell phone coverage because Susquehanna County improved their network to benefit gas drillers. There are hardly any no service zones even in the back hills. Not compared to Broome County, New York where I live. drive a mile from the PA border and your in the “dead zone”.

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