Andy Cuomo’s Emperor State

Upstate New York - Dana KnowlesDana Knowles
Steuben County Land Owners Coalition


Dana Knowles sends New York’s Governor Andy Cuomo a letter asking for his state back and offering him the option of keeping his Emperor State all to himself.

Dear Andy,

I finally figured out what has gone wrong with you and our “Empire State.” You thought that you were running for “The Emperor State.” We in upstate did not vote for you no matter what you thought. Please give us our Empire State back. You can have your Emperor State of NYC where they used to love you.

We in upstate have very little in common with NYC. We have rolling hills, you have tall, tall buildings. You like sushi, we like deer meat. You have public transportation, we have privately funded cars. You have the bright lights of Broadway, we have the dim light of survival thanks to you apparently having no idea there is really life west of the Hudson River.

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We also have natural gas, you need natural gas. Why in the world wouldn’t you want your own state to prosper and furnish your mansions with local gas?

Your long awaited EPA study has come out and apparently concluded natural gas drilling can be done safely. (I did not see EPA shutting down any states that are drilling now). I thought, well, you now have the scientific proof you were looking for to open up drilling in New York. Sadly, it apparently wasn’t even on your mind.

Yesterday, in fact, I got a letter from you. I thought “good, maybe you’ll tell me you have the proof you wanted, so now we can start acting like the rest of the states with gas.” It was not to be. The only thing you were worried about was how much rent your buddies pay in NYC.

Here is exactly what you said, in fact:

“Everyone deserves a safe, affordable and decent place to live. Let’s recommit to this goal so New Yorkers can continue to call this city and state their home.”

That is fine and dandy Andy, but what about the rest of us. Again, do you have the faintest idea there is life west of the Hudson River?

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We have farmers who were told in December that you were going to ban their right to harvest the minerals from the property for which they pay your exorbitant taxes. A month later these same farmers were told their land needed to be revalued, not to properly lower values to reflect the real new value but to raise them to support our government and all the welfare programs we are forced to finance. So, now all the values have gone up to make sure these farmers pay enough to ensure your buddies rent in the city will stay down.

Emperor StateLet me repeat; we in upstate did not vote for you (even you have to be smart enough to know why). If your buddies in NYC hadn’t got out to vote, we would have had Rob Astorino and Chris Moss running our state. Those of us in upstate NY can only dream of what might have been.

We aren’t asking for any handouts, we are just asking you not to sacrifice upstate NY for your political or financial gains. One final note, I didn’t have any interest in reading your first book, but I probably will read your next book “Memoirs Of A Failed Emperor State Governor from His Cell.” One piece of advice, try keeping your hands in your own pocket.

Very unhappy NYer,
Dana Knowles

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7 thoughts on “Andy Cuomo’s Emperor State

  1. I LOVE seeing the dislikes on all the articles posted on this site, it keeps me secure in the fact that the environMENTAList are still keeping an eye on us. Unless as Dana classifies him, it’s dandy andy himself!

  2. Does it occur to the conservatives in the natural gas movement that this is an economic struggle, not an ideological one. Or that, even when gas development comes, we will have to fight for it, township by township, courtesy of the Middlefield “Home Rule” decision.

    Landowner rights means almost nothing to people who rent or live in urban and suburban areas, and happens to include many people in the Southern Tier. If you want to win the “Home Rule” fights, you will have to have those people on your side. They aren’t particularly conservative, so shut up about climate change denial, secession, nullification, etc.; they only dilute the message and put off potential allies.

    Conservatives have spent precious years doing it backwards. Your ideology has not secured your property rights, but promoting natural gas as solutions to other people’s problems would give you the political clout to do so.

    Play to you strengths:

    Contrary to what you can read from other contributors to this site, some taxes have enthusiastic support. Ad valorem taxes are paid directly to local governments, not filtered through Albany, like casino or lottery money. People like that, even if gas companies don’t.

    Emphasize the short term disruptions of the actual drilling and the long term benefits. Don’t sugar coat anything. The anti’s will try to ruin your creditability at every term. Have photos and videos ready to show people at the drop of a hat. Be willing to give a presentation to any group anywhere.

    Point out the economic and climate benefits of gas compared to coal and fuel oil. The EPA is your friend here; they are very friendly to natural gas.

    Use studies, such as the Jacobson plan, to illustrate how shaky the claims for total renewables are and how long it will take to accomplish them, if at all. Effective storage of surplus wind and solar energy is still an unsolved problem.

    SGEIS and DEC regulations of drilling are seen by most people as protecting them. Regardless of what you may feel, we need to undo the fear and uncertainty spread by the anti’s.

    Cuomo blew you off because he was more concerned about the Teachout/Wu threat than your irrelevant rants. The real problem is not he doesn’t listen to you, but how few Republicans are voting. Your numbers in your “Has Upstate New York Been Heard?” post show Astorino winning by less than 19,000 votes spread across 10 counties and one would think there were way more than just 98,000 Republicans in the Southern Tier. If you can’t deliver you own people to the polls, let alone peel off some of his support, why should he listen?

    • Also point out to landowners concerned about back handed american indian “land claims”. The casino deal was too easy for Andy to pull off without a fight from some of the tribes. It would be better to have stricter state regulations than “looser” federal regulations to help ensure that all industry plays by the same rules when it comes to environmental compliance. This reduces the power of the antis since their “pet projects” will have to be judged on a level suface. However, the tribes can take the proverbial rug out from under everyone’s feet (pro and anti HVHF) since they do not have to acknowledge local zoning laws on lands they bought. So either we hang together as concerned environmental stewards or we hang separately. This applies to all industries gas, solar, wind, hydro, etc. etc.

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  4. as a rebuttal to Mark Dye above, whose allegiances are unclear- this is entirely an ideological struggle. a virtually religious cause for true believers; climate freaks and knee-jerk fossil fuel haters who can’t even understand or acknowledge that they are part of the problem. hypocrisy and fearmongering run amok- nor do they present any viable scalable affordable alternatives. for them it’s just get out and stay out, but by god gimme my cheap abundant energy.

    the shale revolution’s economic benefits of higher incomes, and reduced unemployment, energy costs and taxes are irrefutable. but common sense has no place in this discussion, or in incredibly corrupt NYS government under the sadistic thug Andrew Cuomo- who has been described as half as smart and twice as mean as his deceased father. the Lippman NY Court of Appeals utterly mangled existing NY minerals law. Lippman was handpicked by now-disgraced Sheldon Silver and it’s perfectly clear in retrospect that this was a hatchet job from top to bottom from Day 1.

    NY landowners have suffered a completely uncompensated Taking of minerals value. the truth and science are on our side as we knew all along, and the DEC used to say before being muzzled by Cuomo, and the recent EPA study finally confirms. not 100% safe, nothing is, but manageable. benfits far outweigh the costs.

    on our own, the demographics of NYS will never allow us to prevail against the superior numbers of utopian sign-waving clowns, nor is it our job as individuals to educate the general public. that’s what pragmatic political leadership is for. that does not currently exist in NY, but the cesspool that is Albany can only swim against the national tide for so long. Federal help will eventually win the day.

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