Dimock and the Intolerant Face of Fractivism

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The Dimock trial has revealed the ugly and intolerant face of fractivism as true believers intent on keeping the truth buried have used Facebook to do so.

Like many readers, I expect, we received word from Phelim McAleer this morning about an attempt by fractivists to shut down his reporting of the Dimock trial in Scranton, which has, to date, gone very badly if the evidence is any indication. Phelim has been writing about the trial and capturing some of the players on film outside the courthouse. Fractivists aren’t happy and have launched a campaign of intolerance to simply shut down Phelim’s voice, rather than defend their indefensible case.

Dimock phelim-mcaleer

Phelim McAleer

For those of you who may not have received it, here is what Phelim sent out:

Facebook has removed posts and suspended the page of a journalist covering a controversial court case after a targeted campaign by anti-fracking activists.

Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer has condemned Facebook for allowing the censorship of posts that are court reports of an important case. The attacks on the FrackNation page started as McAleer’s posts on the alleged Dimock Water Pollution trial proved popular and revealed just how weak the case is.

Dimock is the village in Pennsylvania which has been described as the “ground zero” of fracking pollution. It has featured in documentaries such as Gasland and hundreds of other national and international media articles.

Phelim McAleer, the director of the FrackNation documentary, is the only reporter permanently covering the case and his reports on the FrackNation Facebook page, before the page was shut down, revealed there was almost no evidence to back up the allegations in the lawsuit.

It is McAleer’s extensive and detailed coverage that has infuriated anti-fracking activists who have been using the Dimock case as a centerpiece of their campaigns.

McAleer said the attack on his articles and videos was an attempt to censor the truth.

“Bit by bit – it is coming out that there is no truth to the Dimock allegations. I was posting many articles showing how weak the case was often just using the plaintiffs words and admissions under oath.” McAleer said.

“As they have watched the case collapse anti-fracking activists have become ever more determined to censor my reports and prevent the truth from gaining a wider audience,” he added.

Activists have launched a concerted campaign labelling McAleer’s reports as “inappropriate content” therefore prompting Facebook to remove them. McAleer’s page has now been reported so often that the page was suspended for 24 hours over the weekend.

McAleer has condemned Facebook for removing the posts and suspending the page.

“This is about justice and a high profile court case about a matter of public importance. Facebook are censoring court reports because one side does not like what is coming out under oath. They are now helping coverup the truth. This needs to stop, they need to republish the deleted posts and lift the threat hanging over the page.”

Two Dimock families are suing Cabot Oil and Gas, a Texas company in a case that had gained worldwide publicity as an example of pollution following fracking.

However McAleer’s reports have revealed that:

Why are fractivists so intolerant of others’ opinions or the sharing of facts? Why are they so afraid to simply get in the debate and relate their own story? The answer is obvious – they have no facts – and, perhaps, this picture taken by Phelim says it all:


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9 thoughts on “Dimock and the Intolerant Face of Fractivism

  1. Talk about communism and censorship. It was communistic leadership[ Vladimir Putan who funded them and now they want to keep it quite through censorship of the no show free press

  2. Fascinating.

    I myself have actually been banned from commenting on State Impact PA while fractivists whether named outright or under anonymous aliases have falsely alleged that I am an industry shill there.

    Meanwhile a supposed grassroots antifracking pipeline organization called Sane Energy Project, which has factually been misinforming the public, reporters and politicians for the last 5 years has specifically used my name and targeted me in their own inappropriate facebook posts. Unlike the fractivists who State Impact PA and others like to cover incessantly no one is writing about my right to free speech nor is anyone covering the amount of misinformation the anti-fracking pipeline/FERC movement is responsible for in the news.

    By the way Bernie Sanders got fact-checked on his statement about fracking (scientists tell him it’s “doing terrible things to water systems all over this country.”) in the democratic debate last night. Which is refreshing since so much reporting on natural gas, fracking, pipelines and FERC often lacks facts completely.


  3. http://yosemite.epa.gov/sab/sabproduct.nsf/157774CF30E5341785257F6A004E3768/$File/List+of+Public+Speakers-3-7-16+SAB+HF+Research+Advisory+Panel+Teleconference-as+of+3-7-16.pdf

    Also there is an interesting list of public speakers scheduled for an EPA teleconference call today on of all things–fracking. The first person listed? Jeff Zimmerman, representing Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, NYH2O, and Citizens for Water.

    Apparently there is a docket as well for public comments and Catskill Mountainkeeper’s Nolan represented:


    I’m fascinated by all of this as frankly I know both Catskill Mountainkeeper and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability to promote tons of misinformation.

  4. Clinton Doubles Down Against Fracking in Debate, Raising Alarms
    In-Depth-Bloomberg-47 minutes ago
    Explore in depth (5,481 more articles)

    If the google news counter is correct looks like a lot of people are wildly spinning what was said about fracking last night at the debate in Flint.


    Here’s a quote from one person giving their opinion from the article above..

    “Finally, the two candidates talked about fracking, an issue on which there is an OBVIOUS, SENSIBLE MIDDLE ground that Sanders predictably scorned. Clinton listed off a series of requirements she would impose on domestic fracking operations, such as limiting methane emissions and insisting on standards that would prevent water contamination. This is not so different from the Obama administration’s wholly reasonable position, which is to allow the industry to employ people and sell product while minimizing the environmental risks. Sanders simply said that he wants to ban fracking, and he dismissed the Democratic governors who want to see well-regulated fracking proceed in their states.

    At least the detour onto fracking forced the candidates to speak about an issue that has not gotten much attention this campaign, even if the candidates’ positions simply reconfirmed their general approaches to policy.”

    I myself have to wonder how it possibly might be that this issue has not gotten much attention during the current campaign season.

  5. Well the attacks on Phelim for being an Irish Immigrant goes to show they are indeed losing in their very minds. Funny thing about immigrant journalists they dont have a problem with are ones employed by RT America Nor Al Jazerra ? We all know these people are indeed mentally challenged after all who presents a case claiming injury to children without Doctors reports ? That indeed is a bare minimum I would think any non activist trial law firm would require because really that does not pass the smell test. Many of these peoples agendas revolve around a myth of pure ideal country living when indeed much worse like a Wind Turbine could be close to your property. Have no doubt they would probably protest that too being the hypocrites they are.

  6. http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/news/democratic-debate-shows-power-movement-ban-fracking

    In other fracking news above is a post by wenonah hauter about the power of her ban fracking movement and also her ability to get news stories updated and changed. That’s fascinating to me. Since many times I could not get that done myself. Guess you need to run an org before anyone in the news business will pay any attention to you?

    And fyi at least 3 news sources, two right off the bat which cater to the political “right” picked up phelims story. So he made news as well.

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