The Green New Deal: Elite Tribal Identity and Piety for the Chic and Woke

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Senator Mike Lee gives a silly speech illustrating the sheer fantasy of the Green New Deal and nails what it’s all about; virtue signaling by chic elites.

I find very little to like about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell but he impressed me this week by scheduling a vote on the Green New Deal. It was pure politics in response to the  pure politics of the ludicrous AOC proposal. He forced Democrats eagerly rushing out to signal their support for the aesthetic idea of a Green New Deal to vote on the damned thing.

No one would stand up to vote for it; not a single senator. Some 57 senators, including all Republicans and a few Democrats, voted against it; and the remaining 43 (all Democrats) voted “present” as a protest, according to USA Today. What a beautiful thing!

The debate was the most interesting thing, though. Senator Mike Lee’s speech was, like the Green New Deal, pure fantasy:

Mike Lee tends to be a very serious guy so this silliness was out of character, however warranted it was a complement to the Green New Deal silliness. Lee had serious points to make, though. One was to illustrate the sheer fantasy world the Green New Deal represents. The other was to point out what it’s all about:

“The Green New Deal is not a serious policy document because it’s not a policy document at all it is in fact an aesthetic one. The resolution is not an agenda of solutions, it’s a token of elite tribal identity and endorsing it a public act of piety for the chic and woke.”

I do not believe I’ve ever heard a more correct or succinct expression of what fractivism and today’s extremist environmentalism is all about. It’s a matter of elite identity and a way of assuaging guilt by demonstrating piety to the causes of other elites.

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8 thoughts on “The Green New Deal: Elite Tribal Identity and Piety for the Chic and Woke


    Just so you know this “elite” talking point/virtue signalling that’s all the rage on the right side of the aisle is actually an epic fail and so was Mike Lee’s little performance.

    I noticed that McConnell did at least acknowledge climate change is real so it would appear that he is one on the right that has given up “signaling” to those on the right that he is one of them by denying climate change or underplaying the significance of the issues challenges.

    • With all due respect and I have great respect for you, I think it’s as real as it gets, Karen. It’;s what it’s all about for the NRDC gang, the Park Foundation and all the other trust-funder organizations.

      • It is a delusion to come to the conclusion that :A. the Park Foundation and other foundations pull the strings and activists are their puppets. Since I have interacted directly with fractivists I can tell you that is not true. B: the elitist talking point is anything but a complete failure. C. That NRDC or any other environmental org you disagree with or think is misleading the public is mainly concerned with “signalling”.

        Right now on Twitter and being promoted by multiple news orgs is an Alexandria ocasio-cortez speech and viral video which slays the “elite” talking point. It is a fallacy to claim AOC is of the elite or that she exists or rose to power to do their bidding. It is a fallacy that climate change is an elite cause or issue.

        By the way, on WBAI a new conspiracy theory on export was just pitched about the Williams NESE pipeline. Lee Zeische who worked with Josh fox and now is with Sane Energy was on. The “journalist” went to Columbia journalism.

        • I totally disagree. The activist groups are funded by gentry class money whether they know or not. Moreover, elitism is not restricted to the rich. AOC is totally an elitist and is doing nothing but virtue signaling.

          • There are also activists and people funded by no one concerned about climate change as well as funding by industry that goes to environmental projects or causes.

            The “elitist” and “virtue signalling” lingo will get you nowhere. The expressions are so overused as to be virtually meaningless.

            The big news today and yesterday on Mike Lee’s ridiculous performance is his making babies solution to climate change. Why do you think McConnell opted to tweet this video instead of Lee’s performance?


          • Ms. Orlando’s commentary is dead on.

            I think sometimes the articles and comments on this site do not help the cause of natural gas because many are conservative first and gas second.

            Cuomo is painting himself into an energy shortage corner. The Green New Deal is, for now, just a list of aspirational bullet points. It is basically the Jacobsen Plan, that wanted 100% renewables by 2040 or 2050, by the impossible date of 2030.

            It all can be easily demolished with facts and figures, but the Republicans trot out a nit-wit with an easel of cartoons. It ranks right up there with Sen. “snowball” Inhofe’s non-takedown of global warming. Sorry, not impressed.

  2. I watched the video. It will go down in history as the greatest take down in the Senate. I’ll bet AOC’s head exploded when she saw it. That is assuming she understood Senator Lee’s point, which is highly doubtful.

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